Thursday 26 February 2015

561 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Thursday 26th February at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London

Presenter – Alice Beer, TV Presenter and Gold Award Holder

Alice told the Gold Award holders “A huge congratulations to you all – you did it! My stickability and durability came from my own Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and in achieving your Gold DofE, you have started something that you’ll carry with you the rest of your careers and lives; you see opportunities, take them and commit to them. Your Gold DofE Award says a lot about you as a person; that you’ve achieved, that you know how to tackle difficult situations, you’re confident and you will shine compared to those that don’t have the same experience you have. This is a moment of huge pride so lap it up and take your certificate and do something amazing with it – don’t waste it.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South East
Presenter – Belinda Kirk, Explorer and Silver Award Holder

Belinda told the Gold Award holders “It is such an honour to present your Gold Awards today. You should be proud of your commitment and achievement and have proven to be significant members of the community. Today is about marking your success and you have shown that you are not afraid, showing what you are made of. Doing the DofE is difficult and you risked failure but always remember to enjoy your victories”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East
Mike Bannister, Former Chief Concord Pilot and Gold Award Holder

Mike told the Gold Award holders “The main reason we’re here is to celebrate your fantastic achievement and the amazing things you’ve done. Your achievement is a very special thing. What does it do? It gives you an edge – be rightly proud and don’t be afraid to brag about it. When I was involved in the selection process for British Airways if a candidate had a Gold Award it set them out from the rest, mine did for me. Cherish and build on the friendships you’ve made. Today we are celebrating you! What you have achieved will enable you to live your dreams.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist, 1984 4×100 relay race

Phil Brown told the Gold Award holders “The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Central
Presenter – Justin Packshaw, Explorer and Entrepreneur and Gold Award Holder

Justin told the Gold Award holders “This is a great honour for me as it only seems like a handful of years ago that I was where you are now receiving my award. What you have done is extra-ordinary and we are all very proud of you. You have shown that everything is possible and all you have do is believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Remember to keep striving to be the best that you can be and a guiding light to others. The world is your oyster.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Wales
Presenter – Roz Savage, Ocean Rower and Environment Campaigner

Roz told the Gold Award holders “Take a moment to really soak in that feeling you have today – of happiness, pride, and a huge, warm glow of accomplishment. And any time in the future, if you’re feeling a bit uncertain, or unconfident, or unresourceful, tap back into that feeling and know that you have proved that you are strong and determined and you see things through to the finish.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South West
Presenter – Steve Backshall, Adventure Writer, TV Presenter and Silver Award Holder

Steve told the Gold Award holders “What you’ve all done is incredibly special and it is an honour to be here with you all. Your DofE shows you have fortitude and the ability to stick to a task, which is recognised by universities and employers alike. After today, I hope you all will act your dreams out and make them real. Well done – this is a fantastic day.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Emma Samms, Actress

Emma told the Gold Award holders“Presenting your certificates today I’ve been asked to inspire you but, as Gold Award holders, you don’t need inspiring, look at what you’ve already achieved! Congratulations on your exceptional accomplishment, I couldn’t have done it, that’s for sure. In the future, use the skills you’ve developed and make sure you remember them whenever you face a challenge or a setback. You’ve learnt to never give up and keep that as a motto as you journey through your careers and life.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Roll of Honour: 26 Feb 2015

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 26 February 2015 at St. James’s Palace:



