London 26 Nov 2014

Wednesday 26th November

549 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 26th November at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London

Presenter – Keith Graham (Levi Roots)

“Congratulations to everyone receiving their Gold DofE Award today! My advice to you as you embrace the next stage of your lives is to be the best of you, you can be. It’s important to be who you are, never sell out. And if you’re on your way to slay your dragons then make sure you find a mentor that can help guide you through your journey.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South East
Presenter – Inge Solheim, Polar Explorer, Adventurer

“One of my favourite things is that, because of my job, I get to meet a lot of special people like you. The DofE programme teaches you social skills, team building skills and gives you a sense of achievement and the confidence to go out and conquer the world.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – John Sullivan, Expedition Leader and Survival Instructor

“This is your day but it’s not your last day. The DofE opens up so many doors for you. The skills you have gained are immense and will make future employers stand up and take note”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Larry Lamb, Actor

“Congratulations to you all! If you keep working at something, adapt and make the best of it you can achieve.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Scotland and National organisation

Presenter – Edith Bowman Smith, Radio and TV Presenter

“It is an honour to be here today to present your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, celebrating your fantastic achievements. It’s very much a feeling of role reversal for me today to be inspired and driven by your enthusiasm and determination and positivity to life and the challenges it throws your way. You should, and I hope you do, feel very proud of your achievements to far, self-belief is an important quality to allow yourself to have. Whether that be in work, in relationships or dreams. The skills you have learnt will translate into many other opportunities that come your way in life.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Wales
Presenter – Ruth Jones, Actress

“Congratulations. Enjoy your glory, you’ve achieved Gold! This achievement will stay with you for the rest of your life no matter what you do. I hope you go on to do wonderful and great things and you share your success with others.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North West
Presenter – Finn Christo, Ocean Rower and Fundraiser

“You are here today in St James’s Palace because of the decisions you have made which has led to you receiving the amazing accolade of a Gold DofE Award. This is a massive achievement and one you should be incredibly proud of. Use your Gold Award as a stepping stone for your future careers. Dream big. This is not the end of your journey, but the start of a brand new one.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South West
Presenter – Michael Tobin, Business Leader, Bronze Award Holder

