London 23 February 2016

567 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Tuesday 23rd February at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Morning presentation

Throne Room – Central England
Presenter – Jack Savoretti, Singer

Jack told the Gold Award holders: “You have gained an ocean of confidence and achievement. Remember this moment of confidence. You are here. You did it. You did it all for yourselves. Remember that courage for the rest of your lives.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – National Organisations
Presenter – Kate Humble, Television Presenter

Kate told the Gold Award holders: “I am enormously impressed and proud to be here today. You’ve achieved amazing things and what I’m sure you’ll have realised from your DofE expeditions is that the world is a fascinating place. Continue to have that curiosity to do something different and explore more.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Central England
Presenter – Heston Blumenthal OBE, Celebrity Chef

Heston told the Gold Award holders: “The DofE is an amazing experience for young people to take part in – not only do you gain a sense of achievement, you also learn a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of. With technology increasingly reducing our patience levels and arguably isolating us from the physical world, the DofE is an important cornerstone of young adulthood that allows you to express yourself, believe in yourself and build confidence. The DofE is a time to be human, feel the sunshine on your skin and hear the breeze, to make a difference to the community you live in. Everyone who participates really deserves their Award and that’s a great feeling to have.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – Josh Lewsey MBE, Former England Rugby Player

Josh told the Gold Award holders: “It is an honour to be stood in front of you all. Remember that the journey matters more than the destination. The characteristics, the traits and the values that you’ve all learnt along the way will stay with you through life. Congratulations and well done!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Wales
Presenter – Martyn Ashton, Former British and World Champion Mountain Bike Trials Rider

Martyn told the Gold Award holders: “I am incredibly inspired by you all here today. Make sure you have fun with what you are doing and let the universe handle the details.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South West
Presenter – Dave Berry, Radio Presenter

Dave told the Gold Award holders: “It is such a pleasure to meet all of you who have embarked on your DofE gold adventure. I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to getting involved with the Diamond Challenge soon!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Northern Ireland
Presenter – Monty Halls, Marine Adventurer

Monty told the Gold Award holders: “You’re a formidable group of people. Never underestimate what you’ve done. Everybody wants to get to Gold but only a few do. There is something within you that kept you going; tenacity and determination. You’ve joined an elite club that is recognised throughout the world. The Award will be with you for the rest of your life.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – National Organisations
Presenter – Richard Harpham, Professional Adventurer

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

London 23 February 2016

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 23 February 2016 at St. James’s Palace:




