London 5 March 2014

719 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 5 March at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter- Greg Burns, DJ on Capital Radio

“As things get more competitive, having achieved the DofE Gold Award will set you apart from the rest. Employers know the dedication and commitment that it takes to achieve the Award. Congratulations and well done to you all.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Central
Present – Professor Susan Smith, Mistress of Girton College Cambridge

“This is a fantastic achievement and I hope you’ll remember this day for years to come as I do with mine. One thing you never forget from your expedition is the teamwork, friendships and skills made – creating something marvellous together. Congratulations – you are extraordinary individuals!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- South East
Presenter- Dame Penelope Keith, Actress

“Many congratulations to all of you on your great achievement. I feel very strongly about volunteering and would urge all gold award holders to give back through volunteering and helping others and to get involved in your communities for as long as you can.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – Sir Richard Stilgoe, Songwriter

“It’s a great achievement to be here today – congratulations to you all. Continue to do what you have demonstrated by achieving your Gold DofE which is to always take the difficult choice, the road less travelled, because you can always go back to the safe route.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – Central
Presenter – Richard Farleigh, Businessman and Entrepreneur

“The DofE is life-changing, setting you on an exciting path and giving you the skills you need to prosper. Make sure you use your talents, foster those skills, constantly challenge yourselves.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- Wales

Presenter- Arwyn Jones, BBC Education Correspondent

“In achieving your Gold Award, you’ve shown an extraordinary commitment to improving yourselves; you’ve become adults who are the kind of people who help others; who want to better themselves, to keep trying; to show true grit and determination. So look back over the years you’ve given to complete your Gold Award and wear your badge with a massive amount of pride.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Girlguiding
Presenter- Gill Slocombe, Chief Guide at Girlguiding

“Achieving your Gold DofE is second to none, you’ve really set yourselves apart from the rest! This will make a difference to your life and you will remember this day forever.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- Yorkshire and Humberside
Presenter- Alan Hinkes, Mountaineer

“It’s a great honour to be here and to present the Gold Award certificates. You have all shown determination, resilience and effort in order to achieve this significant milestone – Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery- North West
Presenter- Bill Bailey, Comedian

“By challenging yourself and taking yourself out of your comfort zone it has a lasting benefit for the rest of your life. It’s such a fantastic programme – well done to all of you, you’ve achieved something extraordinary. Don’t stop now, now’s the time to take the skills you’ve learnt and use them in your life and work.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – South West
Presenter- Dr Dawn Harper, Doctor & TV Presenter