“I have learnt throughout my life that what really matters is common sense, drive, persistence and respect. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award teaches all these aspects and as a result are a key element to gaining competitive advantage in society.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Roll of Honour: 26 Nov 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 26 November 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Matthew Addy
Charlotte Ainsworth
Jessica Allen
Juliana L. K. Allison
Ewan Allman
Ishbel Anderson
William Antoni
Lily Applebee
Will Appleyard
Natalie Armstrong
Jessica Armstrong
Matthew Ashmore
Emma Aspin
Emily Asprey
Sophie Aston
Hamish Atkins
Frazer Attrill
Jessica Auger
Jade Babbington
Emily Mary Badham
William Bailey
Georgia Baldwin
Andrew J M Balfour
Jordan Barber
Bridget Barnes
James Barnes
Richard Barnes
Elizabeth Barrett
Hannah Barrett
Poppy Mae Barrett-Fish
Sabina Batra
Hannah Eve Beardsworth
Heather Beeton
Felix Belfield
Katherine Bell
Maria Belton
Max Benning-Batstone
Frances Bent
Laura Bierer-Nielsen
Marc Balthazar Bilhou-Nabera
Connie Blake
Mark Blandamer
Megan Bleach
Louise Bolderstone
Richard Alexander Elliott Bond
Robert Bond
Abigail Bowden
Daniel Bowden
Scott Bowden
William Bowen
Jack Bowles
Andrew Brackenbury
Joshua Brackstone
Saffron Bradbury
Abigail Brandwood
Rachael Brennand
Lucy Brewis
Igraine Brook
Lucy Broom
Christopher James Brown
Dominic Browne
Kira Browne
Rachel Bryant
Hannah Buchalter
Jack Buckingham
Olivia Buckley
Natalie Kate Burke
Abaigeal Burrell
Faye Burton
Jemima Bushby
Katie Butler
Alice Byron
James Alistair Cameron
Nicola Campling
Rachel Carrick
Oliver Carrington
Helen Clare Carrington
Sophie Carter
Bruce Cavanagh
Florence Chaffey
Cameron Chakraverty
Manpreet Chana
Alexander Chater
Robyn Cherrett
Isabel Christ
Alexandria Chung
Rory Clague
Bethan Clancy
Dominic Clark
Samuel William Clark
Nicholas Clark
Sean Clark
Emma Clarke
Hannah Megan Clarke
Sam Clarke
Jessica Clarke
Alison Clarkson
Sarah Emily Grace Clayton
Victoria Clift
Sarah Clifton
Charlotte Cole
James Cole
Florice Cole-Fontayn
Robert Colemeadow
Ashley Colley
Harry Complin
Philip Compton
Matthew Cook
Eloise Cook
Ailsa Cookson
Lena Coombes
Emily Cooper
Hannah Cooper
Charles Cooper
Mirella Cooper
Oliver Cottis
James Cottis
Ellena Valentine Cotton
Sarah Covill
Emma Cowlishaw
Rebecca Coy
Sophie Craig
Lucy Crew
Hannah Croager
Lucy Crowther
Rosalind Dalley
Katherine Daman
Chandni Dipika Davda
Shannon Davey
Lisa Davidson
Alastair Richard Williams Davies
Bethan Davies
Amy Davies
James Davies
Natalie Davies
George Davies
Benedict Davis
Amanda Davis
Eleanor Naomi Davis
Isabelle Catherine Davis
Danielle Davis
Ciara Deeker
Holly Digne-Malcolm
Alice Dimberline
William Dobell
Emily Dobson-Sharp
Emma Dorricott
Jessica Douglas
Eleanor Dove
Edward Drayton
Lucy Duncan
Eve Grace Dunlop
Charlotte Eaves
Jessica Antoinette Eayrs
Katherine Edmundson
Natasha Edwards
Katherine Egerton
Pepeto Eglesfield
Daniel Elliott
Emma Elston
Rachel Elt
Laura Elizabeth Ely
Olivia Erwin
Sophie Evans
Hugo Evans
Lucy Evans
Benjamin Evans
Dylan Evans
Katie Evinson
Nicola Farnsworth
Nadine Fecht
Edward Fennell
Aimee Fisher
Hannah Fleet
Fraser Flegg
Jennifer Poppy Flynn
Morag Forbes
Nicole Forbes
Claire Forster
Ruth Friswell
Victoria Beth Furlong
Amy Elizabeth Gaffney
Will Gaffney
James Gaffney
Annabel Jane Simone Skinner Galbraith
Sophie Galloway
Harriet Gardner
Hugo Graham Garland
Rebecca Garnett
Callum Geary
Alexander William George
Abhishiri Ghosh
Bethany Gibbs
Cameron Gibson
Philippa Giles
Lois Godwin
Thomas Gossage
Helen Gourley
Oliver John Graham
Amy Grant
Helen Joanne Green
Elizabeth Alice Green
Natalie Gregory
Mark Grimes
Nathan Gumbley
Jamie Daffydd Gumery
Ffion Gwillim
Rebecca Habgood
Penelope Habgood
Morag Haddow
Kirsty Haig
Iona Haig
Alexander Hall
Ceejay Anne Hammond
Chloe Hanmore
Alice Harding
Constance Hardwick
Daniel Harper
Zoey Harris
Samuel Harris
Harriet Haslehurst
Aysha Haththotuwegama
Michael Hatton
Calum Hayes
Emily Hayes
Ben Haythornthwaite
Phoebe Heaton-Renshaw
Simon Heller
Emmanuel Henry
Jessica Hepburn
George Hewett
Benjamin Hewitt
Gemma Hiden
Katie Higginbotham
Heather Marie Higgins
Charlotte Khairun Hillary
Bobbi-Lee Hine
Dominic Hinton
Rachel Hirst
Oliver Holden
Guy Holden
Jennifer Louise Holmes
Richard Hood
Thomas Hopes
James Horrocks
William Horton
James Hough
Freddie Hoy
Megan Hughes
William Hunt
Timothy Hunt
Chris Iddon
Imogen Idelson
Harrison Illingworth
Oliver James Irving
Rebecca Helen Irwin
Bethany Ivory
Joanne Jackson
Matilda Jacobs
Laura Melanie Jacobs
Samantha James