Robbie Fraser Langlands Abbot
William Abbott
Antony Heshan Abeywickrema
Julie Addison
Otokini Ajumogobia
Lucy Alderman
Ruth Allam
Sam Appleton
Sarah Ashcroft
Leah Ashley
Alice Ashworth
Bonnie Au
Alex Aves
Charlotte Aylott
Tomas Llewelyn Baker
Janani Balasubramania sarma
Amy Bannister
Patrick Bapty
Georgina Barry
Sam Frederick Bartlett
Matty Barton
Sophie Bashall
Alastair Bath
Rosalind Beckett
Claire Beddow
Elinor Beecher
Lorenzo Bellini
Emily Bennett
Max Bennett
Jack Benson
Isabelle Clara Berrisford
Marcus Betts
Oliver Bills
Eleanor Bingham
Emily Birch
Sarah Birt
Stefan Blackburn
Aoife Isabel Blanchard
Richard Bloxham
Suzannah Boardman
Keira Boddington
Georgina Boffey
Helen Victoria Bonney
Thomas Bosher
Douglas Bown
Lewis Boyce
Georgia Boys
James Bracey
Isobella Beatrice Bradshaw
David Brearley
Sean Brearton
Hannah Brennan
Sarah Bretton
Charlotte Brewster
Aisling Brinn
Jordan Andrew Broadhead
Lucy Danielle Bromage
Chloe Broomfield
Adam Brown
Stephanie Brown
Sophie Brown
Reece Browne
Lana Brownlow
Dan Brunsdon
Luke Bryant
Luca Bucciarelli
Charlotte Bunce
Daniel Burgin
Courtney Burton
Emma Butterworth
Jessica Bye
The Hon George Cadogan
Robert Cairns
Daniel Thomas Calvert
Katie Carew
Emily Carney
Philip Cartwright
Hannah Cartwright
Ellen Cartwright
Raunaq Cavet
Elena Cawte
Zilvinas Cesulis
Rachael Joan Chandler
Valerie Charlesworth
Emma Nicole Charlesworth
Lydia Chatterton
Robert Cherry
Poppy Jaye Chinn
Jeffrey Ho Jun Chiu
Morgan Chmielewski
Beatrice Chreseson
Samuel Christian
Joseph Christian
Sophia Christodoulou
Matthew Clarke
Victoria Clarke
Ivan Clayson
Kamella Clough
Kathryn Cobain
Sean Coen
Matthew Cohen
Josephine Collier
Frances Collings
Sophie Collins
Emily Cooke
Thomas Cooper
Annabel Copeland
Alexander Cox
Maxime Cox
Victoria Craig-McFeely
Millie Crane
Tom Crawford
Jack Crossfield
Lucy Crossley
Jack Alexander Crowder
James Crowe
Emily Crowe
Jessica Cullimore
Christiaan Cumine
Alexander James de Caix Curtis
Freya Curtis
Jack Cuthbertson
Folaoluwahan Ayodeji Samson Dairo
George Darbyshire
Naomi Darling
Katherine Dart
Thomas Davidson
Emma Davies
Emily Davies
Ryan Day
Louis de La Pasture
Alice Diebel
Sophie-Jo Dix
Rowan Dixon
Ben Doughty
Sam Dowell
Hannah Dowell
Penelope Dowler
Harriette Drew
George Driscoll
Mark Drummond
Oliver Drury
Harry Du Bois-Jones
Kate Duffy
Jack Dunlop
Ashley Dunn
Thomas Dunn-Massey
Philip Eccleston
Charlotte Eden
Edward Eden
Claire Edwin
Bethan Ellis
Geraint Ellis
Bethany Elsmore
Kathryn Elvin
Eva Emanuel
Sophie Emms
David Emms
Benjamin Rhys Fairlie
Yasamine Farahani Englefield
Emma Elizabeth Farr
Elliot Farrar
Matthew Charles Ferdinando
Tarek Fergani
Freya Ferguson
Ebba Rose Ferguson
Megan Ferris
Louis Fiander
Carrick Fillingham-Bathie
Danielle Fletcher
Chloe Flynn
Adam J Foster
Christopher Foster
Annabel Rose Freeman
Yvette Freeman
Emma French
Alexander Froggatt
Louise Frost
Alison Gallagher
Molly Garbutt
Beau Garry
Jack Gascoyne
Harri George
Lucianna Ghobrial
Lizzy Gibney
Innes Gibson
Sarah Gillespie
