Wednesday 25th Sept 2013

707 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 25 September at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Earl of Wessex

Morning Presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter – Lord Robert Winston, Professor of Science and Society, Imperial College London

“Learning about collaboration and going through difficult situations together is valuable. You are our future and the most important part of our society. You have gasped an opportunity and done something amazing with it.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room – Central
Presenter – Tessa Sanderson CBE, Olympian

“I recognise your achievements and relate to them and the ‘stickability’ you’ve needed. When someone sees your DofE achievement on your CV they know your something special. Congratulations to all the recipients today, you are well worthy.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room – Central
Presenter – Jo Brand, Comedian

“If you have a dream, you have to at least have a go at it because you never know what will happen. I didn’t really have what was required to be a comedian and I experienced some hideous times whilst trying, but it worked for me. So you must always have a go. I would like to congratulate you all on a wonderful achievement. You should be very proud of yourselves.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter- Sophia Warner, Commercial Director, British Athletics

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – The Scout Association
Presenter – Bryony Balen, British Record Breaker

“Without the DofE, I would never have gone on to become the youngest person to ski to the South Pole; the DofE gave me that taste for adventure”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – North East
Presenter – Phil Treleven, Director of UK Services, The DofE

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room – National Operating Authorities
Presenter – Dr Edward Coats, Medical Doctor & President of Scouting in Avon

“The DofE gave me the inspiration to seize the opportunity when it’s offered to you. Make sure you take it.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room – South West

Presenter – Debra Searle, Retiring Trustee, The DofE

“The DofE has taught me to never give up. It has been the key to opening many doors and has taught me the skills I need to go on and achieve. Choose your attitude when the going gets tough and you will achieve anything.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery- North West
Presenter – Aggie MacKenzie, TV Presenter

“There is a presumption that young people are constantly on their phones, sitting around not doing much but you are all shining examples disproving that. You have put in 18 months hard graft while you’ve had lots of others things going on in your lives, so well done with what you have achieved. Being open to opportunities and just going for it is the best thing you can do in life.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – Northern Ireland
Presenter – Shane Logan, CEO of Ulster Rugby

“You are on a good, strong step to be the best you can be. Don’t stop the work you’ve started. What you have achieved is exceptional. You are in the top 2-3% of your times. Continue to be the best!

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 25 Sept

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 25 September at St. James’s Palace:


