London, 29 November 2016

534 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on Tuesday 29th November at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room – London

Presenter – Benjamin Mee, Director of Dartmoore Zoological Park
“It’s very easy to give up, but if you give up you will most definitely fail. Find the strength in you to push for one more day and you will be rewarded – you have all shown that through your DofE programmes. I am extremely proud to be asked here today. It’s an honour to present to you, congratulations again.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here…

Entrée Room – South East
Presenter – Oliver Hicks, Explorer and Maritime Adventurer
“Being outside your comfort zone is a great lesson for life. Just say yes to everything and take every opportunity. You might fail but what have you got to lose?”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here…

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – John Sullivan, Expedition Leader and Survival Instructor
“This is your day but it’s not your last day. The DofE opens up so many doors for you. The skills you have gained are immense and will make future employers stand up and take note”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here…

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Mary Berry CBE, British Food Writer and Television Presenter
“I have nothing but huge admiration for all the Gold Award achievers. They have put their heart and soul into these awards and it has given them a huge sense of achievement and set them up for the next stage of life.
I was a bit of a free spirit growing up and I know the DofE would have given me great focus and a challenge.
Well done to everyone – it was an honour for me to present the Awards and this is a special day they will always remember.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here…

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – North of England
Presenter – Nina Wadia, Actress
“I am so thrilled to have been asked to present these Gold Awards to you. What you have achieved is fantastic and I hope you go on to achieve greater things. Congratulations to you all.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here…

Entrée Room – Northern Ireland and Sea Cadets
Presenter – Rosalind Savage, Ocean Rower and Environmental Campaigner
“Powerful inspiration means there is nothing you can’t achieve”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here…

Queen Anne Room – South West
Presenter – Matt Johnson, TV Presenter
“It’s always an absolute pleasure to be here on such an inspirational occasion. What you’ve achieved is incredible and your families should be massively proud of you. Your Gold DofE Award will open doors to jobs and the rest of your lives. Remember to enjoy the journey as well as focusing on the destination; you’re on the road to success.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here…

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Chris Boardman, Olympic Athlete
“Take the time to appreciate the things you’re doing, and continue to focus on being better. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here…

Hall of Fame: 29 November 2016

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 29 November 2016 at St. James’s Palace:




Maisie Louise Abbott
Luke  Abbott
Jessica Emilia Adams
Kieran  Adamson
Anas  Ahmed
Luca  Alfano
Amar  Ali
Tom  Allcock
Emily  Allen
Matthew  Allen
Chris Allen
Abdulrahman  Al-Mohammad
Alicia  Anderson
Emily  Anderson
Emily Ansell
Maya  Armon
Isobel  Armstrong
Chloe  Ashley
Elena  Atkinson
Charlotte  Austin
Lawrence  Bache
Emma  Bacon
Thomas  Bailey
Declan Thomas Bailey
Braxton Baker-Bates
David  Baldock
Sebastian  Balisson
Danielle  Ball
Andrew  Balmer
Johanna  Bangero
Helen  Barker
George  Barnett
Stephen  Barrett
Joseph  Bates
Jonathan  Bates
Olivia  Beasley
Ryan  Bell
Hannah Sian Benison
Katie  Bennett
Jack  Bentley
Berne  Berry
James Joseph Betts
Molly  Bingham
Lorna  Binks
Emma  Blakely
Miles  Block
Robert  Blyth
Elizabeth  Bone
Kate  Boniface
Lara  Bonney
Charlie  Botting
Bethany  Boulton
Hannah  Bowker
Harmony  Bowker
Henrietta  Boyle
Harriet  Branson
Amy Bremner
Nicholas  Brew
Cameron  Brown
Helen  Brown
Natalya  Browne
Emily  Buchanan
Freya  Bullard
Oscar  Burgess
Joshua  Burman
Sophie  Burn
Kate Mary Burnford
Marcus  Burns
Callum  Burns
Olivia  Burt
Harriet  Butland
Anna  Butler
Harry Butler
Max Calder
Ben  Carson
Sophie  Caseldine
Isla  Castle
Jonathan  Chadwick
Josh  Chana
Matthew  Chandler
Hannah  Chapman
Anand  Chauhan
Eileen  Chen
Matthew  Cherry
Jon Keith Cherry
Christie  Clark
Ethan  Clark
Corisa  Clark
Olivia  Clarke
Emily Alexandra Mary Coales
Philip James Cobb
Sophie  Cockell
Robert  Coldrey
Ellen  Colvin
Ian Michael Conway
Lucy  Cooter
Freya  Corner
Sophie  Cornish
Kathryn  Corr
Rory  Coughlan
Eleanor  Cowell
Alexandra  Cowley
Charlotte  Cox
Samantha  Craig
Brittany  Craig
Benjamin  Craven
Charlotte  Cromie
Amy  Cromie
Aaron Luke Cross
Adam  Croxford
Danielle  Crump
Jade  Cunningham
Olivia  Cunningham
Ebrahim  Daji
Illia  Dakal
Robert  Dangell
Kirsten  Davis
Daniel  Davis
George Alexander Davis
Henry  Delamain
Samuel RJ Dickson
Anna  Dickson
Jemima  Dimbleby
Emma  Dobbs
Emma  Dorris
Jenna  Doswell
Stuart  Dougal
Rachel Helen Dove
Rachel  Doyle
Rebecca Juliet Griffin Drake
Joshua  Duff
Caroline  Duncan
Neelofar  Dungarwalla
Jack  Dunne
James Edward Thomas Dunsmore
Kate Louise Dyer
Matthew  Dyne
Hannah  Eakin
Eleanor  Edbrooke
Matt Edgar
Lauren  Edge
Charles  Edwards
Esther  Edwards
Jason  Elliott
Sarah  Elliott
Luke  Escott
Emily  Evans
Joshua  Evans
Katie  Everett
Katherine  Ezard
Ademola  Fawehinmi
Antonia  Feilden
John  Fenech
Joe  Fennell
Annabel  Findlay
Bethany  Fisher
James  Fitzpatrick
Ryan  Fletcher
Bethan  Fletcher
Lily May Fletcher
Victoria  Foister
Charlie  Folkard
Emma  Foster
Will Fowler
Jade  Franks
Megan  Fraser
Carolina  Freitas
Isaac  Frewin
Zuming  Gao
Benjamin Harry Gell
Nathan  Gilbert
Abhimanyu  Ginimav
Georgia  Glancey
Robin Gledhill
Megan  Goacher
Louis  Goldsworthy
Emma  Goodliffe
Bethany  Goodwin
Katie Gordon
Joshua  Gould
Katharine  Gray
Andrew  Gray
Eleanor  Gray
Oliver  Green
Lydia  Green
