London, 23 March 2017

512 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on Thursday 23rd March at St. James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex

Morning presentation

Throne Room – South East
Presenter – Mr Alan Titchmarsh, Gardener, Writer and Broadcaster

“Gold DofE Award achievers are a special breed – tenacious, personable and resourceful. I remain hugely impressed by their achievements and whenever I meet them I realise just how much effort they have put into reaching their goals. I’m quite certain that prospective employers must feel the same.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Entrée Room – National
Presenter – Mr Hugo Speer, Actor

“You will go on to do better and greater things and I hope that what you’ve achieved creates more opportunities and opens more doors for you. I hope with what you’ve achieved you will use it to help make your lives grow and make the world a better place.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Kevin and Karen Clifton, Dancers

“It is about setting goals, working towards achieving something and going out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. It is not just about the skill set but all of the other things associated with it, building your confidence as a person. Set yourself a goal and go through with it. I am in awe of you all.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Mr Alexander Armstrong, Presenter, Comedian and Singer

“You have been stretched and you are now ready to go on and do great things. Resilience is the word of the morning and I feel privileged to be here to present your Gold Award to you. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – National
Presenter – Samantha Bond, Actress

“Thank you for allowing me to be here on your special day. It’s not just the Gold Award you’ll take away with you; it’s the skills, experiences, self-worth and confidence that will be with you for the rest of your life. What you’ve achieved is truly amazing and will propel you onto bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Entrée Room – Wales
Presenter – Mr Lee Byrne, Retired Welsh Rugby Player

“I feel privileged to be here today to present you with your Gold DofE Award. You have shown resilience, worked as a team and now you are the elite. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Queen Anne Room – South West
Presenter – Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive, British Heart Foundation

“You’ve found things within yourself that you never knew you had. The skills and knowledge you have gained have been hard won- you should never forget them. Be brave and care about others and you’ll make a difference to our society.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Picture Gallery – North of England / Scotland
Presenter – Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist and Central England Regional Director

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward onto bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Hall of Fame: 23 March 2017

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 23 March 2017 at St. James’s Palace:





Ben  Abbs
Emily Abel
Katherine  Abercromby
Elspeth  Adams
Rebecca  Ainsworth
Kathryn  Alcock
Joshua  Alford
Georgina  Allan
Myles Steven Allcott
Andrew  Allen
Grace  Alston
Laura  Amos
Tia  Anderson
Jennifer  Appleby
George  Arbuthnot
Izzie  Arthur
Jade  Bacon
Jennifer  Bacon
Danielle  Bailey
Ella  Bailey
Caitlin  Baillie
Brad  Baines
Louise  Baker
Austin Ball
Hannah Francesca Ball
Thomas George  Bamford
Oliver  Banks
Holly  Bardell
Jemima Grace Barnes
Eleanor  Barraclough
Saskia  Barth
Finnian  Baseley
Oliver  Baseley
Harrison  Bassett
Alexander  Beaman
Sebastian  Bearn
William  Beavan
James  Bennett
Rachel Elizabeth Bennion
Matthew Thomas Bennison
Oliver Thomas  Benton
Georgina Bingham
Ben Bryan Blore
Alice  Bolton
Amelia  Bolton
Natasha  Bond
Ryan  Borthwick
Hannah  Boscott
Rachel  Boscott
George  Bostock
Azdean  Boulaich
Melanie  Bourke
Shannon-Eve Quinlan Bower
Callum  Bridge
Grace  Bridgewater
Alex  Bridgewood
Helen  Brindley
Rebekah  Brinkley
Mercedes  Britton
Anna  Broad
Maya  Broadbank
Jennifer  Brookes
Hayley  Brown
Joshua  Brown
Olivia  Brown
Rebecca  Brown
Teresa Caitlin Bryant
Julia Roccia
Abigail  Butcher
Louisa  Butcher
James Edward Cadman
Zoe  Carlin
Amy  Carlton
Lois  Carter
Ryan  Castle
Rebecca Cereceda Monteoliva
Helen  Chatterton
Michelle  Chin
Heidi Rebecca Chown
Alexander  Claridge-Ingham
Gregory  Clark
Olivia  Clark
Alexandra  Clarke
James  Clarke
Savannah  Clawson
Benjamin  Clegg
James  Clough
George  Cochrane
Victoria  Cockcroft
Emily  Combe
Charlotte  Conner
Adam  Cook
James  Cooke
Samuel  Coombes
Rachel Jane Cooper
William  Corfield
Charlotte  Cornish
Poppy  Corr
Emma  Cotterill
Camille  Cowan
George  Cowperthwaite
Rebecca Cox
Abigail Crane
Georgina  Crane
James Craven
Rosie  Cryans
Rebecca Katherine Cuthbert
Annabelle  Dable
Bethany Gemma Daire
Zahra  Dalal
Greg  Dally
Harriet  Darby
Celia  Davies
Katharine  Davies
Thomas  Davies
Adam  Davison
Lily  Dellar
Sofia  Dente
Ajay  Devanarayanan
Arjan  Dhaliwal
Luke Samuel Antony Diaper
Adrian  Dieguez-Codesido
William Alexander Dixon
Jake  Dodd
Becky  Donaldson
Rachel Susan Dooley
Symrhun  K Dosanjh
Tobias  Dowdeswell
Hannah  Doyle
Alysia  Draper
Emma  Dugard
Chloe  Dunkinson
Scott  Dunster
Thomas  Dutnall
Bradley  Dyer
Chloe  Eagles
Emma Dawn Eatwell
Cameron David Edwards
Catherine  Elley
Claudia  Ellor
Holly  Elvans
Edward  Englefield
Emma Theresa Evans
Hannah  Evans
Harriette  Evans
Tristan  Evans
Alina  Everatt
Imogen  Everett
Siobhan  Fairgreaves
Shivani  Fakey
Sophie  Fergusson
Alex Fielder
Hannah  Fieldsend
Cait Findlay
Mia  Finnamore
Piran  Fisher
Jessica  Fishman
Hugo  Flawn-Thomas
Piers  Flawn-Thomas
Charlotte Helen Fletcher
Isabelle Rose Forster
Laura  Forster
Matthew  Foster
Jodie  Fox
Liam  Frampton
Megan  Frampton
Joshua  Frost
Rebecca Helen Fry
Charlie  Fryatt
Jessica  Furnival
Kayleigh  Garbett
Skye  Garbi-Chapman
Bryony  Gauld
Joe  Geary
Samuel  Gedrych
Matthew  George