  Maadiha Abbasi
Lakna Harindi Alawattegama
Daniel William Albone
Matthew Aldridge
Danielle Mary Allen
Kaitlin Allen
Matthew Allison
Oliver Allman
Josephine Altham
Hazel Alton
Ben Anderson
Louise Andrews
Katie Erin Ardill
Tiffany Lisa Natasha Armitage
Ben Atkinson
Bethany Atwill
Rhiannon Atwill
Harriet Elena Agnes Avis
Alice Jessica Avison
Mariam Azim
Charlotte Bailey
Robert Bailey
Alexander Thomas Bain
Harriet Baker
Lois Baker
Jeanelli Aine Baltazar
Anais Bansal
Eleanor Barnard
James Alasdair Barnard
Claudia Barry
Matthew Barton
Andrew James Bates
Holly Stephanie Batten
Michael Battle
Joseph Baum
Elizabeth Diana Beardsall
Suzanna Beaupre
Angelica Bedoya
Shennie Beesley
Benjamin Philip Beeston
Olivia Bell
James Benfold
Georgia Bennett
Rory Bennett
Bryony Bennett-Lloyd
Haafsah Bepari
Jeremy David Bernstein
Peter Ian Berry-Woodward
Vikash Bhardwaj
Qhawe Bhunu-Ncube
Isabel Bielski
Stephen Biles
Rosemarie Billenness
Jo Billin
George Billington
Toby Bingham
Elizabeth Birch
Amy Blackburn
Peter Blair
Rebecca Bland
Peter Bloxidge
Jack Boden
Harriet Bogle
Sophie Louise Bolton
Charlotte Bolton Carter
Charlotte Booth-Hulme
Lee Boswell
Edward Botsford
Adam Boulton
Lucy Bourne
Angus Bower-Brown
Mylynn Bowker
Alister Bowles
Emma Jayne Boyd
Nichola Janice Boyd
Sam Boylett
Matthew James Bradshaw
Edward Bragg
Benjamin Francis Braithwaite
Sophie Brand
Aidan Brannan
Rachel Brett
James Briars
Jennifer Britland
Rosie Broadbent
Ethan Brooks
Helen Brooks
Abby Brown
Andrew Brown
Emily Victoria Elizabeth D. Brown
Jamie-Leigh Brown
Scott Brown
Calum Browne
Alice Brownlow
Lucy Budge
Camilla Bungaroo
Zoe Burns
Thomas Burnside
Alice Burrell
Penny Burrows
Matthew Burt
Danielle Butchart
Felicity Amity-Rose Butcher
Lorna Butler
Hayley Butterworth
Martin Buxton
Alison Byam
Connor Campbell
Hannah Andrea Campion
Gemeilah Cann
Anna Carpenter
Alice Carr
Nicholas William Carr
Eleanor Carter
Matthew Andrew Caulfield
Christopher Cawood
Georgia Chalk
Edward Chalklen
Emily Chamberlain
Benjamin Paul Chambers
Megan Ruth Chambers
Kate Chapman
Stephen Chapman
Bethan Charnley
Shane Aaron Chase
Joshua Cheasley
Ann-Marie Cherry
Fenella Chesterfield
Yu Ching Cheung
Eleanor Christianakis
Fou chi Chung
Alex Clark
Jamie Cunningham Clarke
Natalie Clarke
Thomas Clarke
Ana Louise Clayton-Smith
Ruth Close
Freddie Clyne
Emma Coates
Alex Cocking
Emily Cohu
Rosemary Cole
James Collins
Sally Collyer
Kimberley Colombo
James Richard Colton
Charlotte Constable
Sebastian Constable
Benedict Cook
Carrie Cook
Charles William George Cook
Katie Cook
Bronte Mae Corner
Elena Costante
Matthew Costello-Clarke
Bryony Cotterill
Alex Covey
Lee Craven
Benjamin Creasey
Dee Louise Creig
Robert Cripps
Evie Crockard
Scott David McDonald Croft
Rachel Crone
Charlotte Croney
Elliot Cross
Alice Crown
Matthew Crumbley
Corinne Elizabeth Cummings
Thomas Samuel Jack Cummings
Catherine Angela Currie
Elaine Ruth Currie
Heather Elizabeth Currie
Laura Densie Currie
Lucy Cuthbert
Sam Daffern