Callum James
Bethany Jeavons
Nicholas Jenkerson
Amy Jewell
Eilish John
Lauren Johnson
Elinor Joinson
Catherine Elisabeth Maria Jones
Amber Jones
Alexandra Jones
Alexander Jones
Victoria Kate Jones
Joshua Jones
Isobel Jones
Shane Jones
Elen Jones
Anjali Kamath
Katherine Keates
Joanna Kelly
Elliott Kemp
Lucy Jane Kershaw
Amira Lydia Khurshid Akhtar
Oz Kilim
Robert Kimpton
Fiona King
Imogen Knibbs
Chloe Knight
Tom Knightley
Katherine Knipe
Joseph Andrew Knowles
Irini Koulovasilopoulos
Surabhi Kumar
Chloe Lavin
Alexander le Clercq
Graeme Leamy
Samuel Alexander Mowatt Leather
Katherine Leather
Sophie Leech
Clare Lehovsky
Charlotte Letheren
Matthew Lettis
Lydia Lewis
Jamie Lewis
Connor Lister
Kathryn Lloyd
Trixie Lo
Phillippa Lofts
Grace Lowman
Benjamin Lucas
Georgina Lucas
Daniel Lucas
James Lyle
Maria Lynch
James Robert Lynn
Georgina Macgregor
Alissa Machin
Fiona Mackenzie
Ailsa Maclean
Stephanie Macpherson
Rebecca Maguire
Alex Male
Stasia Manderson
Alexander Edward Manning
Leonor Marques-Worssam
Alexander Leo Marsden
Araminta Martin
Rachel Martin
Amy Martin
Leo Harry John Matcham
Suzy Maxwell
Oliver May
Natasha McCaffrey
Eleanor McCann
Ben McCartney
Matthew McCoy
Joe McEgan
Heather McKimmie
Finn McLaughlin
Aaron William McLoughlin
Anna McMurtrie
Arlene McNaught
Amelia McWhirter
Symron Mehan
Aaron James Alexander Mercer
Henry Meredith
Samantha Millard
Ryan Miller
Elliot Millet
Tim Mills
Isla Mitchell
Thomas Moncreaff
Alex Moore
Rebekah Louise Moreland
Maimee Eliza Morris
Hetty Mosforth
Alex Moulsley
Emily Muncey
George Murphy
Bethan Jane Murray
Katarina Nelson
Amelia Newton
Anna Amelia Nicholl
Laura Njoku
Matthew Norman
Joseph Northway
Maxine Nutting
Sophie Nye
Melissa Oatham
Gavin O’Connell
Maeve Aimee O’Driscoll
Jennifer O’Kane
Lewis O’Shaughnessy
James Osun-Sanmi
Emmaline O’Toole
Matthew Overton
Samantha Palen
Matthew Pardoe
Isabella Parkes
Darshan Patel
Rishi Patel
Nishil Patel
Jaya Patel
Alex Paterson
Charlotte Pattison
Catriona Pearson
Emmie Peck
Henrietta Pelling
Alex Louise Perry
Sarah Perry
Sierra Peters-Buckland
Jack David Philipsborn
Joe Platt
Rachel Porter
Isobel Pratt
Robert Pratt
Bethan Price
Matthew Prosser
Katie Pugh
Andrew Quarmby
Amelia Rampling
Lauren Ramsay-Jones
Nicola Randall
Marina Ranger
Jennifer Ransom
Justine Raoult
Inzamam Rashid
Johannes Read
James Rees
Shuhui Ren
Nat Rennie
Mckenzy Renshaw-Valiquette
Samantha Richards
Bryony Richards
Amabel Ivy Richardson
Dyfan Roberts
Hannah Robertson-Steel
David Robinette
Hannah Robinson
Emma Robinson
Alice Rochford
Lucy Harriet Anne Rogers
Kathryn Rough
Alex Rousou
Elizabeth Rowley
Emily Ruiz
Ruchika Rupchandani
Sophie Rushman
Emily Kate Sanders
Luke Sargeant
Adam Saunders
Mathilde Savary
Sam Schofield
Bethan Schule
Oliver Ancel Schwertfeger
Natasha Scott
Olivia Scott
Phoebe Secker
Robyn Sercombe
Luke Sevier
Kavish Bharat Shah
Anokhi Shah
Ryan Shakeshaft
Sam Sharma
Gemma Shaw
Thomas Shearer
Emily Shepherd
Alice Elizabeth Simmonds
Victoria Simpson
Matthew Singleton
Rebecca Slevin
Fern Smith
Charlotte Smith
Laura Smith
Samuel Smith
Grania Smith
Mark Smith
Rachel Smith
Georgina Smith
Lydia Catherine Smith
Kirsty Solomons
Christopher Sparkes
Miriam Spindlove
Rosanna Spray
Natalia Stanowska
Rachael Stevens
Cameron Stewart
Edward Stirrup
Daniel Strange
Thomas Strudwick
Julia Sullivan
Kate Surplice
Bronwen Swain
Holly Sykes
Pandora Taffs
Maria Sofia Takacova
Sophie Taylor
Anna Kathryn te Water Naude
Tania Tenni
Gareth Thomas
David Thomas
Benjamin Thomas
Olivia Thomas
Emily Thompson
Phoebe Thomson
Emma Thorley
Zoe Threadgold
Charlotte Tickner
Holly Tillcock
Alison Tolmie
Lucy Tomblin
Spencer Tooke
Ellie Traxler-McFarlane
Charlotte Tromans
George Tsatsamis-Cooper
Francis Tucker
Samantha Turner
Alex Turner
Mark Vincent Turtle
Rachel Underhill
Clemency Ursell
Gobi Varatha-Rajan
Oliver Vipond
Harry Wagstaff
Rebecca Amy Waite
Helena Wakefield
Katharine Waldron
Chloe Lucinda Waller
Rebecca Frances Walmsley
Charlotte Ward
Luke Wasylkiw
Hattie Watson
Chloe Watson
Nicola Jane Weager
James Weaver
David John Webb
Thomas West
Georgina Weston
Timothy Weston
Jonathan Weston-Stanley
Ryan Westwell
Helen Wheeldon
Ross Whitaker
James Whitaker
Harry White
Elizabeth Whitlock
Nicholas Whitmore
Chloe Whitworth
Rebecca Whitworth
Jennifer Whyton
Alice Wickersham
Matthew John Wigley
Alexander Williams
Amy Williams
James Williams
Richard Williams
Matthew Williams
Emily Willmott
Duncan Wilson
Laura Wingrove
Mia Winter
Ellen Wisnia
Eleanor Wood
Richard Wootton
Amy Wright
Ella Yates
Jason Ying
Alan David Young
Alexandro Zaccarini









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