London 29 April 2014

680 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 29 April at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room- DofE Business
Presenter- Danny Crates, Paralympian

“There are turning points in life when we have to make decisions that impact our futures, like deciding to do your DofE – you’ve already taken a fantastic step achieving your Gold Award. I urge you to embrace these points going forward, make decisive decisions, learn from mistakes and move on, celebrate successes and build on them.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Central
Entrée Room – Shappi Khorsandi, Comedian

“It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to present these awards to a brilliant and inspiring group of young people. Congratulations on achieving your Gold Award.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- South East and Army Cadet Force
Presenter- Jock Wishart, Professional Adventurer

“Doing the DofE has taken you out of your comfort zone – getting out and about and doing something different. Learning new skills and working together with other people, as a team is the best thing of all. Never give up on what you want to achieve – believe nothing is impossible so go out and make it happen”.

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – Central
Presenters- James and Oliver Phelps, Actors

“Doing the Harry Potter films meant I couldn’t do my DofE so I’m jealous of you all collecting your Gold Awards today. Through doing your DofE, you’ve gained many new skills and experiences. I hope in the future you’ll take these skills forward and you’ll look at your Award with much pride. Congratulations!” James Phelps

“A challenge I faced was taking part in the London Triathlon. After perseverance and much training I managed to complete it. Crossing the line and getting that medal around my neck was a real personal achievement and proud moment for me, much like you all collecting your Gold Awards today. Well done to you all.” Oliver Phelps

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – South East and ACF
Presenter- Charles Pitcher, Adventurer and World Record Holder

“I am very inspired by you all. You make me realise how important is it to grab what you want in life. I did my Bronze and Silver – it’s all about turning you in to well-rounded, mature leaders, giving something back and positioning you well for whatever you go on to achieve. Make the most of every opportunity you have and give it 100%. Good luck.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- Northern Ireland
Presenter- Roz Savage MBE, Rower and World Record Holder

“I’m so delighted to be sharing this special day with you. You know the dedication it took to achieve what you have – bask in the glory of this achievement for the rest of your life. Never stop trying and continue to push your limits – the more you have to struggle to get there, the better it will feel. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- The Army Cadet Force
Presenter- Lieutenant General Andrew Graham, President of ACFA

“People of a strong character are rare but you’ve shown that you have it by completing your DofE. Congratulations on your achievement.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- DofE Business, British Gas
Presenter- John Hurt CBE, Actor

“It is my enormous pleasure to congratulate everyone achieving their Gold Awards. I know the commitment and drive you’ve demonstrated to reach this point. Today you can afford to paddle in a puddle of pride – enjoy the moment!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery- North West
Presenter- Matthew Key, Chair of Trustees, Dallaglio Foundation

“You are the future of our country. Live your life with integrity and values, and if you do, you’ll fulfil your full potential.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – Yorkshire & Humberside
Presenter- Wasim Khan MBE, Chief Executive of the Cricket Foundation