Kirsty Anne Dalton
Savannah Hope Dalzell
Jade Damon
Nitika Dandawate
Andrea Danslow
Matthew DaSilva
Grace Davies
Carl Jordan Davis
George de Bolla
Daniel de Chazal
Eleanor Dening
Lydia Dening
Kelly Derham
Hannah Clare Devine
Emma Devlin
Benjamin Diffey
Emma Dimelow
Alexander Ditalia-Riley
Andrew Dixon
Claire Dixon
Alexander Dobson
Jordan Doughty
Deeya D’Souza
Lucy Dugan
Georgia Dutton
Greg East
Sophie Talbot Easter
Adam Edwards
Harry Edwards
Luke Edwards
Claire Louise Ellenger
Charlotte Ellis-Hughes
Isobella Emmens
Lizzie Entwistle
Jonathan Essam
Jonathan Tayler Evans
Ross Ewen
Lucy Eyers
Mark Fairclough
Alexandra Fell
Christopher Fell
Victoria Felton
Alexander Charles George Eyles Fennell
Cheryl Fernandes
Charles Field
Ben Fincham
Lauren Artemiza Finlay
Emily Firmston-Williams
Alexandra Fitzgerald
Thomas Fletcher
George Flint
Henry Flint
Timothy Florax
Emily Foley
Jon Fooks
Jordan Foot
Charlie Forbes
James Daniel Forrest
Eifion Foster
Kimberley Foster-Powell
Stephen Foulkes
William Foxall
Holly Fraser
William Frost
Harriet Sarah Fry
Matthew Funnell
Jayne Furnival
David Furnues
Samuel Gaines
Amy Gallimore
Nicole Garbett
Rachel Roanne Garrett
Robert Garside
Ben Gates
Isabella Elena Gent
Haydn George
Imogen Gibbs
Jonathan Gilbert
Kathryn Elizabeth Gilmore
Robert Gilmore
Matthew Goddard
Emma Jane Gordon
Christopher Gordon-Wilson
Hannah Gorzelak
Charlotte Gould
Michael Graham
Megan Grant
Lauren Louise Christie Gray
Thomas Gray
Tom Green
Claire Rebecca Griffith
Lucy Grover
Lisa Margaret Grüner
Jonathan Charles Haddleton
Ethan Haley
Christopher Hall
Emma Hall
Katherine Hall
Richard Hall
Stephanie Hall
Emma Hambelton
Ashley Grace Hamill
Sarah Helen Hamill
Anna Louise Hammond
Harriet Hammond
Genevieve Hampson
Harry Handley
Jack Handley
Jacquelyn Hankin
Louise Hanna
Benjamin John Oliver Hardern
Katie Anne Hardy
Emily Harper
John William Stanley Harrington
Kit Harris
Alex Harverson
Peter Michael Richard Hawkings
Emma Hawksworth
James Hayes
Daniel Haynes
Stephen Hayward
Edward Heard
Elizabeth Heard
James Henley
Amy Louise Ann Henry
Annika Hentschel
Andrew Herford
Katherine Heritage
Jack Heron
Alexander Hewitson
Claire Elizabeth Hewitt
Rebekah Heyburn
Kelly Louise Hickinbottom
Catherine Amy Higgins
Samuel Hill
Dimple Hirani
Gareth Holden
Daniel Stanley Holland
Amber Hollinger
Polly Holmes
Paige Honour
Katy Hopkinson
Grace Houghton
Charles Arthur Howick
Oliver Howland
Stephen Huggon
Thomas Hughes
Imogen Rebecca Hulbert
Ryan Hunt
James Hunter
Emma Hyde
Kevin Hyden
Ruth Hyndman
Hannah Caroline Illingworth
Rebecca Ingledew
Danielle Ingleston
Gracie Elizabeth Irvine
Abigail Izzard
Lorna Jackson
David Jacobson
Andrew Jarvis
Henry Jeffreys
Alex Jenkins
Carys Jenkins
Oliver Jenkins
Michael Jerrett
Francesca Jessop
George Johns
Alexander Johnson
Isaac Johnson
Naomi Johnston
Thomas John Johnston
Leigh Johnston
Danielle Jones
Emily Jordan
Zein el Sharaf Nasser Judeh
Banusa Kandasamy
Charlotte Ellen Kane
Samuel Kaplan
Ravleen Kaur Gambhir