Alice  Absalom
Joseph Stanley  Adams
Georgia  Adcock
Scott  Addis
Bernice  Akpinar
Sami  Al-Balasmeh
David  Alcott
Rebecca  Alexander
Sophie  Allen
Christopher  Allen
Grace  Allsobrook
Poppy Ambler
Mr David Matthew Ambridge
Paul Michael Ambridge
Laura  Anderson
Chloe  Angwin
Katie Louise Appleby
Christina Apthorp
Emma  Armstrong
Oliver  Armstrong
Lauren  Asfour
Elizabeth  Asher
Emily  Aspinall
James  Atkey
Oliver  Atkinson
Cerys Attwell Thomas
Oliver  Ayto
Samuel  Bagshaw
Alice  Bailey
Lauren  Baird
Kirsty Marie Baker
Thomas  Banks
Emma  Barnes
Daniel Alexander Barnett
Stefanie  Barter
Rebecca  Batcup
Toby  Baverstock
Nicholas  Bayliss
Sophie  Beales
Sarah  Beasley
Alexander  Beavis
James  Beesley
Thomas Christian Begley
Arran  Belden
Finn  Belden
Thomas Charles Bell
James  Bellamy
Sherrelle  Bennett
James  Bennett
Elizabeth  Benyon
Laura  Betteridge
Molly  Biddell
Hannah  Billingsley-Dadd
Kieran  Binks
Oliver William Binns
Natasha  Blackmore
Alex  Blakesley
Amy  Bland
Alice  Blinkhorn
Harrison  Bone
Victoria Booth
Anna Isabel Borland
Katherine  Bostock
Joseph  Bourke
Laurie Bowden
Patrick  Boyd
Lynsey Mary Boyd
Oliver James Boyle
Cara  Bradley
Ben Branigan
Max  Brendish
Nicholas  Brewer
Andrea Elizabeth Brocklehurst
Marion  Brookes
Sarah Catherine Brooks
Charlotte  Brown
Thomas Alexander Gordon Brown
Toby  Bruce-Jones
Sarah  Brunner
George  Budd
Olivia  Bullock
Georgina  Burgess
Beth Burns
Alexander  Burton
Alex  Burton
Letitia  Butcher
James  Buxton
Maddie Byford
Sophie  Caldwell
Natalie  Cameron
Adam  Campbell
James  Carpenter
Thomas  Carter
Kaj  Carter
Chelsea  Carter
Nicholas Carter
Sarah  Cassells
James  Cassels
Grace  Cattell
Charlotte  Cawthorne
Kathryn  Cessford
Thomas  Chalklen
Kathryn  Champion
Sophia  Charalambous
Samuel  Chater
Emily Cheer
Thomas  Chia
Shannon Paige Clare
Rebecca  Clark
Holly  Clarke
Niamh  Clarke
Olivia  Clarke
Charlotte  Clarke
Sophia  Clemans
Ruby Clara Clemans
Rebecca  Coates
Matthew  Coates
Emily  Collins-Wingate
Sam  Colverson
Frederick  Combe
Adam  Conacher
Matthew James Cook
Louise  Cooke
Claire  Cooper
Samuel  Cooper
Nina Catherine Cooper
Jake  Cooper
Catherine  Cooper
Elliott  Copping-Jones
Emily  Cornbill
Olivia Moon Costello
Edward  Court
Sarah  Court
Dominic  Courtney
Dominic  Crane
Caoimhe  Crerand
Charlotte Jayne Croft
Sarah  Cross
Charles Crossley
William  Currie
Daniel  Currie
Alexandra  Dady
Nathan  Daniel
Michael  Darlington
Heather  Davidson
Rebecca  Davidson
Joel  Davies
Michael Robert Dawson
Iseult  Dawson
Charles Patrick Day
Megan  Debbage
Ankita  Deshpande
Thomas  Dexter
Holly  Dobson
Charlotte  Dodge
Peter John Desmond Dornan
Ruth  Dornan
Amy  Dornan
Clare Louise Douglas
Steven  Dowden
Andrew  Down
Hannah  Dudley
Elizabeth   Dudley
Harry Dyer
Hannah  Dyer
Rachel Dyke
Victoria Catherine Eades
Samuel  Eales
Megan  Ebbatson
Adam Mark Edgar
Daryl  Edge
Benjamin  Edwards
Charlotte  Edwards
Rosemary  Elliot
Joshua  Etheridge
Rose  Everton
Jack  Eykelbosch
Nicola  Fantom
James  Farnell
Matthew  Fawkes
Samuel  Feaster
James  Ferguson
George  ffitch
Dewi  Fford
Hannah  Field
Christopher  Field
William  Findlay
Myles  Finnegan
Adam  Fittis