“To achieve your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award puts you head and shoulders above your peers. In today’s world the workplace is a very competitive place to be and CVs are full of academic and sporting achievements. In medicine, finance, industry and all walks of life – Gold Award holders are sure to be in the better place through their grit, perseverance and the ability to work as a team.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 5 March 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 5 March 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Thomas Abrams
Will Adams
Emily Adams-Cairns
Laetitia Adkins
Aaina Aggarwal
Ji Hyun Ahn
Lucy Alder
Rachel Aldred
Adam Lee Allanson
Suzanne Allen
Rhys Morgan Ambrose
Lois Ancell
Emma Jean Archbold
Faye Aspinall
Anthony Assock
Isaac Peter Lawrence Atkinson
Isabelle Bagge
Rebecca Bailey
Tess Bain
Emma Baker
Leonie Baker
Jamie Ball
James Ballard
Caroline Anne Bamber
Katrina Banks
Phillip Banks
Natasha Barker
Eleanor Barnes
Bethany Barraclough
Robert Barrington
Eilidh Bass
Jonathon Batchelor
Caleb Bawdon
Catherine Beale
Thomas Beard
Charlotte Beasley
Melissa Beattie
Greg Beavis
Sophie Bechelet
Jessica Bedford
Jordan Belcher
Jessica Bell
Joshua Bell
Kathryn Bell
Charley Mae Bellamy
Sam Bellamy
Camilla Bell-Davies
Laura Bennett
Taylor Ross Bennington
Anthony Bentley-Buckle
Hannah Benyon
Benjamin Buster Berry
Nicholas Beven
Sarah Jane Bibby
Sebastian Bowe
Elen Morwen Bowen
Octavia Rose Bowes-Hall
Hannah Bradley
Simon Marc Bradley
Naomi Bradshaw
Lawrence Braines
Natalie Deanna Brennan
Stephanie Brennan
Rebecca Bridge
Matthew Bridgewater
Douglas Britton
Anna Broadbent
Alice Brocklehurst
Lucy Brogden
Harriet Brook
Isabelle Brook
Megan Brooks
Olivia Jo Brooks
Rufus Brooks
James Brown
Joanna Brown
Jonathan William Brown
Lucy Brown
Hannah Marie Brunskill
Jennifer Anne Bryce
Catherine Elizabeth Bunting
Sarah Burns
Matthew Burton
Jasmynne Dawn Bushrod
Ruth Butler
Robin Campbell
Daniel Campling
James Alexander Candlish
Natalie Jane Carpenter
Oscar Carrel
Samantha Case
Charlotte Jane Cato
Florence Chalker
Hoi Yan Chan
Jessica Chandler
Ryan Chapman
Abby Cheetham
Rachel Chong
Sam Church
Dominic Clapham
Matthew Clarkson
Alicia Clay
Michael Cochran
Jonathan Cocks
Jayne Collier
James Collins
Rachel Concannon
Adam Ben Connell
Lauren Conroy
Laura Elise Cook
Julia Zara Cookson
David Corder
Rosie Cordingley
Bethany Cornish
Hayley Elizabeth Correia
Lydia Cotter
Rilla Cotton
Zara Alethea Cotton
Geraldine Cowell
Charlotte Cox
Leanne-Marie Cross
Edward James Crowson
Georgia Megan Crum
Alexandra Cuerden
Richard Culwick
Lucy Cumberland
Alfred Cunningham
Liam Curry
Jessica Amy Curtis
Matt Curtis
James Dale
Kate Louise Dalgleish
Darwin Li
Alexandra Louise Davies
Bethan Davies
Bryn Lloyd Davies
Elizabeth Davies
Simon Alexander Mackenzie Davies
Bethany Davis
Matthew Dawbarn
Chantal de Gaston-Cooper
Elizabeth Claire de Lima
James De Souza
Nina Delany
Charlotte Louise Demmon
Helen Denyer
Charlotte Derbyshire
Oliver Derham
Christopher Deung
Christopher Devall
