London 8 March 2017

534 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on Wednesday 8th March at St. James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – South East
Presenter – Sara Thornton, Chief Constable, NPCC

“By achieving your DofE Gold Award you have done something important and significant. You have learnt the sense of purpose”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – London
Presenter – Alan Hinkes, Mountaineer

“You have all shown determination, resilience and grit in order to achieve this significant milestone of your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It is what will see you through the rest of your life and you should feel very proud today. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Central England
Presenter – Joanne Froggatt, Actress

“Your involvement with the DofE will have given you invaluable guidance and preparation for this wonderful and exciting life ahead. Congratulations on your achievement”.

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – Gareth Malone, Choirmaster and Television Presenter

“Congratulations to all of you on achieving your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. You should be proud. This incredible experience has changed you and helped you to develop skills you didn’t know you had. That pluckiness, which you have developed, will always stand you in good stead when facing a new challenge”.

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Wales
Presenter – Mark Goldring, CEO Oxfam

“The young people are awesome. They are part of making Britain a better place.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South West
Presenter – Caroline White, CEO YHA

“If people have a DofE Award I would really take them seriously; they would virtually be guaranteed an interview. I love the DofE. I would not have been brave enough to do it myself; I wish I’d been braver! You can be anything you want to be. Be proud of what you do. Be happy and have fun. Be brave and push those personal boundaries”.

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Northern Ireland
Presenter – Peter Corry, Musician and Performer

“I feel very honoured to be asked here to present you your Gold Awards today. What you have all achieved is truly extraordinary, and you should be extremely proud. You have accomplished something special and I have huge admiration for your perseverance and commitment.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Stephen McGann, Actor

“Congratulations to you all that have received your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award today. What a wonderful achievement. The skills you have developed such as resilience and confidence are transferrable and you will be able to take these through life with you.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Hall of Fame: 8 March 2017

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 8 March 2017 at St. James’s Palace:




Lucy  Adler
Oliver  Alder
Judith  Alderdice
Jack  Alexander
Rachel  Alexander
Bethany  Allen
Bradley  Allen
Macsen Hall Allery
Luisa  Amasanti
Imogen  Andrews
Lauren  Andrews
James  Anstey
Jessica  Appleton
Alison Winifred Armstrong
Kiri  Armstrong
Rose Molly Arnold
Harry James William Ashworth
Emma  Atkins
Max  Austin
George  Back
Isabel Thamer Eve Backhouse
William  Bailey
James  Baker
Jessica  Baker
Leanne  Balmer
Emma  Bannon
Dan  Barber
Alistair  Bardon
Sophia  Barrass
Fenella  Barrons
Carys Anna Batcup
James  Bate
Abigail  Bateman
Iqra Abdul-Aziz Bawany
Joshua  Baxter
Constance  Beauchamp
Jemima  Beauchamp
Nicholas  Beech
Samantha  Beggs
Sarah-Jane Bellingham
Sophie  Berson
Pippa  Best
Kirsty  Beswick
Megan  Betteridge
Anna  Bevington
Emma  Bishop
Victoria  Black
Seth  Blackmore
Annabelle  Blackshear
Sophie  Blakstad
Sophie  Bodsworth
Sarah Elizabeth Bolton
Aliyah  Bond
Eleanor Boor
Rose  Booth
Katie  Bowen Nicholas
Amelia  Boyd
Savannah  Bracewell
Charlotte  Brain
Madeline Anne Breed
Tatiana  Bridge
Imogen Lucinda Rose Briggs
Jemima  Brimacombe
Iain Joseph Briscoe
Carys  Brown
Hazel  Brown
Kimberley  Brown
Kirsty  Brown
Sara Ellen Brown
Ailsa Jenny Brownlie
Fiona  Bruce
Olivia  Bryan Burnaby
Philip  Buchanan
Zoe Claire Buchanan
Emma  Bundle
Viviane  Bunn
Sophie  Burch
Aled  Burd
Thomas  Burgess
Cara  Burke
Daniel James Doller Burke
Elizabeth  Callander
Victoria  Cameron
Emily  Campbell
Joanne Elizabeth Jane Campbell
Jamie Capel
Michela  Capello
Holly  Capper
Hester  Carter
Anna  Carter-Roberts
Helen  Carter-Roberts
Catherine  Chan
Hui Ching  Chan
Hari  Choudhury
Clare Roisin  Cocker
Anna  Collard-Underwood
Brittany  Collie
Edward  Collier
Jennifer  Collins
Katherine  Collman
Josie  Comerford
Rebecca  Connor
Dominic  Cooke
Greg  Cooke
Jessica  Corner
William  Coulman
Holly  Cranston
Peter  Crowe
Finley  Cruse-Drew
Lucy  Cuckow
Oliver  Cunliffe
Sarah  Cunningham
Francis John Gerard Curran
James Henry Darby
George  Darling
Anna  Davies
Alexandra  Davis
Charlotte Rebecca Day
Emilio  De Abreu Faria
Jessica  de Vere Green
Benjamin  Deacon
Emily  Devoy
Craig  Dickinson
Elysia  Dilworth
Lili  Dixon
Eleanor  Dobson
Rachel  Dobson
Harrison Paul Dockerty
Mykila  Donaldson
Alice Rose Donlon
James  Downing
Jessica  Drane
Bethany  Dring
Samuel Duberley
Rebecca  Duggin
Zoe  Dunkley
Alexandra Ellen Duxbury
Rosie Duxbury
Rhodri  Edwards
Tom Elder
Jessica  Ellins
Chen Grace Elliott
Jenna  Elliott
Frederick William Flynn Ellis
Phoebe  Ellis
Edward Ellis-Cooper
Lavar  Englefield
Sophie  Farrar
James  Fenton
Matthew  Fenton
Clara  Finnigan
Henry  Finnigan
Lily  Finnigan
Nicola  Fleck
Mary  Fleming
Carys  Flew
Rosanna  Floyd
Charlotte  Ford
Jordan  Ford
James Andrew Forrest
James  Foster
Matthew  Foster
Nicole  Foster
Gayle  Fowles
Simon  Fox
Alice  Franklin
Sidney  Franklyn
Kathryn-Anne  Frazer
Mark  Frazer
James  Frost
Lauren Frances Furey
Thomas  Fynn
Lauren Rose Gallagher
Isobel  Gatward
Anahita  Ghosh
James  Gibb
Amy  Gibson