Caitlin  Fleming
Rebekah  Ford
Andrew  Ford
Octavia  Foucar
Ines  Fournon Berodia
Christian  Fox
Oliver  Francis
Mia  Francis-Burnett
Bryony  Fraser
Warren R M Frost
Bethan  Frudd
Benjamin  Fry
Sophie  Gadsdon
Katherine  Gallagher
Watson  Gardiner
Ellis  Garland
Jack  Garmson
Amy  Garrad
Edward  Gibb
Nuala  Ginty
Milind  Girish
Jake  Good
Victoria  Gorton
Thomas  Gould
Hannah  Graham
Melissa  Green
Matthew  Green
Paul Matthew Greenhalgh
Tom  Greenwood
Stuart Greer
Edward Robert John Griffin
Christopher  Griffin
Rebecca  Griffiths
Rory  Gurdon
Emily Martha Guthrie
Kerry  Gwatkin
Thomas Gymer
Thomas  Hackney
Geoffrey  Hall
Leah Tirion Hamilton
Stephen  Hamilton
Matt  Hammond
Katherine Louise Hampson
Grace  Hardman
Katie  Hardy
Rebecca  Harkin
Carl  Harper
Ben  Harrell
Benjamin  Harrison
Robyn  Hastings
Morgan  Heard
Rachel  Heard-White
Thomas John Henry
Frederic  Henwood
Sophie  Hesp
Caity  Higgins
Megan  Hind
Emily  Hines
Isabelle  Hitchcock
Jack  Hitchin
Georgina  Hodges
Matthew  Hodgson
Ed Hogan
Andrew  Holland
Sophie  Hollis
Katharine  Hood
George Hopkins
Nathan  Houston
Hugo  Howcroft
Thomas  Howe
Megan  Hudson
George  Huish
Robert  Humphris
Jasmine  Hunt
Sophie  Hunter
David  Illingworth
Mieke Beth  Ingelbrecht
Maisie Elizabeth Ingram
Gary  Jackson
Antonia  James
Alexandra  James
Florence  Jamieson
Alison  Jarvis
Sarah  Jeffers
Rebecca  Jeffs
Leanne Jo Jenkins
Ruth Elizabeth Jenkins
Henry  Jenkins
Patrick Ryan Jensen
Lucy  Jinks
Flora  Jobson
Myles  Johnson
Kristian  Johnson
Emma  Johnston
Adam  Johnston
James  Johnston
Daisy  Jones
Rhys  Jones
Charlotte  Jones
William  Jones
Catherine Sarah Elizabeth Jones
Katie  Journeaux
Amelia  Kai
John  Keats
Jamie  Keeley
Anna  Kelk
Kieran  Kent
Andrew  Kent
Emma Charlotte Kenworthy
Richard  Kerwin
Bethany  Kilbey
Hanee  Kim
Beatrice  Kinahan
Meghan  Kirk
Nina  Klausen
Elliot  Kowal
Rachel  Krolik
Patrice  Laffitte-Fitou
James  Lamyman
James  Laszcz
Emily  Latham
Lau Yi Huen Lillian
William  Lawrence
Sarah  Lawrence
Richard Lawton
Shannon  Leakey
Edward John Arthur Leane
Sam  Lebbon
Martin Stuart Lee
Cameron  Leslie
Toby  Leverington-Gee
Emma  Lewis
Yuen Kaye  Li
Bethany Lintern
Arun  Lobo
Rachael  Logan
Georgie  Lomax
Edward  Longman
Edward  Lovering
Adam  Lunnon
Niamh  Lynch
Callum  MacDonald
Alexander Maddams
Emma  Malcolm
Elliot  Malley
Rosina  Malone
Hannah  Malyon
Lucy  Mann
Olivia Grace Mannall
Rose  Marroncelli
Helen  Marshall
Zoe Martin
William  Martin
Thomas  Martindale
Hope  Mason
Sophie  Mather
Rhian  Mather
Clark  Matthews
Simone Butler Mayer
Danielle  McAllister
Alexander Richard John McBride
Grace  McCartney
Gillian Alexandra Maude McCausland
Tara  McClay
Gillian Margaret McCloy
Ryan  McClure
Esther  McCollum
Matthew  McCollum
Beth  McCormick
Susannah Ruth McGowan
Naomi  McGregor
Clare  McGurk
Tom  McIntyre
Sophy  McKee
Glenn McKinstry
Hayley  McMullan
Emma Joy McQuiggan
Rebecca  McQuillan
Carolyn Ashley McReynolds
Henry  McWilliam
Carter  Mears
Sean  Memmott
Morgan  Metheringham
Conor  Millar
Terri Elizabeth Milliken
Alexander  Mills
Amelia  Mitchell
Grace  Mitchell-Kilpatrick
James William Mole
Zara  Morgan
Seiya  Mori
Kimberley  Morris