Aoife Devereaux
Gregory Devoy
Sophie Michelle Dickerson
Henrietta Dillon
Elliot Dinnage
Kathryn Diprose
Susanna Ditton
Chloe Dixon
Claire Docherty
Rebecca Dodd
Collum Benen Doherty
Xuelu Dong
Georgia Dowd
Hollie-Jo Dowdall
Joshua Dowling
Laura Dowsett
Harriet Dryden
Elizabeth Duggleby
Benjamin Duly
Chloe Dunne
Madeline Edgar
Samuel Tomos Edwards
Stephanie Ekins
Buffy Eldridge-Thomas
Kathryn Ellington
Katrina Elmes
Caroline Elsom
Amy Enright
Jemma Escreet
Francesca Esses
Lucy Evans
April Elizabeth Extall
Emma Victoria Falk
Nicola Fargus
Emily Louise Farnworth
Emily-Rose Faulks
Alice Catherine Fawcett
Maxine Feldman
Danica Fernandes
Laura Filgate
Andrew Findlay
Molly Finnigan
Emily Fish
Hannah Fisk
Elizabeth Helen Fleming
Clare Ford
Stephanie Ford
Jemma Claire Forster
Jessica Catherine Foulkes
Stephanie Fox
Ruth Franklin
Eleanor Frearson
Louisa Freeman
Rebecca French
Donna Frewin
Joe Fryer
Oliver Furby
Amy Furness
Megan Gallacher
Will Garforth
Edward Garner
Emma Garry
Eric Garson
Jacob Gates Orgill
Kaylee Gault
Mollie Gibbons
Amy Gibson
Lois Gilbertson
Jodette Gilder
Sarah Gillham
Lucy Gimson
Hannah Glanvill
Charlotte Glynn
Liberty Godfrey
Katie Goldberg
Harold Goodliffe
Emily Gordon
Emily Gould
Jessica Gould
Zachary Reed Gradwell
Heather Graham
Lucy Grice
Charlotte Gunn
Eleanor Gwatkin
Rachel Gwynn
Jennifer Hack
Andrew Hadley
Rosanna Haggas
James Hales
Bentley Halpin
James Hamilton
William B T Hammick
Chloe Hammond
Alice Hancock
Imogen Handy
Will Hannon
Daniel Hardman
Millie Hardy
Lucy Hargreaves
Alexandra Harper
Katherine Harris
Sarah Harris
Thomas Robert William Harris
Lorraine Hartles
Nicholas Harvey
Rachel Hassard
Anya Hassett
Megan Francesca Hassett
Joseph Hawkins
Emma Frances Hawman
Susie Haworth
Helena Hayden-Cadd
Amie Louise Hayes
Lucy Hayes
Laura Haysom
Amy Hayward
Stanley Heath
James Heminsley
Gwenno Fflur Henley
Rebecca Hewins
Rebecca Kate Hickman
Amber Hickson
Lucinda Highfield
Brittany Higson
Harry Hodgson
Aylisha Anne Hogan
Daniel Holbrook
Olivia Holdcroft
Jennifer Louise Holding
Kate Holliday
Freya Hollingbery
Jessica Hollis
Alice Elizabeth Holmes
Rachel Holmes
Ashley Stephen Holsgrove
Matthew Holt
Amelia Horne
Joseph Horsham
Benjamin Horton
Francesca Houghton
Frederick Henry Giles Houghton-Connell
Lawrence Howard
Alicia Jasmin Howell
James Hughes
Serena Hughes-Onslow
Lucy Hughes-Stanton
Jennifer Hull
Jack Hulse
Jonathan William Jordan Humphreys
Vanessa Humphreys
Lauren Hunt
Alan Hunton
Alice Hurlstone
Sara Hussein
Kayleigh Hutchinson
Kristian Iliev
Adam Imeson
Rachael Innes
Alexander Ioannou
Dervla Ireland
Sarah Ireland
Eleanor Isaac
Natasha Ivory
Daniel Jackson
Owen Jackson
Simon Jackson
Saman Jafar
Alexander W. Jalland
Eleanor James
Katie James
Martha James
Thomas Robert James
Natasha Anne Jamieson
Stephen Jamson
Amelie Jannoe
Samual Jarman
Harry Jay
Samadhi Jayakody
Dominic Jennings
Sheethal Jethwa
Hannah Johnson
Hannah Jessica Johnson
Jade Johnson
Laura Julie Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Verity Ann Johnson
Ben Jolley
Charles Jolley
Bryony Jones
Christopher Jones