Catherine Kay
Daniel Christopher Kelly
Olivia Kennard
Caitlin Kennedy
Timothy Kennedy
Victoria Kent
Emily Charlotte Kernohan
Michael Kershaw
Edward Albert Kiddy
Jennifer Kilbey
James Robert Kilday
Kate Kilmartin
Roberta Kime
Nicola King
Simon King
Deborah Kirk
Catherine Knight
Rachel Knight
Katie Knott
Rebecca Labdon
Anna Lambert
Sophie Olivia Langham
Christopher Lark
Natalie Laskey
Kevin Pak-Kwan Lau
Tom Lavin
Oliver Leach
Kadija Ledeatte-Williams
Emma Clare Leeding
Rebecca Lenaghan
Freya Kathryn Leserve
Arthur Stevenson Letson
Daniel Lewis
Dainnah Liberman
Daniel Mark Lightowler
Keith Richard Llewellyn
Abigail Lloyd
Tristan St John Loftus
Calum Lomas
Samuel Terence Longhurst
Charlotte Erin Lowden
Samuel Lucas
Phoebe Luckham
Paul Lucking
Emily Ludlam-Brown
Oliver Lumb
Viktorija Lusis
Leann Macaulay
Sarah Mace Chalk
David MacFarlane
Kirsten MacFarlane
Annabel Maclachlan
Joanna Elizabeth Maclachlan
Georgina Honor Madden
Seanan Maguire
Saba Mahmood
Peter Maile
Matthew Mairs
Lindsey Male
Hayley Mann
Tim Mann
Catherine Mansfield
Arooj Mansha
Joanne Markerson
Adam Marriott
Benjamin Marsh
Neil Marsh
Olivia Laura Vere Martin
Polly Martin
Hannah Jane Mason
Harriet Masters
Katharine Masterson
Samuel Mather
Nyasha Matthew
Samantha May
Christopher Maydom
Aimee McAfee
Andrew McAlonan
Kenneth Samuel McAneaney
Bronagh McAuley
Harriet Rebecca McAuslan
Matthew William John McBride
Danielle McClenaghan
David Paul McClure
Emma McClurkin
Jamie Robert Peter McComb
Emma McConnell
Sam McCormick
Megan McDonald
Daniel McFarlane
Jodie McGrath-Hayes
Katie McKee
Adam McKeown
Alexandra McLeod
Rebecca McMillan
Suzanne Elizabeth McNair
Robert John McNeil
Rachel Louise Metcalf
Edward Mark Millar
Daniel Miller
Emily Miller
Daniel Mills
Scott Mills
Timothy Minshall
Eleanor Mitchell
Gillian Mitchell
Sai-Vinosh Mithiran
Ka po Fiona Mo
Jennifer Louise Moffat
Joanna Montague
Laura Monteith
Jemma Moody
Souradip Mookerjee
Abigail Moore
Alison Sarah Moore
Christopher Moore
Kirstie Elizabeth Moore
Lily Moore
Morwenna Moore
Natalie Moore
Thomas Moore
Daniel Moran
Luke Morby
Stephen Ian More
Aimee Mullan
Emma Munro
Peter john Murkett
Helen Frances Murphy
Lorcan Murphy
Jonathon Mycock
James Myers
Kerry Naismith
Isobel Jane Neill-Smith
Emma Neslen
Hannah Newby
James Nicholls
Matthew Nightingale
Maryam Noor
Olivia Norton
Katie Nunney
Keri Oaten
Peter O’Donnell
Joshua Oldfield
Stuart Orr
Rebecca Owen
Jenna Page
Sebastian Page
Sophie Page
Gillian Paisley
Amy Palmer
Vivek Panchmatia
Sophia Papworth
Hannah Parker
Robert William Parkinson
Felicity Parsons
Ankit Patel
Bhavika Patel
Chanil Patel
Sara Patel
Jack Patten
India Peake
Stephen Pearce
Emma Jane Bligh Pearson
Phillip Graham Perry
Antony Pettersen
Catherine Phillips
Matthew Phillips
Eleanor Rose Phipps
Stephen Picken
Emma Pickup
Laura Pieters
Joseph James Pitkethly
Alexandra Pleydell-Pearce
Callie Plume
Anna Poe
Louis Pollock
Mark Poniatowski
Dharmika Pooranampillai
Oenone Potter
Sebastian Powderham
