541 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Thursday 29th October at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter – Ms Jung Chang, Author

Jung told the Gold Award holders: “I feel very happy to be here. I’d like to say Congratulations again to all of you. You should be very proud. Treat this as a new opportunity to achieve great things for society and for yourselves.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South East
Presenter – Ms Debbie Beadle, Adventurer and Head of Youth and Training ECPAT UK

Debbie told the Gold Award holders: “Wow. What an honour to be here today. I never actually had the chance to do my DofE but I’ve got the same sense of adventure and urge to challenge myself that you may have developed through doing your DofE. Congratulations on your achievements and Good Luck in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Ms Nina Wadia, Actress and Bronze Award Holder

Nina told the Gold Award holders: “I achieved my Bronze Award and thoroughly enjoyed it – a taster of what you guys have achieved. Doing something that excites you is living. The Gold Award is like a microcosm of life, the challenges you’ve faced and overcome. You’ll remember this day for the rest of your lives, enjoy and treasure this moment.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Ms Jennifer Falconer, TV and Heart Radio Presenter

Jenni told the Gold Award holders: “I’m totally in awe of you all getting your Gold Award. You’ve pushed personal boundaries and without doubt you’ve gone that extra mile. I am very humbled to be here. Congratulations to you all.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Wales
Presenter – Ms Chrissie Wellington, World Ironman Champion, Head of Participation Parkrun and Gold Award Holder

Chrissie told the Gold Award holders: “I feel that I have come full circle. It was nearly 20 years ago that I was sitting where you were receiving my Gold Award so I know the hard work and dedication involved in your achievements. My advice to you is to follow your passions and make your mark on the world.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – North of England
Presenter – Mr Brian Jones, Aviation Pioneer

Brian told the Gold Award holders: “Today is all about you. You don’t achieve a Gold Award without determination, courage and a sense of commitment so I congratulate you all and wish you the best of luck for the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North of England
Presenter – Ms Heidi Range, Singer

Heidi told the Gold Award holders: “Believe in yourself, don’t give up. You’ve got to make it happen yourself. When you put yourself out there you will feel that sense of achievement. That should be commended. Congratulations to you all.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South West
Presenter – Ms Jo Bradshaw, Mountaineer

Jo told the Gold Award holders: “A massive congratulations to everyone achieving your Gold Award today. You should be proud of what you’ve achieved and excited about what you’ve got to come. Ten years ago I stopped being a ‘no’ person and started saying ‘yes’. I signed up for an overseas bike ride and became the person I am today. My advice is to say ‘yes’ more – you will gain so much. Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be about climbing big mountains or trekking across deserts, challenge your every day.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

