528 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Tuesday 6th October at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – South East
Presenter – Sir Richard Stilgoe OBE

Richard told the Gold Award Holders: “You’ve all done fantastically well and I congratulate you for your achievements. Your Gold DofE Award is one of the best things you can have so make sure you take advantage of it at every opportunity. In life, there are two routes you can take, the exciting one that could change your life, or the one you are used to, the safe route. Always take the one less travelled, the interesting one.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Entrée Room – London
Presenter – Luke Franks, Digital Presenter X Factor

Luke told the Gold Award holders: “Your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was no mean feat, it genuinely is an unbelievable achievement. So celebrate it because you deserve it and then set your sights further, don’t follow a path that’s already been carved out, make a new one. I absolutely believe you can achieve anything you want to do. You are well on your way to success, congratulations – go and celebrate!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Queen Anne Room – The Scout Association
Presenter – Mr John May, Secretary General, The International Award and Gold Award Holder

John told the Gold Award holders: “Massive congratulations to all of you on achieving something so special. The DofE is not just for a particular type of person, it is there for everyone. Anyone who puts their mind to it can do it. You should all be really proud of yourselves.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Mr Zac Purchase MBE, Olympic Rower

Zac told the Gold Award holders: “I want to offer my heartfelt congratulations to you all for achieving your Gold Awards. You worked as hard as you could do along an arduous but fulfilling journey. Now you can reap the benefits and celebrate – have a fantastic day.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Northern Ireland

Presenter – Leon McCarron, Adventurer, Cameraman and Silver Award Holder

Leon told the Gold Award holders: “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a platform to bring ideas together and to develop skills. It introduced me to adventure and the outdoors and I went on to do that as a career so I have a lot to thank it for. I think challenge is such an important part of life, it is very easy to get very comfortable and not to challenge ourselves in life but it is only through challenging ourselves that we grow and progress and develop.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Entrée Room – Wales
Presenter – Nicole Cooke MBE, Olympic Cyclist

Nicole told the Gold Award holders: “It’s been a fantastic celebration of the Welsh recipients here today. They’ve all had to push themselves and persevere to achieve their Gold Awards and I’m sure these skills will help them in their future.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Queen Anne Room – The Scout Association
Presenter – Alan Hinkes OBE, Mountaineer

Alan told the Gold Award holders: “You have all shown determination, resilience and grit in order to achieve this significant milestone of your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It is what will see you through the rest of your life and you should feel very proud today. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Picture Gallery – The North of England
Presenter – David Hempleman-Adams OBE, Trustee of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Adventurer and Gold Award Holder

David told the Gold Award holders: “The hardest and scariest thing I’ve ever done was my DofE Bronze Award. IT was the first time I left home, the first time I shared a tent, the first time I had to cook for myself and the first time I saw bright stars in the night sky … and then I carried on doing it for the rest of my life.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