Jack Eamon Powell
Sam Pratley
Aisling Press
Gemma Preston
Megan Louise Preston
Victoria Proctor
Jessamy Pullen
Thomas Rae
Lewis Ramsden
Kate Ramsey
Koren Louise Randell
Samuel James Ravenscroft
Sarah Rawlinson
Alistair Redfern
Kate Elizabeth Rees
Galen Reich
Irmina Magdalena Reithmair
Henry Reynolds
Georgina Rhead
Catherine Rhodes-Jones
Jordan Charles Richards
Jessica Ritchie
Rasteen Riyahi-Boni
Gareth Roberts
Jordan John Roberts
Michael Roberts
Verity Roberts
Georgia Robinson
Ricardo Rocha
Helen Rodger
Oliver James Rogers
Callum Rollo
Octavia Rome
Emma Lucy Rooks
Danielle Rooney
Lucy Rosa
Catherine Rosborough
Alex Ross
Luke Rostron
Benjamin Rothwell
Mark Rowntree
Elizabeth Rudin
James Rushmer
Craig Russell
Jodi Lianne Rutherford
Emily Rutland
Jordan Salmon
Jennie Salter
John Charles Edward Salter
Oliver Sauvarin
Thomas Sayer
Gemma Scott
Lucy Scrimgeour
Kate Searight
Kersey Elizabeth Segger
Mark Sewell
Emma Shakespeare
Rebecca Sharp
Andrea Shaw
Rachel Shaw
Bethany Shearing
Bethany Cordelia Shears
Caitlin Sherrard
Nicole Jayne Shields
Nathan Sims
Ricky Singh
Charlotte Elizabeth Anne Smallwood
Yashna Smart
Alexander Matthew Smith
Owen Smith
Rachel Francesca Louise Smith
Natasha Smyth
Martin Robert Snelson
Robin Sochacki
Elizabeth Sonola
David Leigh Sparks
Gemma Elizabeth Speakman
Jonathan Spencer
Charles Stamp
Amy Stanley
Oliver Stark
Maria Steffanini
Darryl Stocker
Simon Stott
William Michael Strong
Robert Surgenor
Ruth Surgenor
Hugh Sutton
Nathan Swarbrick
Alice Talks
Sarah Tap
James Andrew Taylor
Lamorna Taylor
Samuel Joseph Taylor
Jeremy Telford
Sean Telford
Matthew John Temple
Chloe Camille Teuten
Christopher Thirkell
Christopher Thomas
Elspeth Thomas
Ashleigh Thompson
Jack Thornber
Kathryn Thorogood
Michael Thurm
Adam Tildesley
Rebecca Todhunter
Philip Tombs
Patrick Charles Tomison
Matthew Tomlinson
Sally Tomson
Katie Torrance
Jack Tovey
Christopher Tragheim
Rachel Jayne Tranter
James Andrew Trusson
Catherine Maria Tully
Matthew Alan Turner
Owain Turner
Philippa Clare Turner
Jonathan Tweedlie
Jonathan Umpleby
Jason van der Schouw
Kate Victoria Alice Vavasour
Hannah Kate Vernon
Imogen Vieten
Jamie Fabian Wait
Lucy Walden
Jamie Vincent Wales
Michaela Walker
Joseph Thomas Kevin Walkin
David Walsh
Brett Walter
Helen Waltham
Rosemary Warne
Oliver Philip Warwick
Thomas Warwick
Tanya Watson
Iona Watt
James Webb-Bowen
Alexander Welsh
Ella Wenmoth
Phoebe West
Georgie Westmoreland
Laura Wheatcroft
Alexandra White
Anna Wilde
Emily Wilkes
Benjamin Willbye
Alasdair Williams
Hannah Rebecca Williams
Oliver James Williams
Rhiannon Williams
Rhys Williamson
Ryan Lee Willliams
Caitlin Wilson
Eleanor Wilson
Alexander Wilton
Rebecca Winby
Alexandra Withers
Lisa Wong
Katherine Wood
Samuel Wood
Vanessa Woodhouse
George Henry Woollard
Stephen Charles Woollard
Isobel Worrall
Anne-Marie Wright
James Scrimgeour Wright
Florence Lydia May Wurfbain
Harry Wylie-Carrick




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