Louise Valerie Gibson
Georgia  Gilbert
Emily  Gilmour
Annabel  Gittins
Mark  Giza
Jasmine Leigh Godfrey-Hunt
Charlie  Gold
Robert  Goldsmith
Jessica  Gordon
Kate  Gosling
Phoebe  Graham
Holly  Grant
Darius  Greenidge
Brodie  Griggs
Ellie  Guildford
Emma  Guy
Matthew  Guy
Anouska  Gwilliam
Christina  Hadjiyianni
Gideon Ieuan Haffenden
Amanda  Hamilton
Claire  Hamilton
Clarice  Handley
Lucia  Hannam
Willa  Harland
Carl  Harris
Emma  Harris
Rebecca  Harris
Patrick  Hart
Sophia  Hart
James  Harvey
Niamh  Haslett
Hina Anam Hassan
Jane  Hassard
Victoria  Hayden
Tom  Haynes
Keris  Heading
Thomas Edward Heasman
Emily  Heaton
Joshua  Heinrich
David  Hendrickse
Lauren  Henry
Callum William Heppner-Logan
Zachary  Heppner-Logan
Ben Herrick
Cara  Hill
Mary  Hill
Katharine  Holden
Angharad  Hole
Matthew  Holyoak
Rosie Clare Hough
Harriet  Houghton
Francesca  Hughes
Jasper  Hughes
Matthew  Human
Alice  Humphrey
Matthew  Humphrey
George  Hunt
Oliver Robert Hunt
Eleanor  Hurley
Michael  Hutchinson
Laura Elizabeth Ingram
Edward  Irons
Thomas Paul Jacklin
William  Janes
Johanna  Jeffery
Alex  Jenkins
Maisie  Jenkinson
Marina Helen Johnson
Richard  Johnson
Salenie  Johnston
Abigail  Jones
Greg Jones
Joseph Kenelm Godfrey Jones
Morgan Owen Jones
Maryam Fatima  Kazmi
Liam  Keavy
Robyn  Kelly
Miss Sinead Kelly
Edward  Keys
Charlotte  King
Janice  Lam
Tze Ching  Lam
Alice Victoria Landray
Cerys Bethan Lane
Lizzie Langdale
Amy  Latham
Anna Alexandra Latham
Rebecca Constance Latter
Antonia  Laundy
George  Lawley
Hetty  Laycock
George  Leach-Hutchings
Daniel  Lee
Hannah  Lee
Jo Lee
Matthew  Lee
Seoyeon  Lee
Tristan  Lee
James  Leetch
Philippe A. Lefevre
Daniel  Legg
Joshua  Lesak
Rebecca  Lesley
Becky  Lester
Natasha  Levick
Hugo Peter Glendon Liddy
Harry  Lidgley
Amelia  Liggett
Ellisha  Lindo
Iona  Lindsay
James  Lister
Julia Suzanne Littler
Sichen  Liu
Alex  Livingstone
Shanghavie  Loganathan
Jennifer  Long
Andrew  Lorton
Henrietta  Lowen-Cooper
Matthew  Ludlow
Luk Hoo Him
Tasha  Lunn
Charlotte Jane Lupton
Rebecca  Lydon
Peter  Lytle
Isabel  Mace
Aran  Macfarlane
Julia Aleksandra Machalska
Rebecca  Mack
Evelyn  Mackley
Paige  Maddox
Imran  Mannan
Rebecca  Marett
Stephen  Marr
Charles  Marsh
Katie Clara Martin
Nikki  Martin
Shanaz  Masani
Holly  Mason
Amy  Mason-Towers
Alice  Matthews
Louise  McCallion
Calum  McCandless
Zoë McCarroll
Katie  McCluskey
Elizabeth  McGee
Cara  Mcilroy
Kieran  McKenna
Freya  McLaren
Chloe  McMaster
Allyson  McMullan
Zoë  McSpadden
Alana  McVea
Thamonwan  Mecasuwandamrong
Henry  Meech
Grace  Mills
Breanna  Mindo
Jessica  Moeran
Shanice  Mohammed
Eliza  Montague-Johnstone
Lauren  Mooney
James  Moore
Jemima  Morgan
Elisa  Morris
Jack  Morris
Grace  Morrison
Jill  Morrow
Oliver  Mountford
Ruth  Moxen
Carl Robert Mulholland
Elizabeth   Munro
Isobel  Murray
Jessica  Myatt
Mica  Narraway
Charlotte Taylor Neill
Jack  Neilly
Jacob  Newby
Georgina  Newitt
Hannah  Newton-Oakes
Ellesha  Nicholas
Mollie  Nicholson
Charlotte  Nicoll