Matthew  Green
Aneurin Eifion Greenfield
Katie Jane Gregory
Abbie  Griffiths
Albert William Grossart
Archibald  Grossart
Tanya  Gupta
Laura  Haigh
Eleanor  Hale
Victoria  Halford
Grace  Hall
Rosie  Hancock
Jane  Harding
Samuel  Harding
Cameron  Hardman
Annabel  Hardwick
Jake  Hardy
Henry  Harmer
Josephine  Harmon
Molly  Harrall
Laura  Harrington
Christian  Harris
Ellen  Harris
Jennifer  Harris
Nicola  Harris
Oscar  Harrison
Matthew  Hart
Lucy  Hatherell
Alexandra  Hayes
Matt  Haynes
Charlotte  Hayton
Alex  Head
Daniel  Head
Emma  Henrich
Gregory  Hewitt
Bradley  Hill
George  Hill
George Joseph Hillier
Kira  Hilton
Charles  Hinchliffe
Lucy  Hirst
Michael Andrew Hodson
Ashleigh Holmes
Sam  Holyman
Jordan  Honeybell
Rebecca  Hopkins
Ryan Tyler Hopkins
Alexia  Hopson-Hill
Oliver  Horne
Mollie  Horton
Lucy  Howarth
Joshua  Howden
Molly  Howsego
Li  Hua
Ellis  Hughes
Amelia  Hunt
Eleanor  Hunter-Cotton
Elsa  Hunter-Weston
Annabel  Hurst
Bethany Anne Hurst
Helen  Inman
Matthew John Samuel Jackson
Natalia Jackson
Matthew  James
Niamh  Jarvis
Karamjot  Jaswal
Lydia  Jenkinson
Rebecca  Jones
Geraint  Jones
Meghan  Jones
Scott Frederick Owen Jordan
Kieran  Keating
Tara  Kelly
Rebecca  Kemp
Hannah  Kemp
Emma  Kendall
Rowan Kennedy
Thomas  Kent
Ben  Kershaw
Aidan  Kirwin
Stephen  Knight
Luke  Kraven
Daniel  Lardner
Charles Edward Latchford
Rebekah  Latteman
Craig  Laverty
Francesca  Lees
Andrew  Lennon
Benn  Leo
Adam  Leong
Lavinia  Levy
James Lewis
Zachary  Lewis
Xinyue  Li
Emma  Lippitt
Troy  Llewellyn
Ruari  Loftus
Lucy  Longbottom
David  Loveman
Gemma  Lowe
Thomas  Luddington
Sammy  Lynch
Emily  Lynch
Sophie  Lyons
Daniel  Lythgo
James  Mabbett
Andrew Duncan Mackenzie
Matthew  Maclean
Katherine  Macpherson
Cecilia Maddams
Charlie  Madden
Toby  Maitland-Titterton
Xanthe  Malcolm
Alicia  Malley
Benjamin  Manning
Georgina  Manns
Alicia  Mansaf
Tihami  Mansoor
Emily  Marchant
Sophie  Marshall
Amy  Marshall
Alice  Martin
Jemima Jane Mawhood
Isla  McCole
Charlotte  McCosker
Danielle  McDerment
Jack  McLachlan
James  McNally
Nathan  McNamara
Hannah  Melling
Leighton  Milton
Emma  Minty
Thomas Hari Misra
James  Mitchell
Nathan  Moffett
Katy Moore
Simon James Morgan
Angharad Lysette Morgan
Emily  Morgan-Elphick
Charles  Morris
George Robert  Muge
Amy  Murdock
Jonathan  Murdock
Annabel  Murley
Niall  Murphy
Fiona  Murray
Methula  Nanthakumaran
Louisa  Neely
Lucy  Newbold
Evee  Newman
Charles M A Newman
Michael  Newns
Benjamin  Nicholas
Emily  O’Donovan
Alexander O’Hara
Lynsey Marie Ollington
Chloé O’Shea
Daniel  Ottaway
Chloe  Pace
Jessica  Page
Katie Louise Palmer
Louis  Panagi
Jorge  Peacock
Rebecca Helen Peel
Gemma  Pemberton
Matthew  Perkins
Lauren  Perry
Guy  Peterson
Conor  Pettit
Rachel  Pickering
Helena  Pickup
Josh  Pinder
Charlotte  Pizer
Jenny  Plant
Zoë Plant
Nick Playforth
Ben  Plumridge
Thomas  Pollitt
Charles  Poppy
Sarah  Porter
William  Post