Alexander  Gibb
Matthew  Gibbs
Caroline  Gibbs-Ripley
Callum Ellis  Gibson
Lauren  Glanville
Francesca  Gomm
Iona  Graham
Danielle  Greaves
Charlotte  Gredal
Isabel  Green
Lydia  Greenwood
Parisa  Gregg
Daisy  Gresham
Joseph Alex Grogan
Nathan Oliver James Gull
Katherine Haase
James  Hadley-Piggin
Megan Alexandra Haigh
Alexander  Hale
Alexander James Hall
Alexander  Hall
Charlotte  Hall
Daisy  Hall
Elliott Cooper  Hall
William  Halls
Isabelle  Halpin
Kathryn  Halpin
Anita-Marie  Hamley
Daniel J Hanna
Stanley  Hanson
Liam  Hargreaves
Jenna  Hart
Freya  Hastings
Megan  Haward
Eloise  Haworth
Shaunnagh  Hayden
Sarah  Heath
Emma  Hedges
Jack  Helicon
Tom  Herbert
Phoebe  Hessian
Niall Martin Heyes
George  Hibberd
Luke Joseph Roy Higgins
Rachael  Hill
Charlie  Hillman
Thomas  Hills
Sophie Jane Hockenhull
George  Holden
Amy Louise  Hooper
Sam  Hopkins
Benjamin  Horobin
Amy  Howes
Kate  Hughes
Olivia Grace Hughes
Ngan Ting  Hui
Beth  Hundleby
William  Hunkin
Christy  Hunter
Matthew Francis Hutcheon
Hasan  Iqbal
Harry  Isley
Kathryn  Jackson
Rohan K Jain
Tegan  James
Frederick Maximilian Janzen
Andrew  Jeffery
Magnus Alexander Cameron Jeffery
Lauren  Jenkins
Alys Elizabeth  Jepson-Randall
Emily  Joel
Mari Fflur  John
Georgie Johns
Charlotte  Johnson
Rachel  Johnson
Charlotte  Jones
Jonathan Steven  Jones
Owen Leonard Jones
Rosie Helena Karakusevic
Alisha  Kasam-Sharples
Lara  Kaye
Stephanie  Kaye
Rachael  Kearley
Mary  Kellam
Ashley  Kelly
Alex  Kemp
Cameron  Kendall
Rebekka  Kerr
Jalaj  Khandelwal
Natasha  Kingdon
Anna  Kinnersley
Rachel  Knowles
Bilal  Korimbocus
Zoe  Kuyken
Christopher  Lane
John  Lane
Thomas  Lane
Victoria  Latona
Toby Isaac  Laughlin
Alexa-Marie  Lazarou
Tiffany  Le
Tony Thai Le
Anna  Leathard
Brandon  Lees
Neil  Limaye
Philippa  Lister
Sarah-Rose  Lloyd
Daniel  Lloyd-Davies
Hannah  Lobo
Jack Xavier  Logue
Nour  Louhichi
Harriet Rose  Lovatt
Eilish  Lowdon
Alex  Lowe
Georgina  Lowe
Nicholas  Lowerson
Edmund  Lucas
Catharine  Lumb
Rebekkah Elizabeth Lycett
Lucy  Mackellar
Jacob  Mackenzie
Rory  MacMahon
Aswin Kartik Malladi
Paul  Mallett
William  Manners
James  Marchant
Harry  Mardell
Amy  Marks
Megan  Martin
Charlotte Elizabeth Mason
Kay  Mason
Megan  Massey
Poppy Lydia Clear Matson
Holly  Matthewman
George  Matthews
Kate  Maudsley
Sarah  Maxfield-Phillips
Caitlin  May
Kathryn Victoria Rose McAllister
Eliza  McAuliffe
Hannah  McCabe
Angus  McCool Duncan
Megan  McCorkindale
Alice  McGilligan
Kitty McGilligan
William Mark McGregor
Emily  McLean
Elizabeth  McLeod
Constance  McMahon
Ella Lucy McMenemy
Anannya  Menon
Beatrice Faith Metcalfe
Charlie  Metcalfe
Jenny  Mettam
Wiebke  Middendorf
Georgia  Miles
Lauren  Miller
Nathan  Miller
Luke Christopher  Moorcroft
Rhys  Morgan
Clarissa  Morris
Kirsty-May  Mortlock
Lucy  Mortlock
Owen  Mudford
Sarah Louise Munroe
Benjamin  Murrill
Chloe  Mynott
Aravind  Narayan
Connor James Nevin
Idris  Nigena