Bethan Girdler-Maslen
Ian Gitonga
Paige Gladwell
James Goodall
Sophie Goodeve
Joanna Gould
Raghav Govindan
Benjamin Gowans
Mark Grace
Zoranna Evangeline Gray
Lucy Jean Green
Jessica Griffiths
Jack Griffiths
Phoebe Guinn
Rhys John Haberfield
Joanna Hall
George Edward Hambling
Anna Hand
Elysia Hannaford
Emily Hannigan
Isaac Haq
Arzish Haqqee
Syeda Amira Haque
Freya Harland
Tamsin Harris
Jack Harris
Kirsty Harry
Emilie Hawkins
Alice Healey
Olivia Healy
Katie Hearn
Grace Hemus
Rachel Heylen
Anthony Thomas Rowley Hill
Emily Hinchcliffe
Lewis Hiscox
Claire Holden
Tom Holley
Isabelle Holloway
Alex Holmes
Alex Holt
Jasmine Y. Hopkinson
Simon Hotchin
Georgia Martha Charlotte Howes
James Hubscher
Stefan Hudson
Sam Hughes
Shania Hughes
Charles Hunt
Thomas Hutchinson
Jenny Hutchinson
Declan Hutchinson
Jonathan Innes
Eden Ivinson-Witts
Henry Jackson
Louisa Jarvie
Emma Jarvis
Hollie Jarvis
Emma Jeffrey
Michael Jeffrey
Daniel Jelliffe
Nicholas Jenkins
Eleanor Johnston
Georgia Rebecca Alexandra Jones
Harry Griffith Wyn Jones
Frederick Jones
Helen Judd
Rohan Kakad
Hannah Keddie
Claire Emma Keech
Nick Kelly
Victoria Kelly
Robin Kennedy-Reid
Henry Kenyon
Elizabeth Keoghane
Alexa Kerr-Dineen
Will Kilgour
Serena King
Louis King
Matthew Donald Kirby
Alexandra Kirienko
James Kitt
Matthew Koziol
Kung Sze Nga Jessica Maria
Jamie Kwon-Chandler
Emma Lacy
Victoria Lake
Ingrid Lam
Amy Lamb
Gemma Lamming
Ryan Lampon
Thomas Langford
Benjamin Langhorne
Ethan Lau
Jennifer Laurence
Victoria Lawler
Andrew Lawler
Robert Lay
Jacob Layfield
Christina Lea
Imogen Lee
Sian Lewis
Steffan Cynllo Lewis
Jessica Lewis
Oliver Lindsay
Chantal Liu
Liam Lloyd
Christopher Lodge
Henry Lowis
Charlotte Lucas
Hannah Lund
Olivia Lyons
Sophie Lyons
Alice MacArthur
Catherine Machin
Shannon MacTaggart
Sacha Rachel Magee
Alexandra Maidment
Matthew Maltby
Thomas Mann
Katie Manock
Christian Marchington
Harry Marsh
Chloe Marshall-Walker
Samuel Martin
Hannah Mastrangelo
Richard Howell Mayers
Alex Mays
Claire McComas
Georgina McDonald
John McFarlane
Oliver McGrath
Caitlin Mckie
Kyle Meadows
William Meadows
Anna Meares
Emma Megarry
Georgie Mellor
Isabel Metcalfe
Alexandra Michail
Jack Millar
Anne Millar-Durrant
James Miller
Megan Mills
Alice Mingay
Lottie Mitchell
Bryony Montandon
Alexander Moore
Jennifer Moore
Amy Catherine Moore
Jacob Moorse
Kirsty Louise Morgan
Ellie Fflur Morgan
Rebecca Morrice
Rosie Grace Morris
Daniel Steven Morris
Sarah Moses
William Moss
Cody Mountain
Hirak Mukherjee
Katie Murphy
Toni Murphy
Katherine Alice Murphy
Sam Musgrove
Sian Pentland Musselwhite
Daniel Nash
Francesca Neale
Karen Nelson
Matthew Newton
Sarah Nicholson
Sophie Nottage
Conor O’Brien
Christopher O’Brien
Louise O’Brien
Tasmin O’Connell
Alex O’Connor
Elizabeth Ogundiya
Eleanor Old
Cherry Oldham
Caitlin Osborne-Tonner
Jack Overhill
Martina Oxley
Joshua Palmer
Aaron Pardoe-Davies
Alicia Parker
Eve Parkinson
Viraj Nitin Parmar
David Parry
David Parry
Olivia Parson
Zoscha Partos
Alix James Partridge