Lydia  Power
Phyllicia  Poynter
Thomas  Prime
Emma  Pritchard
Luke  Provis
Sian  Pugh
Harriett  Pugsley
Francesca  Pye
Rumaysa  Rafique
Carl  Ramage
Rebecca  Randall
Daniel  Randell
Katherine  Raw-Rees
Elliott  Record
Beatrice Redgrave-Scott
Jess  Redican
Jessica  Reedy
Rhiannon  Rees
Henry  Reynolds
Lydia  Reynolds
Kieran  Richardson
Alessio  Richey
Philip  Riddington
Amber  Riddle
Adam Andrew Riddleston
Polly  Roads
Jonathan Allan
Alexander  Roberts
Paul  Roberts
Ben  Robins
Dillon  Robinson
Jacob  Robinson
Rachel  Rodger
Lucy  Roper
Harry  Rose
Francesca  Rowley
Rex  Roxburgh
James  Royston
Eliza  Sale
Abby  Sanderson
Gareth  Savage
Reuben  Saywell
Angharad Scarf
Marcus  Schneck
Mark  Sclanders
Tom  Scorer
Georgia  Scott
Shannon  Shaffery
Laura  Shapcott
Rebecca  Shaw
William  Sheriff
Ellie  Simpson
Hannah Julie Skillen
Christian  Small
David  Small
Niamh  Smith
Amber  Smith
Sarah  Smith
Alex  Smith
Matthew  Smith
Katy  Smith
Amy  Smith
Alexander Edward Smith
Evelyn  Sparkes
Michael  Stables – Embry
Michael Lukas Walter Stadelmaier
Thomas  Stanford
Louis  Stanley
David  Steiger
Emma Francesca Beatrice Stephens
Jamie  Stevenson
Libby  Straw
Emily  Street
Srutti  Suresan
Alexandra  Suter
Evangeline  Sweeney
Jack  Sykes
Henry Felton Symmons
Jack  Tagg
Cameron  Tait
Alphaeus  Talks
Amy  Tamplin
Sam  Tanner
Laura  Tasker
Lucy Margaret Tate
Katie  Tayler
Rebecca  Taylor
Adam  Tennant
Samuel Harry Thomas
Miles  Thomas
Keelan  Thomas
Philip  Thomas
Elizabeth  Thompson
Josephine Jemima Thompson
Eleanor  Thompson
Emily  Thompson
Rhianna  Thornton-Reid
Sophie  Thrippleton
Laura  Tinklin
Emily Victoria Tomlinson
Paige  Tomlinson
Connor  Trimble
Natalie  Tsang
Natalie  Tseu
Ricki  Tura
Katie  Tynan
James  Tyrer
Molly  Unwin
Suni  Urquhart
Georgia Kelsey Urquhart
Alexander  Urwin
Victoria  Vernon
Pandora  Vernon-Simpson
Harry  Vickers
Andie  Vinycomb
Jessica  Waldie
Jack  Walker
Olivia  Wallis
Amber  Walsh
Daniel  Walsh
Rachel  Walters
Matthew  Walton
Isabel Melissa Wapenhans
Victoria  Warner
Jessica  Warner
Charmain  Warnick
Hannah  Warr
Olivia  Warrior
Elizabeth  Warwick-Smith
Georgia  Waterhouse
Hannah  Watson
Tom Watson
Megan  Watts
Alice Elizabeth Weatherley
Sammie  Weavill
Matthew  Welch
Anna  Wells
Andrew  Wells
Rachel  Wells
Emma  Welsh
Charlotte  West
Emily  Weston
Eleanor  Westwood
Claudia  White
Samuel C. R. Whiting
Jeremy  Whorlow
Helena  Wikeley
Eleanor Juliana Willetts
Rhys  Williams
Francis  Williams
Siobhan  Williams
Thomas  Williamson
Grace  Williamson
Carys  Willimott
Martha  Wilson
Sam  Wilson
Jack  Wilson
Charlotte  Wiltshire
Joy  Wingrave
Matthew James Winstanley
Emily  Wood
Adam  Wood
Matthew  Woods
Ashleigh  Wright
Victoria  Wyld
Abigail  Yap
Diana  Yarosh
Patrick  Yeates
Hannah  Yogasundram
Adam  Yorwerth
Amy-Claire  Young
James  Young
Hung Lok (Annie)  Yu
Kirill  Yudkin











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