“It’s a real honour for me to be here today. I learnt through cricket that the great part about obstacles is that they are part of the journey and no doubt, through doing your DofE, you would have felt challenged and tested; but you’re here now, which shows resilience and persistence. You’ve started with your Gold Award and you’ll move on in your life but hold onto your achievements and welcome the challenges. Congratulations to you all, I’m really proud to see you here today.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 29 April 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 29 April 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Oliver Adair
David John Adam
Thomas Adams
Katherine Alexandra Addy
Princess Oreoluwakitan Adenuga
Jessica Adsett
Rowan Akin-Smith
James Edward Alder
Marc Allan
Bethany Janet Allen
Lucy Allen
Ben Allitt
Jake Allitt
Sam Altmann
David Anderson
Alexandria Andrayas
Emily Andrews
Jason Andrews
Thomas Ankers
Max Ansell-Wood
William Archibald
Ajit Ark
Rajiv Ark
Scott James Armour
Katherine Armstrong
Ryan Arnold
Sophie Asplin
Annabel Asquith
Stuart Michael Astle
Robert Atkinson
Jessica Frances Attrill
Joel Auterson
Sam Baggley
Ben Bailey
Amy Baker
James Baker
David Ball
Stephen Ball
Ella Bamford
James Bamford
Connor Banks
Richard Bannister
Eliot Barden
Megan Bardsley
Ronnie Barlow
Bethany Barnes
Maria Barnes
Grant Craig Barrett
Henry Robert Barrington-White
Joanne Barry
David Jonathan Bates
Jennifer Bates
Alice Beagley
Daniel Bean
Hayley Beaton
Robert Wilson Beattie
Stephen Arthur Beattie
Emily Beauchamp
Ruth Elizabeth Bell
Ben Bellamy
Christopher Michael Bennett
Edward Bentley
Isabelle Bevan
Leonora Bevan
Sian Bigger
Annali Bimpson
Arabella Bird
Felicity Eve Blackburn
Tom Bloom
Alice Blower
Gavin Blues
Richard John Bolton
Rosie Boon
William James Bourne
Michael Bowles
Edward Boyd
Jenny Boyd
Roma-Lee Brackstone
Niall P J Bradley
Joseph Brady
Liam Brady
Yasmin Bragg
Naomi Grace Bramley
Alexander John Branston
Katy Bray
Jack Brewster
Katherine Bridges
Heather Britton
Eleanor Brown
Emily Brown
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown
Catherine Browne
Leanne Brumby
Liam Budgen
Laura Burbage
Freya Burgess
Joseph Burgin
John Burns
Phoebe Alice Burrows
Tim Burrows
Rachael Butler
Rebekah Butler
Leigh Butterworth
Tim Byrne
Molly Bythell
Benjamin Bywater
Daniel Caie
Emily Cale
Trudy Cammack
Catherine Campbell
Natasha Carberry
Ashley James Carr
Alice Carty
Helena Casey
Ruth Cawdron
Liam Cawsey-Gilbert
Benjamin Chalmers
Rachel Chen
Vincent Ka Ming Cheung
Lucy Childs
Alec Philip Christie
Dale Claridge
Rosalie Clark
Hannah Clarke
Andrew Clarkson
Alice Claronino
Hannah Clawson
Kate Clover
Kelly Patricia Clover
Jake Robert Cochrane
Femi Coker
Hannah Cole
Robert Collier
Emily Colvin
Josh Comery
Michael Constantinides
Jennie Convery
Bethany Conway
Ruairi Conway
Christopher Cope
Samuel Robert Corkill
Jessica Olive Corner
Rebecca Corner
Nicholas Cory
Jasmine Cotgrove
Joseph Cottiss
Lucy Cottle
Matthew James Cox
Zoe Cox
Joseph Cramphorn
James Crampton
William Cranfield
Gary Cross
Jordan Cross
Liam Crossley
Luke Cullis
Matthew Culshaw
Katie Cummings
Kate Cummins
Sabrina Danzig
Calum Davidson
Rebecca Davidson
Abigail Davies
Kathryn Abigail Davies
Paul Davis
Toby Alexander Dawson
Chantelle Day
Daniel-Jacques de Jonge
Thomas De Sousa
Michael Thomas Delaney
Pete Dempsey
Eleanor Desborough
Isabelle Dex
Hannah Dignum
Helena Dixon
Jodie Dixon
Katherine Dixon
Emily Dodd
Kristopher Dods
Joshua Doick
Hannah Done
Emily Douetil
Anna Doyle
Jack Dugher
Daniel Dulson
David Duncan
Rosie Dunn
Charles Dunstall
David Earles
Lauren Eaves
Rebecca Edmondson
Andrew James Edwards
Megan Edwards
Lucinda Ellaway-Bell
David Elliott
Jessica Elliott
Thomas Elvidge
Katherine Emery
Jordan Emmitt
Aizenosa Enaigbe
Alexandra English
Danielle Evans
Jonathan Evans