Kayleigh Jones
Miriam Jones
Rachel Margaret Jones
Stefan Paul Jones
Elliot Jones-Williams
Daniella Jowle
Sejal Karadia
Laura Karai
Rosemary Kavanagh
Jonathan Keen
Deane Kelly
Michael Kelly
Olivia Kenning
Sara Bushra Khalid
Ashley King
Jessica King
Wabriya King
Lucy Kirkpatrick
Adele Kletz
Edward Joseph Kneale
Benjamin Knight
Carol Knight
Emma Knight
Rebecca Knight
Rachel Knowles
Rebekka Koeck
Chung Shu Xylona Lam
Vanessa Lam
Georgina Lambert
Lydia Lambert
David Landells
Robert Lane
Tom Langley
Jennifer Lantair
Rebecca Large
Nicholas James Lathbury
Henrietta Katherine Lau
Ben Lavender
Michael Lavoipierre
Alexander Lawrence
Matthew Lawrence
Joshua Lawson
Heather Leckenby
Adam Lees
Jack Leslie
Georgina Letts
Kazimiera Levick
Bethany Lewis
Claire Lightfoot
Samuel Lindley
Christi Lloyd
Christopher Lofthouse
Melissa Loh
Jack Loudon
Hannah Lovedee-Turner
Charlotte Isabella Lynch
Kieran Lynch
Lawrence James Horn Lynch
Esther Lyon
Stephanie Lyon
Pippa Macklin
Alistair Madden
Natasha Olivia Majid
Heather Rebecca Manson
Nikki Marcus
Celia Marino
Abigail Marshall
Harriet Marsland
Chloë Matthews
Genevieve Catherine Elizabeth Matthews
Samuel Matthey
Lauren McAnallen
Henrietta McDonald
Yvonne McDonald
Corinne McGinty
Eleanor Louise McIver
Georgia Kate McLachlan
Oliver McVeigh
Jack Mead
Sophie Meager
Mary Melrose
Tom Merriman
Amy Metcalfe
Frederick Michell
Eimear Millen
Edward Miller
Jonathan Richard Millican
Charlotte Louise Milnes
Thomas Mitchell
Victoria Mitchell
Kathryn Moore
Rachel Morgan
Thomas Morgan
Oliver Morris
Emily Morrison
Moyosolu Mosaku
Lucy Moses
Colette Anaïs Mottram
Edward Michael John Moyse
Robyn Muir
Ellen Murphy
Sarah Murphy
Alessio Napolitano
Natalie Narey
Hetty Neish
Ross Nelson
Zacchaeus Newland-Smith
Luke Newman
Annabel Newton
Gregory Jack Newton Jones
Vanessa Ng
Joanna Nicholas
Georgina Nicholls
Rosamond Nicholson
Stephanie Nightingale
Georgia Rose Nixon
William Nutting
Jonathan Nwauzu
Alice O’Connell
Jack Ogden
Matthew O’Halloran-Brown
Lucy O’Neill
Polly June Orgill
Charlotte Osborne
Harriet Osborne
Kate Osborne
Nicola Page
Thomas Page-Brown
Chris Pain
Kirsten Pal
Emily Palmer
Harriet Palmer
Megan Papworth
Priyanka Parekh
Robert Parish
Laura Parkes
Anthony Parr
Emily Parr
Anjali Patel
Sophie Paulson
Charlotte Payne
Darryl Payne
Jessica Pead
Andrew Permain
Charlotte Perry
Mark Perry
Olivia Peterson
Emily Phillips
Jennifer Phillips
Sarah Louise Pickering
Tom Harris Piper
Alex Pitt
Roisin Potter
Elizabeth Potts
Charlie Pounds
Amelia Powell
Mark Powell
Rhys Powell
Amelia Power
Jessica Power
Sophie Prentice
Stephanie Preston
Amy Price
Bethan Price
Victoria Price
Hannah Elizabeth Priddy
Roxanne-Marie Prime
Ewan Alexander Prior
Katharine Jane Pritchard
James Hamilton Prosser
Charlotte Pryce
Ryan Putt
Joanna Quinn
Laura Radcliffe
Matthew Rainsford
Benjamin Rawthore
Emma Victoria Rayment
Ruby Rayner
Lauren Richards
Bethany Mary Richardson
Sarah Richardson
Grace Eleanor Richardson Banks
Daniel Ridout
Elyse Ashton Jane Rigby
Alexander William Riley
Kate Rimmer
Georgia Rae Roberts
Michael Roberts
Tabitha Roberts