London 6 Oct 2015

Heare’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 6 October 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Kwasi Abban
Katie Adams
Simon Adams
Thomas Adamson
Sophie Victoria Addison
Abiya Ahmed
Anna Ainsworth
Elizabeth Lucy Ainsworth
Brooke Airey
Irfan Alam
Stuart Allison
Immaculata S Aloysius
Jack William Daniel Alsop
Furhan Altaf
Lee Anderson
Kiran Antony
Emily Hannah Appadurai
Gavin Ashton
Hannah Atherton
Iain Audsley
Sophia Aylmer
Natasha Aziz
James Sartin
Joshua Baker
Hannah Baker
Verity Lauren Baker-Irons
Sophie Emma Baldwin
Verity Ball
Sarah Banister
Jack Barber
Lewis Barber
Harry Barnett
James Barsby
Christian Barsby
Idreece Bashir
Alexander Bassett
Georgina Bearman
Jake Beech
Daniel Bell
Kate Bell
Jordan Bell
Aaron Bell
Hayley Bench
Thomas Bennett
Joanna Rosemary Bilcliffe
Helena Blakeway
Jessica Bland
Katy Blowfield
Samuel Bointon
Olivia Bolton
Emily Booth
Lennon Booth
Chloe Booth
Emily Frances Boston
Kaleigh Boulter
Dannielle Bourne
Christopher Bradbury
Ashley Brand
Daisy Brittain
Matthew Brookes
Thomas Brookes
Emma Brooks
Hannah Brotherwood
Alexandra Brown
Julia Buck
Flora Buer
Katherine Bullen
James Burdett
Clare Burnett
Adam Burns
Hannah Burrows
Hanna Burton
Jack Butcher
Aliyah Butt
Sara Butt
James Campbell
Neill Campbell
Matthew Carnell
Abigail Jane Anastasia Carruthers
Tanya Carson
Emily Cassinelli
Georgina Cave
Kate Charlton
Jonathan Charmley
Philippa Chilvers Woolley
Shrada Chitlangia
Felicity Clapp
Charles Clarke
Charlotte Clayton
Sophie Cole
Hannah Coller
Ryan Connor
Julia Constable
Eleanor Corish
Bethan Rose Cornell
Anna Covey
Christopher Cox
Jonathon Crimmons
Harry Crocker
Jack Cronin
Nicholas Crowley
Bradley Cryer
Jason Cumner
Jack Cundall
Georgia Curley
Zara Curtis
Laura Cushnie
Cameron Dale
Michael Dalton
Jasmin Daniels
Sophie Daniels
Keeley Dargan
Alexander Davies
Sam Davies
Bronwen Davies
Gwawr Davies
Alexander Davies
Leon Davies
Elliot DaviesTaylor
Mark Davy
William de Warr-Crooks
Niamh Deane
Mason Deane
Iesha Debenham
Sonja Dengler
Oliver Dent
Lisa Devine
Gonzalo Diaz-Rio Varez
Richard Dickinson
Harry Dixon
Chris Djali
Robert D’Mello
Megan Doherty
Mariella Donaldson
Beatrix Dooey
William Downey
Lucy Duckham
Christopher Duffy
Sara Dugdale
Laura Kathryn Dunham
Obinna Ebizie
Christopher Edwards
Josephine Elliott
Hannah Elizabeth Elliott
Joshua Elliott
Thomas Elwood
Jack Andrew Fallows
Rachel Farrant
Rachael Fawley
Thomas Feasby
Eve Feenan
Ally Fellows
Robert Finch
Nathan Flynn
Bethany Forrest
Lauren Fowler
Adam Freeman
Harrison Frost
Joseph Frost
Benjamin Fudge
Christian Gallagher
Samuel Gan
Natasha Gardner
Samuel Thomas Gareh
Nikki Garrett
Phoebe Garside
Luke Gavin
Jessica Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
Nathan William Robert Gilmore
Emily Gissing
Joshua Gledhill
Lucy Goddard
Nathalie Goodchild
Alicia Goode
Christabel Goode
Sophie Elisabeth Gordon
George Goucher
Frederic Gracey
Connie Grant
Niamh Grant
Christopher Grattidge
Brian Gratton
Liam Gravenor
Daniel Myles Gray
Aniella Green
Alexander Green
Hannah Elizabeth Rose Gregg
Josh Griffiths
Daniel Grishin
Danielle Grogan
Vicky Groom
Helena Gunter
Amita Gupta
Shilpa Gupta
Matthew Guy
Adam Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Angus Hamilton
Nathan Hammond
Bryn Hanby-Roberts
Joanna Charlotte Hancock
Jacob Hanks
Ajmal Haque
Alexander Harper
Alexia Harris
Jonah Harrison-Rooke
Edward Hart
Robert Hart
Daniel Hawksworth
Andrew Hawthorne
Jonathan Hay
Matthew Hayden
Louis Hayden-Jones
Alice Weston-Haynes
Sean Heathcote
Rosie Henderson
Claire Hendry
Chelsea Hetherington
Henry Hick
Luke Thomas Hill
Richard Hines
Adam Donald Anson Hingley
Nicola Louise Hingley
Simon Hirst
Lydia Holmes
Daniel Holmes
Emma Holmes
Cory Hooper
Thomas Edward Horrigan
Julia Heather Hosken
Sharon Louise Houston
Neil Houston
Eloise Howard
Olivia Howes
Kylin Hu
Harvey Hughes
Klara Hunt
Liam Hussey
Imogen Hutchings
Thomas Hutchinson
Jonathon Hyde
Imogen Hyndman
Jack Ireland
Iain Irwin
Jake Iveson
Shelley Jackson
Ethan Jacobson
Catherine James
Matthew James
Ben Jansen
Thomas Jefferies
Sai Johal
Rhiannon Jones
Harry Jones
Rees Jones
Francesca Louise Jones
Catrin Jones