Matthew Evans
Nathan Evans
Rebecca Evans
Vanessa Evans
Alice Fagan
Simon Donald Farrand
Georgia Fearon
Alex Fellows
Ryan Dean Ferguson
Stephen Ferguson
Ben Fisher
Emma Patricia Fitzsimmons
Luke Fletcher
Hannah Flower
Edward Forth
Jack Fowles
Benjamin Fox
Paul Foy
Andrew Fraser
Hannah Frost
Andrew Fu
Vincent Fuller
Mark Gage
Samantha Gallaher
Hannah Gamble
Alan Thomas Gardiner
Jack Garnham
Philippa Gaunt
Emily A. M. Gee
Louis George-Vaughan
Nodan Ghale
Samuel Ghosh
Summer Gibb
Henry Gibson
Rosalind Gibson
Liam Giddings
Fraser Gilbert
Edward Glansford
Zach Tarims Goodhur
Emma Goodman
Tom Gould
Andrew Grant
Lucy Gray
Alice Graye
Harriet Green
Jack Green
Paul Green
Nicholas Greenfield
Jemma Gregory
Adam Gregson
Mark Griffiths
Melanie Grigg
Matthew Grove
Alice Groves
Tom Groves
Teresa Guerrero
Aayushi Gupta
Sarah Catherine Hagyard
Amy Hall
Freya Hall
Thomas Hall
Harry Hamer
Flora Hamilton
Scott Alexander Hammond
Lucy Hankin
Angus Hardy
Dominic M.D. Harley
Shane David Harper
Rosie Elliott Harrison
Nicolas Hart
Danielle Harvey
Emma Harwood
Will Hayes
Alexandra Hayton
Ben Haywood
Jamie David Hazell
Emma Anne Hazell-Arrowsmith
Rachel Hazelwood
Kevin Healey
Frances Heath
Catherine Hegan
Christopher Hegan
Roseanna Hemmings
Hugh Henshall
Mitchell Hernaman
James Herring
Rachael Hewison
Rhodes Hewitt
Leslie Hewson
Adam Highton
Charles Alan Hill
Guthrie Hill
Kate Hill
Kayleigh Cheyenne Hill
James Hilliam
Isobel Hine
Victoria Hitchman
Stephen James Holgate
Lydia Grace Holloway
William Holmes
Sara-Jane Horne
Andrew Hotchin
Rachel Hotchin
Nicole Houghton
Emmeline Howarth
Robyn Howcroft
Emily-Clare Howe
Martyn Huckle
Deiniol Hughes
Jack Hughes
Rebecca Hughes
Jenny Humphries
Catherine Hunter
Idnan Hussain
Rebecca Irons
Jack Irvine
Louise Irvine
Annabel Jackson
Lorna Jackson
Samuel Jackson
Eleanor James
John James
Alan Jameson
Paul Jefferies
John Jeffries
Peter Jesson
Elizabeth Rachel Jewsbury
William Johnston
Daniel Jones
James Jones
Jason Jones
Sophie Haycock-Jones
Scott James Jordan
Suraj Joshi
Joe Jowett
Otari Kakhidze
Parvathi Kanakath
Sachin Karan
Rachel Kay
Taylor Kay
Becky Louise Keal
Robin Timothy Kee
James Kelly
Megan Kelly
Lily-May Kemp
Paul Kent
Megan Anne Jane Kernohan
John Kerr
Judith M Keyes
Mehnoor Khaliq
Laura Jane Kilbourne
Matthew Killen
Lydia Kim
Holly King
Sophie King
Dora Kitching
Jason Thomas Kitching
Laura Knight
Emma Knowles
Monika Kondratowicz
Rafal Kudlaty
Hope Elizabeth Lappin
Courtney Laudat
Nicholas David Lawson
David Robert Lawther
Arran Lawton
James Lay
John Philip Lea-Wilson
Elizabeth Leftley
Harry Levey
Edward Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis
George Lewis
Siew Yee Li
Katharine Lightowler
Oliver Lindsay
Rebecca Linfoot
Hannah Lister
Olivia Ray Lister
Lloyd Little
Andrea Lloyd
Stuart John Lodge
Shane Lorriman
Scott Lovell
Mark Loveridge
Samuel Lucas
Sophie Luckman
James Lynch
Hannah Mackenzie
Jemma Magrath
Olivia Makey
Victoria Mallory
Corinne Anna Malone
Liam Daniel Manchip
Maximillian Marks
David Marsden
Hayley Marie Marsden
Charlotte Marshall
Rebecca Marshall
Calvin Marsland
Sean Martin
Thomas Martin
Laura Mason
Lesley Lorraine McAleese
Mannix McAlister
Kathryn Jane McArthur
Kathryn McBride
Hannah McCarthy
Tom McCauley
Kelly McClintock
Kirsty McClintock
Kelsie McCluskey
Laura McGaughey
John McGilvray
Paul McGinnity
Claire McGonigle
Frances McIntosh
Paul McIntosh
Jack Patrick McIntyre
Daniel McKenna
Stephen McKeown
Alex Mckniff
Charles McKnight
Alice Victoria McLoughlin
Mitchell McNulty
Gordon McPherson
Gareth James McQuitty
Melanie Medhurst
Caroline Meeke
Lauren Melia
Thomas Merry
Craig Andrew Metcalfe
Rory David Hawkridge Metcalfe
Aidan Peter Miles
Kate Miller
Sam Milliken-Smith
Kathryn Mills
Lewis Jack Mirow
Rohan Rai Misra
Gemma Mitchell
Nicholas Mitchell
Stephanie Mitchell
George William Mitson
Mary Mitton
Harriet Morrall