Adam Charles Norton
Anna Harriet Nowell
Callum  O’Connor
Campbell Thomas O’Dowd
Toby Orchard
Lia  Orlando
Alexander  Osborne
Daniel  Osborne
Megan  Page
Pak Tsz Yu Eunice
Megan  Parker
Isabelle  Parsons
Byron  Paterson
Aalok  Patwardhan
James  Pellow
Matthew  Penning-Lambert
Lois  Perkins
Sophie  Perrington
Clarice Sarah Jane Pettit
Tamsin  Phelps
Calypso  Phillips
Georgina  Phillips
Zoe Elizabeth Phillips
Alice  Pickthorn
Guy  Pollard
Beth  Pollock
Amy  Powell
Matilda Tamsyn Powell
Oliver  Preece
Benjamin  Prendergast
Jazmin Kay Pugh
Marij  Qureshi
Rebecca  Rainey
Aditi  Rajgopal
Priyadharshini  Ravi
Katie Louise Rea
William Leo Reed
Abby  Reid
Amy  Reidy
Oliver  Renwick
Eleanor  Reynolds
Holly Emma Reynolds
Caitlin Rose Richardson
Chloe Elizabeth Rigby
Natalja  Ritchie
Anastasia  Robert
James  Robertshaw
Andie  Robinson
Emily  Robinson
Max  Robinson
Freya  Rodda
Emma Jayne Rodgers
Charlie  Rogers
Beth  Rose
Dominic Alexander Rosso
Joseph  Rowland
Rachel  Ruck
Oliver  Russell
Rakshanda  Sadavarte
Sophie  Sadler
Naomi Sanderson
Josh  Sansom
Imogen  Sapstead
Leanne  Sargent
Phoebe  Scholtens
Sam  Scotney
Alexander  Scott
Sophie  Scott-Fisher
Aiden  Searle
Emma  Sharland
Anna Juliet Sharp
Charles  Shave
Katie  Shaw
Alexander  Sheard
Jasmine Jia Yung Shen
Abigail Sheridan
Catherine  Shiels
Laura Anne Shiels
Gwilym Eric Duwe Short
Nathan James Sigallias
Emma  Simpson
James  Simpson
Lydia  Simpson
Elizabeth  Singer
Jordan  Skellon
Gregory  Slade
James  Slator
Edward  Small
Sarah  Smalley
Shannon  Smillie
Eve  Smith
James  Smith
Tom Speed
David  Sproule
Ryan  Stanley
Lucy  Stead
Jill  Stephens
Kathryn  Sterland
Amy  Stewart
Matthew  Stiles
Daniel  Stokes
Jack  Strong
Lottie Stuart
Saranyah  Sukumaran
Matthew  Surgenor
Archie  Swann
Samuel  Talbot
Charlotte  Tarry
Alice  Taylor
William  Taylor
Laura Thérin
Frances Helen Thomas
Harriet Kathryn Thomas
Iwan  Thomas
Jason Alexander Thompson
Kieran  Thompson
Helen  Thornton
Jasmine  Tickner
Catriona Elizabeth Till
Sophie  Tostevin
Heather  Tough
Kate  Towns
Sky  Treasure-Jeffreys
Joseph  Tupper
Aidan  Turner
Nia  Turner
Chay  Samuel Turner-Richards
Andrew  Turnill
Nicole Mary Rebecca Turtle
Nicola  Twinning
Matthew  Vautrey
Minoli  Vehella
Caroline  Vernon
Anne-Laure  Villa
Patricia  Vinchenzo
Egor  Volchkov
Sofia von Oelreich
Thomas  Vout
Bethan Jane Walford
Anna  Walkden
Chloe Rose Jean Wallser
Hannah  Ward
Katherine Wareing
Nicole  Warren
Amabel  Watkins
Briony  Waycott
Kirsten  Webb
Margaret  Webb
Sophie  Webber
Christian  Weir
Rachel  Weller
Matthew  Welton
Charlotte  West
Emily  West
Stephen  West
Phoebe  Whattoff
Jake  Whitaker
Charlotte Elizabeth White
Meriel  Wieland
Nicole Emma Wijnen
George Richard Duncan Wilder
Hannah  Williams
Kate  Williams
Annie  Wood
Rachel  Wood
Lauren Frances Woodburn
Rose  Woodcock
Ellen  Woods
Hannah  Woods
Laura  Woods
Amy  Wright
Florence  Wynne
Jordan  Young
Chiara  Zucchelli











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