Shauna  Noden
Kelly  Norways
Ruth  O’Brien
Bethany  O’Hanlon-Clayton
Harriet  Orr
Maddie  Orr
Matthew  Otubu
James William Padfield
Abigail  Padgett
Rachel  Paiton
John  Parkes
Hannah Rose  Parmenter
Samuel  Pattinson
Alice  Paynter
Emma  Pearson
Molly  Pender
Adam  Percival
Rachel Elizabeth Perkins
Laura Phillips
Sarena  Phillips
Kym  Pileci
Kate Pilkington
Malik  Pinkerton
Laura  Pointer
Euan  Pratten
Lauren  Price
Lucy  Price
Rebecca Jayne Pritchard
Rachel Anne Beatrice Rabin
Nidhi  Ramanand
Meera  Ramshaw
Chirag Bussa Rao
Libby Grace Ratcliffe
Adele  Read
William  Redding
Ryan  Rees
Macaulay  Relf
Kirsten Mhairi Rendall
Frances  Rennie
Jack Daniel Pearce Reynolds
Josh Reynolds
Rosie  Richards
George  Rimmer
Daniel  Riordan
Jack  Roberts
Matthew  Roissetter
Lawrence  Rosenberg
William Caleb Jack Rowe
Charlotte  Ruddick
Kieran  Russ
Lewis Michael James Salt
Olivia  Sanders
David  Sansom
Rosanna  Saxby
Angus  Scott-Bowden
Jack  Scott-Bowden
William  Scott-Bowden
Abigail  Seago
Liam  Selby
Neil  Shabong
Rohan  Shaffery
Aamir  Shah
Sammy  Shair
Amelia  Sharkey
Gabriela  Sharp
Isabel  Shaw
Ellie Shearman
Sophie  Shergold
Manu  Sidhu
Annabelle Polly  Sikora
Joe  Simpson
Thomas Skehorn
Jack David Skinner
Amy  Slater
Carl Michael Smart
Eleanor Harriet Smeeton
Elle  Smith
Paul  Smith
Elliott  Smyth
Katherine  Snasdell
Adam  Soares
Ewan  South
Max  Sowter
Jessica  Spencer
Eleanor  Spencer Damps
William  Spenser
Shalinie  Sriemevan
Michael  Stacey
Ben  Stainthorpe
Elliott Lawrence  Staley
Meghan  Stanley
Bethany  Stephens
Constance  Stevens
Joshua Stevenson
Gemma  Stringer
Olivia  Stringer
Caitlin  Sturrock
Talia  Sullens
Prina  Sumaria
Elizabeth  Surguy
Alisdair  Szyszko
Sophie  Talling
Kajal Kaur Tamber
Navideep  Tamber
David   Tanner
Miss Alice E Taylder
Matthew Taylor
Vikram Ajit Rajan Thirupathirajan
Lara  Thomas
Edward  Thompson
Kyra Colleen Joy Thompson
Laura  Tonkin
Eleanor Tosey
Becky  Tozer
William  Treadwell
Jack  Trebilcock
Rafe Trundell
Talitha  Trynka-Watson
Lydia Jane Tuck
James  Tynemouth
Helen Jacqueline Clare Tytherleigh
Tabi  Unsworth-White
Hannah  Vanstone
Daisy  Vass
Alice  Venkatesan
Jonathan Sachin Vibhishanan
Harriet Virely-Carr
Rebecca  Vose
Huw  Wainwright
Chloe  Wakeley
Daisy waldron
Brogan  Wallace
William John Wallace
Joanna  Walmsley
Rosemary  Walmsley
Helen  Walter
Wan Isabella  Wan Adnan
Chaohui  Wang
Alistair  Wass
Euan  Watson
Madeleine  Webb
Jonathan  Welsh
Tristan Westlake
Hannah Olivia Alice Eleanor Wheldon
Kate  Whitaker
Rebekah  White
Bradley  Williams
Judith  Williams
Michael  Williams
Thomas  Williams
Caroline  Wilson
Siobhan  Wilson
Matthew  Witchell
Patrick Terence Wood
Thomas  Wood
Victoria Targett
Emily  Woodhouse
Rebecca Frances Woodvine
Olivia Jane Woolaway
Emily  Woolley
Heather  Wornham
Sarah  Wortman
James  Yarrow
Kate  Yells
Michael  Youssef
Lara Mary Zwart












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