Matthew Morris
Greig Morrison
Helen Morrow
Jack Muir
Marius Johannes Tido Muller
Ross Murray
Robert Muszalik
Paramesh Natarajan
Malcolm Andrew Neailey
Samuel Stephen Nelson
Kathryn Elizabeth Newbold
Faye Newcombe
Josef A K Nicholson
Giulia Nicolini
Robin Noak
Joseph Norman
William Norris
Alice Norton
Robert Nugent
Nathan Lee Oakey
Edward O’Bryan
Sophie Offer
Elizabeth Oluwakemi Ogundele
Liam O’Kelly
Jack O’Neill
Courtney O’Shea
Khalil Osman
Daniel Otter
William Paget
Christie Parker
Janice Parker
Kunal Bharat Patel
Soraya Paterson
Amy Paton
Claire Paul
Karen Paul
Giselle Pearson
Hannah Peissel
Matthew James Penellum
Benjamin Perrins
Kirsty Kathleen Perry
Jason Phillips
Emma Pickworth
John Pierce
Ashleigh Pilkington
Charlotte Plowman
Bethany Plummer
David Pollard
Jessica Pollard
Hannah Louise Pollock
Rachel Pooley
Andrew Popov
Jordan Samuel Potter
Ben Sebastian Powell
Isobel Printer
Kasey Deeann Pritchard
Mark Rainey
Chloe Ramsden
Eleanor Ramsden
Max Ramsden
Charlotte Louise Rapley
Georgina Rastall
Benjamin Rawlins
Matthew Rea
Shaun Read
Daniel Reeve
Brooke Reid
Jacqueline Reside
Paul Rimmer
Joseph Robbins
Emma Roberts
Frances Roche
Katyana Rocker-Cook
Patrick Roddy
Gavin Rolph
Scott Rowson
Elena Russell
Emma C Russell
Heather Rutherford
Gargi Samarth
Janell Sampson
Amy Sargent
Frederick Sayer
Charlotte Schofield
Henry Scott
Robyn Scott
Samuel James Scragg
Henry Scroggs
Catherine Ann Seaman
James Seaward
Matthew Adrian Seaward
Reece Seddon
Rebecca Sellar
Robert Timothy Sellar
Indeera Shankla
Ellie Shanley
Hina Sharma
Jon Joseph Sharp
Lucienne Sheard
Rhonda Lynn Shiels
Catherine Shill
Mary Shinner
Thomas Albert Shopland
Laura Simmonds
Alex David Simpson
Chris Simpson
Reuben Simpson
Ross Simpson
Alexandra Sinclair
Dan Sivell
Lauren Skedge
Phoebe Sleigh-Johnson
Jennifer Small
Alexander David Smalley
Damien Roy Smart
Sam James Smith
Stacey Nicole Smith
Vicky Smith
Daniel Snell
Emma Snow
Daria Solomatina
Lewis Solway
Adam Spanswick
Laura Spooner
Luke St. John Schofield
Matthew Staite
Stefan Robert Standley
Chloe Imogen Stanford-Clark
Hannah Start
Aaron Stennett
Daniel Stephens
Lucy Stewart
Robert Benjamin Stones
Isabelle Storer
Matthew Stoughton-Harris
Thomas Stride
Michael John Stringer
Zara Stubbs
Catherine Stylianou
Chloe Sunderland
Robin Sykes
Gabriella Symons
Amber Tapsell
Dannie Taylor
Fiona Taylor
Hayden Taylor
Joanna Taylor
Katie Alexandra Taylor
Jodie Taylor-Crozier
Eleanor Theaker
James Thedham
Andrew Thomas
Peter Thompson
Ryan Luke Thompson
Samuel Thorne
Annalise Rose Thornhill
Michael Thornton
Robert Alan Donald Tod
Harry Tong
George Topche
Georgia Townend
Hannah Travers
Nicholas Trundle
Abigail Tuakli
Sebastian Thomas Edmund Tullie
Kate Tunstall
Caitlin Turner
Jonathan Turner
Angus Twogood
Kieran Vaghela
James Varney
William Varney
Beth Vickers
Emma Voogd
Matthew Vose
Satyam Vye
Lauren Wainwright
Barnaby Walker
Eleanor Walker
Alanna Wall
Matthew Wall
Nicholas Wall
Robert Wallbank
Emma Victoria Waller
Jessica Walley
Emily Walsh
Alex Ward
Samuel Warren
Thomas Watts
Erin Ann Weatherstone
Myles Weaver
Jennifer Webb
Sarah Weeks
Elisabeth Welfare
Emily Wellock
Elizabeth Wells
Rory Wells
Charlotte Wesson
David John Westcough
Emma Jayne Westerman
Ryan Westhead
Rebecca Elizabeth Westley
Christopher Wharton
Joanne Elizabeth Wheeldon
Frankie Whitaker
Christopher James White
Francesca White
James Whiteley
Hannah Whitford
Oliver Wiggins
James Wilby
Lawrence Brian Wilkin
Alexander Victor Wilks
Harriet Elizabeth Willings
Marc Lee Willis
Gabrielle Willsher
Jonathan Wilson
Mark Wilson
Charlotte Wilton
Adam Winspear
Alice Witherick
Winnie Wong
Charlotte Woods
Ellen Josephine Woodward
Alexander Woollings
Frederick Charles Wright
Sophie Kathleen Wrixon
Yu Ting Yau
David Yeung
Wai Ho Yuen
Stuart Zatorski







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