London 29 Oct 2015

Heare’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 29 October 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Kate Abel
Chamari  Abeysekera
Tom Aitken
Kate Aitken
Arifa Akther
Elizabeth  Alexander
Hannah Alker
Sam Allison
Jack Allison
Kate Ansell
Alex  Armstrong
Matthew Ashby
Tom Austerberry
Thomas  Badham
Gugan Bahra
Hamish Baikie
Liz Bailey
Gwendoline Baines
Chloe  Baker
George Ball
David  Banks
James Richard Barrow
Alexander James Bartlett
Franky  Barton
Emma Batstone
Maddie Baxter
George Beale
Victoria Beardow
Rachael Beasley
Rhian  Beavis
Freya  Bell
Erin Rhianna Bell
Michael Bell
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennion
Tom Berry
Joseph Bertera
Rachel  Betteridge
Jack William Bevan
Coral Billingham
Emily Black
Katherine Blake
Alexander John Blayney
Matthew Bolam
Andrew Bond
Joshua  Bond
Emma Louise Bottomley
Alice Emma Joyce Bowker
Elizabeth  Bowker
James William Boyce
Christopher Mario Scott Boyd
Cameron Boyes
Martin Brabin
Daniel Bradbury
Emily Bradley
Megan  Brignall
Chloe Broad
Anna  Bromfield
Isabelle Brown
Katya Browne
Edward  Bryant
William  Buckland
Chloe  Burnley
Madeline Burns
Mae  Burton
Lucy Burton
Matthew  Burton
Louisa Butland
Katherine Butler
Jessica  Byrne
Abbie  Cain
Jacob  Cain
Philippa Caine
Lucinda Callow
Constance Campbell
Gemma  Campbell-Gray
Richard Cantillon
Rachel  Carlile
Jonathan  Carr
Anne Carswell
Andrew  Cave
Gabrielle  Cecil
Henry Charles Chamberlain
Kirsten  Chaplin
Rufus Chapman
Elena Chapman
Jean-Jacques  Choron
Jodie  Christmas
Jenna Elise Norma Claridge
Julian Leonard Philip Clarke
Elizabeth  Clarke
Benjamin  Clarke
Isabel Emma Clay
Leanne Clugston
Sheridan  Cole
Joshua Collis
Lorna   Collyer
Zachary Benjamin Connor
Frederic  Cooper
Henry Cope
Harry Coppock
Ben Cornford
Samuel James Stephen Couch
Lewis Michael Coulter
Daniel Cousins
Claire  Couves
Alastair Cowen
Matilda Crack
Luke  Crawford
Amy Rose Catherine Crawley
Elena  Crean
Sophie Crookes
Samuel  Crossley
Sarah Cullen
Isobel Czarnecki
Samuel Dale
Rebekah  Dale
Rachel Darlington
Louise Darwich
Erin Rhian David
Emily Alice Davies
Charlie  Davison
George Dearden
Saskia  Delacave
Benedict  Derbyshire
Jay Kamal Desor
Karan  Dhall
Catriona  Dick
William Dickens
Rosie Dicketts
Molly Dickinson
Emma  Dickson
Benedict Donaldson
Emma Donovan
Eleanor  Doubleday
Laura Doughton
Eleanor Doughton
Sophie Douglas-Davies
Sophie Draper
George Draper-Barr
Olivia Drayson
Charlie Drewery
Gemma D’Souza
Cameron Duffield
Dominic Dunne
George Dyke
Lucy  Dyson
Megan Eddy
Jessica Edge
Matthew Edge
Cameron Elliot
Sarah  Ellison
Toby  Ellison-Scott
Beth  Emery
Marcus Emmerson
Anna Kathryn English
Philippa  English
Emily Evans
Ciaran Farrell
Fiona  Fearnley
Emily  Ferguson
Christian  Ferro
Edward John Finch
Joshua Fitzpatrick
Jessica Flory
Lewis  Foster
Laura Olivia Franks
Harry  Fraser-Smith
Bethany Friend
Laura  Fryszczyn
Zoe Furness
Anisa  Gallagher
Eleanor  Gardner
Finlay  Garland
Elizabeth  Garside
Hannah  Gibbs