Shrea Patel
Keyan Patel
Ryan Patel
Sian Paterson
Stuart Paterson
Anthony Payne
David Peacock
Matthew Peatman
Matthew Perry
Andrew Pestaille
Hannah Pestaille
Chloe Philippe
Victoria Phillips
Scarlett Phillips-Rogers
Emma Pickard
Hannah Plumptre
Hannah Pocock
Francesca Pontin
David Ponting
Simon Ponting
Myfanwy Powell
Georgina Preston
Anastasia Prindezis
Cicely Proudlock
Katherine Quinn
Fiona Rackley
Sarina Rana
Thuvaraha Rangaroopan
Amelia Rashid
Edmund Ratcliffe
Gareth Ravenhill
Fraser Peter Read
Owen Rees
Kelsey Rees
Jake Reeves
Rebecca Jane Reynolds
Melissa Reynolds
Dominic Kalantary
Thomas Rickard
Devon Ricketts
Lucas Cameron Bowen Ridge
Gabrielle Amelia Celeste Ridge
Toby Rigby
Ryan Roberts
Georgia Roderick
Emma Rogerson
Michael Rollason
Hannah Ronald
Elinor Routley
Kate Rushby-Jones
Patrick Rusman
Paul Russell
George Russell
Charlotte Rutter
George Ryan
Natalia Rye Carriegas
Alexandria Sadler
Amy Saunders
Alexander Savill
Tabitha Saville
Bronwyn Scholes
Gretel Scott
Bethany Selway
Jodie Servante
Brooke Alexandra Sessions
Sahiti Shah
Imogen Shannon
Imogen Shapland
Alison Catherine Sharratt
Andrew Shaw
Sophie Sheard
Emily Sheppy
Alice Shinner
Owen John Siddall
Lien Silk
Max Simmonds
Chris Singleton
Nishobika Sivakumaran
Mark Skellett
Emma Slater
William Slynn
Laura Small
Jessica Smart
Emily Smith
James Smith
Richard Harry Smith
Lucy Smith
Alexandra Smith
Gregory James Smith
Sophie Smith
Edward Soper
Edward Speirs
Imogen Spence
Josh Spragg
Robin Spurr
William St.Leger-Chambers
Elizabeth Mary Stacey
Emily Stacey-Cox
Marielle Steinebach
Hamish Stewart
Jack Stockdale
Thomas Stokes
Amelia Stokes
Jonathan Richard Strickland
Alexandra M. Stuart-Robson
Harry Suffield
Katie Swaine
Zoe Alexandra Swift
Ivan Sychev
Henry Szmydt
Heather Jane Talbott
James Taylor
Hollie Taylor
James Andrew Taylor
Michael Tennant
Hannah-Louise Thomas
Lowri Harriet Thomas
Ceri Lewis Thomas
Sion Anthony Thomas
Ffion Thompson
Lydia Thompson
Richard Alexander Thorne
Carla Thornewell
Alice Tidswell
Lauren Townsend
Craig Townsend
Lauren Jade Townsend
Kate Trafford
Elizabeth Treece
Neerav Trivedi
Tom Triviais
Tosco Troughton
Elise Turnell
William Underwood
Holly Upton
Harriet Vincett-Wilson
Bethany Waddington
Eleanor Walker
Emily Walker
Jake Walker
Drew Waller
Gareth Waller
Nicholas Walraven
Alastair Ward
Serena Waring
Kirsty Louise Warner
Camilla Watkiss
Marcus Watling
Ralph Weir
Harriet Welton
Isobel West
Russell White
Toby White
Jasmine White
Ella Whittaker
Niall Wiggins
Isabella Wild
Oliver William Dumigan Wilkins
Nikita Wilkins
Matthew Wilkinson
Elinor Williams
Lara Williams
Eleanor Williams
Geraint Wyn Williams
Ashley Williams
William Wilson
Amelia Wilson
Oliver Wilson
Emily Winter
Emily Wolstenholme
Michelle Wong
Emily Wood
Maddie Wood
Sarah Woodard
Rebecca Woodward-Smith
Callum Wright
Sam Wright
Deborah Wrighton
Hannah Yu Wu
James Richard Wylor-Owen
Alastair James Trevor Wenhao Yang
Corinne Yau









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