Ella Robinson
Evelyn Robinson
Hayley Jade Robinson
Kate Robinson
Lucy Alice Robinson
Nicola Robinson
Patrick Robinson
Isabel Robson
Sian Rogan
Anne Ronson
Constanze Roth
Annabel Rouse
Millie Lane Rowbotham
Dyfan Rowlands
Alice Rowley
Jack Rubini
Charlotte Frances Rushworth
Rebecca Russell
Genevieve Ryan
Holly Ryan
Abbie Sanford
Rebecca Saunby
Ekaterina Savelieva
Tristan George Sawle
Rachel Sayers
Evert-Jan Schreuder
Gavin Scott
Laura Scott
Charlotte Scoynes
Polly Sedgwick
Saachi Sen
Rashmi Hiranya Seneviratne
Emma Sergeant
Hannah Sharp
Natalie Sharpin
Sarah Sharpin
David Shaw
Christopher Sheldon
Elizabeth Shorland
Laura Sidney
Matthew Siely
James Silcock
George Sismey
Chloe Slater
Jessica Slater
Kate Sloan
Eleanor Smales
Alannah Fay Smith
Constance Smith
Hannah Smith
Lucy Smith
Rebecca Smith
Philippa Smyth
Ryan Spencer
George Stanford
Frances Staples
Charlotte Steward
Gaynor Stewart
Matti Stithos
Peter Stock
Benjamin Stokes
Joel Stokes
Joseph Stones
Chloe Stromdale
Callum Strutt
Jonathan Stuart
Georgina Sudderick
Miriam Tikvah Kim Sugden
Benjamin David Summers
Paul Summersall
Ayonija Sundararajan
Laura Jane Symonds
Eleanor Szydlowska
Sunil Tailor
Charlotte Tait
Emily Tait
Claire Tanner
Florence Taylor
Lauren Taylor
Marcus Taylor
Oliver Taylor
Stuart Taylor
Zara Taylor
Jessica Tearle
Chloe Theobald
Daniel Thomas
Joseph James Thomas
Eve Thomas-Davies
William Thommes
Elizabeth Thompson
Katherine Thompson
Fiona Thomson
James Thomson
Anna Thorley
Chloe Thorn
Max Thorne
Hannah Elizabeth Thurlow
Jemma Todd
Georgie Townsend
Guy Trees
Bethan Trigg
James Troughton
Benjamin Trudgill
Stephanie Tsang
Fay Tucker
Hannah Tuffin
David John Miles Turner
Abbie Upton
William Usherwood
Asya Veloso Costa International Cert
Lloyd von Morgen
Nicholas Wade
Alex Wadlow
Lucy Mary Waines
Luke David Wakelin
Kyle Walker
Lucy Walker
Lucy Walker
Laura Wallis
Bernadette Frances Walsh
Judith Walsh
Thomas Edward Walsh
Emily Walton
Stephanie Walton
Hannah Ward
Laura Jane Ward
Rebecca Ellen Ward
Jenny Warford
Emma Warner Allen
Francesca Ruth Warren
Jack Watkins
Walter Thomas Watkinson
Edward Watson
James Waymont
Rachel Emma Weager
Laura Webb
Shannon Webb
Sam Webley
Oliver Welch
Emily Weldon
Amber Welford
Thomas Weller
Lauren Charlotte Wells
Emma West
Emily Weston
Eleanor Westwood
Tamara Weymouth
Brandon White
Rachel White
Vicky White
Fynlay Whitehead
Jack Whiteside
Kathryn Widger
Billie Wildman
Samantha Wileman
Misty Thorn
Grace Wilkie
Jennifer Wilkins
Megan Wilkinson
Ruth Wilkinson
Aaron Willcocks
Christopher Williams
Isabella Williams
Jessica Amy Williams
Megan Williams
Rhian Williams
Tom Williams
Victoria Williams
Alexander Joseph Williamson
Jack Williamson
George Willis
Eleanor Wilson
Oliver Wilson
Sophie Wimble
Charlotte Winsor
James Winsor
Rebecca Emily Beth Womersley
Kirsty Wood
Phoebe Woodbridge
Amelia Catherine Anne Wooding
Ben Worby
Emily Charlotte Wordley
Amelia Wright
Daniel Jonathan Wright
Francesca Wyllie
Adam Wynne
Eddie Yip
Adam Young
Fraser Young
Laurence Young






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