Timothy  Morrison
Barney  Morrissey
Bethany  Moyse
Stuart  Mulligan
Samuel  Mundell
Hannah  Murphy
Robert  Myers
Ben  Neville
Grace Newton-Livens
James Daniel Nicholas
Grant  Nixon
Emma  Nottage
Samuel  Oates
Rachele  Ober
Charlotte April O’Brien
Emma Louise O’Brien
Eleanor  Oldfield
Sara  O’Leary
Evan  Oliver
Josef  Oliver
Kristian  Oliver
Katherine  O’Neill
Michael  Orrell
Jessica  O’Shea
David John Owen
Jordan  Page
Avinash Dipakkumar Parekh
Rebecca  Parker
Bethany  Parkhouse
George Christopher Parkinson
Amy Partridge
Aniela  Pawar
Samuel Thomas Arthur Payne
Jennifer  Pearce
Daniel  Peek
Harry  Percival
Clare  Petrie
Emma Louise Petty
Sam  Phypers
Rebecca  Pike
Caroline  Pile
Emily  Pimlott
Emma  Ponder
Georgina  Pooler
Jack  Popay
Hattie Shelley
Colette  Portway
Malcolm William Pounder
Christopher  Procter
Helen  Pruzina
Emma  Quinn
Olivia  Rae
Hannah Elizabeth Ratcliff
Matthew  Rea
Andrew  Read
Sophie  Rees
Patrick  Reeve
Calum Joseph Reid
Victoria  Reilly
Ellie  Reilly
Daniel  Renwick
John Michael Reynolds
Alicia  Rice
Henry  Richards
Ciara  Rickard
Benjamin  Rigg
Lowri  Roberts
Claire Louise Roberts
Jasmine  Roberts
Louise  Mary Roberts
Harriet Iona Robinson
Jennifer  Robinson
Heidi  Robinson
Katie  Robotham
Stephanie  Jane Robson
Harry  Rogala-Bojakowski
Lauren  Rule
David  Rule
Hollie  Rushton
Jonathan  Russell
Phoebe  Ruxton
Greg  Salt
Zenon  Sasiak-Rushby
Hannah  Saunders
Emma Victoria Savage
Matilda  Scott
Joe  Sealey
Timothy  Searle-Barnes
Callum David Shand
Keely  Shannon
Olivia  Shears
Liam  Shelmerdine
Radoslava  Shopova
Simrandip Kaur Sidhu
Connor  Simms
Elizabeth  Simpson
Paul  Sissons
Matthew  Skazick
Kate  Skillen
Thomas  Slinger
Shannon Ingrid Ives
Jennifer  Small
Joseph  Smith
Fraser  Smith
Christopher John Smith
Jonathan  Smith
Rebecca  Smyth
Nikita  Sowan
Emily Jane Spencer
Nia Grace Spilsbury
Helen Louise Stafford
Megan  Stealey
Thomas  Strakosch
Rowan  Sugden
Will  Surridge
Miwako  Sykes
Kathryn  Tann
Jonathan  Taylor
Adam Edward Lawrence Taylor
Annabel  Terry
Tun  Tha
Mathew  Thomas
William Francis Thomas
Oliver  Thomas
Ben  Thomas
Sam  Thompson
Joe  Thompson
Lauren  Thomson
William  Thornton
Rachel  Thorpe
Jessica  Timmons
Rhys  Topping
Amreet  Tripathy
Jennifer  Tucker
Alice  Turner
Charlotte  Underwood
Olivier van Driel
Sophie  Vaughan-Williams
Anna  Venning
Tim Vercoe
Alexander  Wake
Christopher  Walker
Hannah Claire Walton
Callum  Ward
Kelly  Wariner
Carys Elin Warner
Rebecca  Warner
James  Waterworth
Rebecca  Watkins
Jamie  Watson
Nicholas  Watson
Luke  Webb
Andrew  Webb
Katharine  Wege
Hannah  Welshman
Jodie Kay White
Andrew  Whiteley
Julie  Whitten
Amelia  Whyman
Stacey Wiggins
Joseph  Wild
Morgan  Williams
Ellie Rhianna Williams
Joshua Matthew Williams
Marcus  Williams
Mac  Wilson
Emma  Wilson
Tim  Wilson
Helena  Winsey
Daniel  Withers
David  Wong
James Wong
Katherine  Wood
Nicholas  Wood
Harriet  Woodhall
Hugo Alexander Woodhouse
Kieran  Woods
Adam  Woolf
Beth Woolley
Elliott Worsley
Emily  Wray
Devon A N Wright
Sophie Elizabeth  Wright
Aaron  Wright
Rebecca Jane Wylie
Lauren  Young











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