Eleanor Gibbs
Katie Gibson
Rebecca Giddens
Emily  Glanville
Eleanor Glover
Jacob  Goldstein
Sheridan Goodchild
Pallavi Govind
Mungo Graham
Rachel  Grant-Ali
Cecilia  Gray
Hannah Greensmith
Georgina Grice
Sarah Griffiths
Alice  Grishkov
Emma Grob
Rachel Groome
Maryam Gulzar
Kera  Hainey
James  Halfhide
Sophie Hall
Oliver  Hall
Laveeza Hamid
William Edwin Hamilton
Will Hammond
Emma Josephine Hanley
Imogen Harries
Matthew  Hart
Henry  Hart
Oliver  Hartfield
Joshua  Harwood
Philippa Hastings
Sophie  Hatrick
Daniel Hauck
Samuel Haysom
Claudia  Haywood
Alexandra Haywood
Calum  Healey
Alice Healy
Benjamin Heap
Harry  Heathcote
Georgia  Henry
Veronica  Herrera
Alexander Hill
Sophie  Hill
Francesca Hill
Jake Hilton
Sophie Hindley
Sara  Hitchcock
Jonathan Anthony Holbrook
Victoria  Holland
Joseph Howarth
Charlotte  Howell
David Howells
James  Hudson
Hannah Louise Hugh
Cameron Hughes
Phoebe  Hughes
Eleanor Hughes
Abigail  Humphrey
Emma Yvonne Irving
Louis Jackson
Arushi Jain
Rebecca James
Charlotte James
Jessica Jaques
Joshua  Jenkins
Victoria Jenkinson
Hannah Jevans
Hari  Johal
Sarah Johnson
Samuel Benjamin Jones
Bethan  Jones
Komal  Joshi
Bethany Joslin
Philippa Judge
Robyn  Keane
Helena  Keeley
Emma  Kelly
Ben Kemp
Eleanor Whitehead Kerfoot
Pavarit Khli-in
Reza  Khorasanee
Annabel King
Adam Kitchin
Melissa Kuman
Björn Lambrenos
André  Lambrenos
Molly Rose Lancaster
Heather Lang
Thomas Lansdell
Xavier Lark
Abigail  Lawrence
Sophie Victoria Lazenby
Samantha Dawn  Leahy
Emma  Lewis-Newman
Hannah Lindley
Sarah Catherine Liversidge
Samuel  Lloyd
Rosanna Lloyd
Harry Lock
Victoria Lombardi
James Lovatt
Henry  Loxdale
Lucy  Luckin
Sarah  Lymer
Charlotte Lynch
Anna  Mackenzie
Aarabi Mahendran
Luke  Mahoney
Lucinda Katherine Murray Main
Isobel  Malin
Charlotte Mansell
Katie Marsden
Emily Marsden
Bradley Lewis Marsden
Evangeline Marsh
Ashley Richard Marsh
Alex  Marshall
Alison  Martin
Kirsty Martin
Elliot  Mason
Sinead Mason
Lucy Masser
Lucy  Matthews
Alice Matthews
Georgina Maughan
Renee Mayor
Ross  McCafferty
Ciaran McCarthy
Erin McCulloch
Isobel McFarlane
James McGough
Olivia  McKay
Josh McKenna
Georgina McLean
Freya  McLeish
Charlotte  McMullan
Emily  McMullan
Jennifer  McMurran
Corey Mead
Alex Mee
Catherine Mellor
Christie Mellor
Ellen  Miller
Joe Miller-Howes
Daniel Simon Millington
Oliver  Milne
Shivaani Mistry
Grace  Mitchell
Natalia Mladentseva
Tim Moller
Rebecca Ann Moore
Jasmine Moore
Francesc  Mora Ortega
Francesca Morelli
Rachael  Morgan
James Morris
Zoe  Moss
Sophie  Mullen
Daniel  Mullin
Imogen  Mulliner
Rose  Mulvey
Matthew Muncaster
Joe Murphy
Nick  Murray
Arabella Murrison
Peter John Myatt
Nishanth  Narayanan
Edward Neeld
Catherine  Neufeld
Grace Newcombe
Sebastian  Newman
Charlena Ng
Sara  Nichols
Alexandra  Norris
Daniel Nowak
Henry Nunney
Harriet Nurse
Sophie Rose Oakland
Lucy Caroline Olliff
Rhiannon Osborne-Tonner
Jacob  Palmer
Varshini  Paraneetharan
Emily  Park
Oliver James Parker
Oliver Parker
Charlie Parker
Alexa Parkinson