Milan Kapur
Sean Kelly
Rachel Kenny
Alexandra Kerrison
Marzana Khan
Annie King
Andrew Kirk
Alexander Kirkpatrick
Megan Kirkpatrick
Timothy Krause
Prakrit Raj Kumar
Andrew Kwong
Joanna Lampard
Megan Lane
Kirsty Lane
Lewis Lane
Emily Large
David Lawrence
Charlotte Lee
Katherine Rose Leflay
Hollie Ruth Lewis
Jason Li
Benjamin Linehan
Maximilian Llewellyn
Jacob Lockley
Aypril Loines
Simon Lonsdale
Thomas Lonsdale
Adam Lubin
Emily Lyle
Judith Lyons
Christina Mackarel
Aaron Maguire
Aimee Maguire
Kiah Maiden
Tiffany Malcolm
Kate Malik
Jevais Marche
Isla Louise Marshall
Graeme Martin
Stewart Mason
Jordan Massey
Ciaran Masters
Callum Matthews
Matthew Mayhew
Isabelle Mayne
Paul McAleavy
Ian McAleavy
Katie McCaughan
Richard McCloy
Joseph Jeffrey McClure
Jonathan McDonnell
Ian McFaul
Bradley McGeough
James McGilloway
Tom McGrath
Stephanie McIlroy
Katie McKenna
William McNally
George McWhirter
Rebecca Louise Mead
Hayley Merrick
Alexander Miles-Hewinson
Saumitra Mishra
Niran Mistry
Barney Moffitt
Khamillah Imaan Mohammed
Aimee Mollart
Matthew Mollart
Kirsten Moloney
Cara Louise Morley
Nicola Morris
Anthony Morris
Jack Morrison
James Morrow
Emma Moss
Victoria Moss
Jessica Moyle
Linda Munro
Zoe Munro
Molly Murphy
Declan Murphy
Daniel Murrant
Keerthana Murugesu
Sophie Muysert
Anamiha Nagulendram
Courtney Nannery
Charlotte Ann Newman
Thomas Nixon
Joseph Nuttall
Emilia O’Connor
Matthew John Ogden
Lauren Rose Owen
Luke Pagan
Jodie Palmer
Inderpal Panesar
William Parham
Lucy Parlett
Alexandra Parnell
Kieran Parnell
Stephanie Parry
Krina Patel
David Pearson
Timothy Pellew
Nicole Pendrell-Smith
Jay Pendrell-Smith
Anna Percival
Claudia Pheasant-Green
Adam Pheasey
Lindsey Philip
Catriona Phillips
Emily Phoenix
John Pithouse
Sophie Juliana Pollock
Mahesh Popat
Eleanor Powell
Durgesh Hari Prabu
Olivia Preece
Chantal Price
Callan Priddey
Georgina Karen Procter
Zoe Prosser
Sai Sanjana Ragunath
Nikhil Rai
Shreya Rai
Denyan Rance
Thomas Rankin
Vicky Ratcliffe
Phil Ratliff
Samuel Rawson
Alexandra Rayner
Catherine Redgrave
Kerensa Rees
Thomas Reeves
Stephanie Reid
Malka Reuben
Harry Rhodes
Becky Rice
Charlotte Richards
Hannah Louise Richmond
Matthew Riley
Erin Robinson
James Rodd
Georgina Roebuck
Jaspar Rogers
Peter Rogers
Georgia Rolfe
Andrew Rooney
Edward Rose
Sarah Rose
James Ross
Aidan Rossiter
Aimee Russhard
Samraj Sadra
Thomas Salmon
Lucy Sanders
Toby Sanderson
Lucy Sapwell
Emma Jane Savage
Reece Jones
Alice Scholey
Eve Seder
Luke Shadbolt
Sanam Shah
Dev Sharma
Thomas Sheerin
Kerrie Sheppard
Henry Shotton
David Silk
Amy Simpson
Elliott Simpson
Stefan Sivapatham
Rob Skarratt
Lydia Slater-Cocker
Lawrence Small
Calum Smart
Peter Smith
Annabel Grace Smith
Charlotte Smith
Richard Smith
Edward Snow
Kike Samantha Solanke
Megan Soulsby
Jonathan Spensley
Callum Spiller
Conor Springthorpe
Georgia Ann Sprot
Jordan Starks-Browning
Christina Stempt
Claire Stephens
David Stewart
Rachel Stewart
Jack Stewart
Sarah Stewart
George Stone
James Strojwas
Alexander Stroud
Helen Stubberfield
Elliott Stuckey
Anna Sutton
Jonny Swindells
James Sykes
Bethan Sykes
Ruth Patricia Sykes
William Symonds
Russell Tanner
Ellie Taylor
Andrew Taylor
Richard Taylor
Matthew Tembey
Elin Thomas
Isabel Thomas
Melissa Thompson
Oliver Thompson
Olivia Thorneycroft
Alex Thorpe
Hannah Todd
Luke Todd
Stephanie Toone
Michael Totton
Laura Jane Travis
David Trowbridge
Martin John Truss
James Tweddell
Charlotte Twelves
Peter Udall
Marthungi Uthayakumar
Francesca Varnish
Emma Venier
Simon Vernon
Olivia Vernon
Luke F Vesey
Thomas von Malachowski
Robert Waggett
Jordan Wainwright
Rachael Walker
Jamie Bailey Walsingham
Alicia Jay Walton
Emily Ward
Jamie Wareing
Cameron Watkins
Jonathan Watson
Ben Watson
Jack Watson
Lauren Weaver
Maedene Webb
Jack Westmoreland
Angela Whalley
Matthew Whitehead
Lydia Freya Whiteoak
Catherine Wiggins
Hannah Williams
Conah Williams
Luke Williams
Fergus James Wills
Rory Wilson
George Wilson
Helen Wilson
Robert Winn
Emily Wood
Kieran Wood
Emma Wood
Zachary Woodcock
Hannah Woodman
Charley Wray
Rebecca Jane Wright
Elizabeth Hannah Wroblewski
Bethan Wyld
Mollie Zalas











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