Mollie Parsons
Lauren  Parsons
Rebecca Louise Partlett
Jonathan  Pascoe
Nirav  Patel
Sara Paterson
Harriet Paul
Sean  Paynter
Jennifer Peabody
Kate Peddar
Rosanna Pegge
Nicholas  Penn
Alastair Perkins
Oliver Perkins-Brown
Angharad  Perkins-Thomas
Charlotte  Perry
Lachezar Petkov
Isabelle  Piper
Daniel Lewis Pittal
Victoria Plant
Arwel  Poacher
Alexander George Julyan Polglase
Oliver Pollard
Adam James Potter
Meg Pragnell
Alexander  Pratley
Hannah  Prynne
Amber Pullen
Pippa Quincey
Louise Rae
Joshua  Ramsey
Daniel Jamien  Raveendran-Lara
Polly  Rawcliffe
Eleanor Raynham
Tom  Read-Cutting
Evan Rees
Nicholas  Reyner
Michael  Reynolds
Dominique  Reynolds
Amy Riley
Jennifer Robb
Alexander Roberts
Greg Roberts
Annie Roberts
Hayward James Rodgers
Eloise Rogers
Daniel Rowlands
Francis  Roy
Charlie  Russell
Alexander Stuart Russell
Elizabeth Sadler
Charles  Salsbury
Harriet Saltis
Adam  Scholey
Jack Scott
Alistair Murray Gilbert Shacklady
Shreya  Shah
Zainab Shahbaz
James Shanley
Emily Jayne  Shaw
Jennifer  Shelton
Ryan Shenton-Smith
James  Sherman
Bradley Shoesmith
Imogen Sibert
Sunny Singh
Amrita  Singh-Morgan
Carly Sinicrope
Maya  Siriwardena
Kumuthine  Sivasithamparam
Mary-Anne Sixsmith
Rachel Sladden
Felicity  Slatter
Edward  Smaldon
Emily GC Small
Beth  Smith
Lucinda Annetta Kelly Troth Smith
Sophie Smith
Annabel Smith
Eleanor Smith
Amy  Smith
Jessica  Smith
Anita Sri
Jonathan  Stafford
Natalie  Steer
Samuel  Steers
Charlotte Stephens
Isla Stevens
Christopher  Stewart
Amy Stoner
Alessandro  Strinati
Tapashya  Sunuwar
Catriona  Suttie
James  Swallow
Abigail Sweeney
Ottilie Fleur Swift
Kiran Tanna-White
Anouska Eleanor Tarleton
Thea Frances Tasker
Abdul  Taufik
Joshua Taylor
Gianni  Taylor
James Taylor
Sarah Wallace
Emily Tench
Joshua Thacker
David Thomas
Emily Thomas
Sarah  Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
Jacob  Threadgould
Luke Tillman
Max Timpson
Sophie Topp
Alice Travis
Samuel Travis
Holly Tripp
Maria  Tsalenchuk
Joe Tucker
Catherine  Tyas
Ashley Jack Stephen Uterhark
Laura Jayne Valentine
Christopher van den Heuvel
Harriet Myfanwy Vaughan
Sam  Village
Joshua  Vince
Robert  Vine
Connor Wakefield
Alexander Walker
Anna Wallace
Lauren Walsh
Ashley Walters
Fergus Ward
Sophie Ward
Sophie Warner
Kelly Ann Warner
Elizabeth Wasson
Aaron  Waters
Clara Watkins
Bronwen  Webster
Madeleine Weight
Adam Gabriel Marc Welby
Francesca Welham
Bridget Weller-Poley
Danny  West
Natasha West
Sophie Westley-Reed
Francesca  Westwood
Zoe Whalley
Alix  White
Sam White
Rhian Whittington
Yzobel Wilkinson
Emma-Jayne  Willcock
Gwilym Edward Williams
Rose  Williams
Daniel Williams
Sarah Wilmshurst
James Wilson
Molly Wilson
Isobel Wilson-North
William Winder
Raven  Wong
Lawrence Woodward
Tristan Guy Peter Woolcock
Thomas Worthington
Arthur Wright
Jordan  Wu
Anna  Wynne
Kritika Yadav
Rebecca  Yeh
Jessica  Yeh
Stephanie Charlotte Ann Young
Amelia  Young
Alexandra  Young
Charles Youngs











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