London 9 November 2016

536 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on Wednesday 9 November at St. James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – South East, Central and DofE Business
Presenter – Mr Jon Culshaw, Impressionist

“It’s wonderful to be back at St James’s Palace to mark your achievements. It’s a great privilege and an honour to present your Gold Award Certificates today. You’ve proved that nothing is impossible by getting here. Continue to be tenacious and believe that anything is possible!”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South East
Presenter – Ms Rebecca Stephens, British Journalist, Mountaineer and Television Presenter

“The time and commitment to get where you are today is fantastic, a big well done to you all. Please be sure to listen to your inner voice and have courage to follow the path that is true for you. Each one of us has a different path to follow and it is this diversity of contribution that we need to enrich our society and help others.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Sir Richard Stilgoe, British Songwriter, Lyricist and Musician

“You have all done fantastically well and we all congratulate you so much. When you apply for a job, your Gold DofE Award is one of the best things you can have. Remember, moving forward from here, at every point in your life there will be a choice of two roads to travel. Always take the road less travelled, the interesting one. Take the chance, it might work!”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Oliver and James Phelps, Actors

Oliver Phelps: “Doing the Harry Potter films meant that we never got the chance to do our own DofE so I am very jealous of all of you for achieving yours. You now have the skills and experience to know that you can go on to do anything you set your mind to.”

James Phelps: “When I was in New Zealand I met a group of young people who were due to receive their Gold Awards in a couple of weeks’ time and it made me realise just what a huge, world-wide Award it is. They inspired me to do my own Diamond challenge, which included 4 bungee jumps- one off the tallest building in New Zealand!”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – South West
Presenter – Mr Phil Burgess, Rugby Sevens Player

“Congratulations to you all. The hard work and dedication it took to get here has all been worth it. Continue to do what you love, find your passion and it will drive you no end.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Entrée Room – North of England and DofE Business
Presenter – Mr David Neita, Lawyer and Poet

“Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your talents, skills and ideas. Achieving a Gold Award already elevates your position and increases your employability prospects.”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Northern Ireland
Presenter – Mr Richard Chambers, Olympic Rower

“Having achieved my trilogy of DofE Awards, I know the agony you have gone through to get here today. What you have achieved is very special and don’t underestimate how much the skills you’ve developed will be transferable in your life. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Miss Natalie Coyle, Opera Singer

“Having a Gold Award shows you have courage, motivation and can work as part of a team. I’m a Gold Award holder myself and I did singing for my Skills section, which was the first step on my career path. It was amazing to meet other Gold Award holders today and hear their own stories. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Award holders here.

London 9 November 2016

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 9 November 2016 at St. James’s Palace:




Charlotte Abrahams
Sophie  Agabeg
Sophie Rosa Aitmehdi
Amirah  Akhtar
Courtney  Alister
Naomi  Allen
Sarah Catherine Louise Allwood
Fiona  Alwin
Clare Louise Andrews
Bethany  Andrews
Charlotte  Arnold
Charlie  Arnold-Jones
Billy  Ashby
Sophie Jane Asher
Michael  Aspinall
Dominic  Atraszkiewicz
Daniel Robert Austin
Helen  Avery
Rozyena  Baig
Jennifer  Baker
Maisie  Ball
Rafaella  Barratt
Adam  Baxter
Sophie  Beamont
Flora  Beckett
Christopher  Bell
Emma  Bennison
Lauren  Berryman
Sian Ellen Besley
Molly Tara Bevan
Cassandra Ruth Blackburn
Kyle Blair
Celia  Boddy
Kathryn  Boden
Hannah  Bodey
James  Bonney
Ben  Booth
Ciara  Boyd
Mark David Alexander Boyd
Maisy  Bradbury
George  Brazier
Andrew  Breen
Henry Charles Thomas Brewster
Ben Brint
Jonathan  Brocklehurst
Oliver  Brook
Thomas  Brooks
Mark  Brown
Sian  Brown
Alex  Browne
Cerowyn  Browne
Alistair  Browne
Rachel H J Bruce
Hannah Louise Buchanan
Caitlin  Annie Buck
Michael Alan Bulmer
James  Burgess
Hannah  Burgess
Jessica Isabella  Burns
Tina  Burton
Katie Bush
Caitlin  Buttery
Jade  Buxton
Sofi  Buzzard
Fay  Cairnduff
Lewis Henry James Calvert
Timothy  Campbell
Amy Victoria Campbell
India  Campbell-Hall
Thomas  Candy
John  Carpenter
Georgina  Carroll
Seonaid  Carson
Tessa Catherine Lauren Chamberlain
Hannah  Chambers
Adam  Chambers
Eleanor  Chambers
Mila Chan
Chan Hu Ying Charmaine
Pippa  Chapman
Matthew  Chatfield
Shruti  Chaudhri
Alice  Chilman
Louise  Chiverton
Ryan  Christy
Lizzie  Clarke
Jordan  Clarke
Rachel  Clarke
Olivia  Clarke
Sophie  Clarke
Emma  Clayton
Charlotte  Clements
Jessica  Clifton
Louise Ellen Coates
Philippa  Cole
Scott  Coley-Smith
Madeline  Coller
Scott Mark Colligan
Scarlett  Collins
Rebecca  Connor
Kieran  Cook
Lucy  Cook
Thomas Ryan Cooper
Harriet  Cooper
Annabel  Cowell
George  Cracknell
Hugo  Crawford
Abigail  Croucher
Lois  Cummings
Adam  Cunningham
Meaghan  Curtis
Ella  Curtis
Samuel  Cusworth
Jack  Daniels
Grace  Darmanin
Laura  Day
Robert  Day
Jake  Deasy
Gareth J Deazley
Stephen  Deering
David Charles William Devine
Sarah  Dewhirst
Katie  Dewhurst
Rachel  Dicker
Rachael  Dickson
Rachel  Dillon
Ján Robert Dixon
David  Dolding
David Mark Dornan
Joseph Doughty
Thomas  Dowley
Alex  Drake
James  Drake
Daniel  Drazen
Elliot  D’Souza
Thomas Philip Ashforth Dudley
Rebecca  Dunn
Monica  Dunne
Ethan  Duran
Samuel  Earnshaw
Daniel  Eggleton
Jonnie  Eleanor
Emily Marie Eliadis
Sophie  Elliott
Thomas  Elliott
Jonathan  Ellis
Robert John Emerton
James  Emery
William  Emery
Adon  Emery
Edward  Emmanuel
Grace  Emson
Bryony  Ennis
Grace Elizabeth Evans
Harriet  Evans
James Conrad Everard
Max  Fairhurst
Edwina  Fanizza
Isabella  Farrell
Laura  Farrington
Emanuelle  Feenan
David  Fennimore
Lily  Ferguson
Sophie  Ferguson
Molly May Fidler
Benjamin Leigh Fisher
Tom Fisher
Evana  Fleeming
Emily  Fleming
Madeleine  Fletcher
Isabelle  Flynn
Andrew  Forsythe
Alison  Forsythe
Georgina  Foster
Hannah  Fowles
Juliet  Fox
Katharine  Foxton
Alexandra  Francis
Thomas Rory Frik
Alexander  Frost
Matthew Mark Frost
Hannah  Futter
Eryn Ann Fyson
Tobias  Galtress
Eleanor  Gilbert
Ashleah  Gill
Clare Anne Gilliland
Dominique Emily Gingras
Michael  Ginsburg
Hannah  Godfrey
Emma Louise Godwin
David  Goldney
Annie Beth  Goldthorp
Lauren  Golightly
Lucy  Graham
Hayley  Grainger
Johanna  Gray
Lincoln  Greatrick
James  Greatrick
James  Green
Joshua  Greene
Emma  Griffiths
Ben  Grimshaw
Callie Grindley
Briony  Grout
Phoebe  Groves
Harry  Gunning
Nicola-Jayne  Guy
Thomas  Gwilliam
Simon  Hack
Roshan Emma Hagan
Amelia  Hall
Greg  Hall
Alicia  Halliday
Nicholas Hamer
Sarah  Hamilton
Katherine Anne Hamilton
Faith Mary Hamilton
Lauren  Hamilton
Isaac  Hammond
John  Hannon
Alex  Hargreaves
Lucy  Harkin
Matthew  Harris
James  Harris
Hannah  Hartman
Kayleigh  Harvey
Tobias  Hawes
Beth Hawkins
Christopher  Hayes
Yolande  Haynes
Alison  Heaney
Sophie  Hext
Annabel Victoria Hey
Amy  Hollis
Rachel Joy Hopkins
Eleanor  Hopkinson
Charlotte Victoria Houseman
Chloe Elisa Howell
George  Hudman
Christopher  Hughes
Ella   Hunter-Gibbs
Juliet  Ireland
Alexander Jackson
Dominic  Jacobs
Dale  Jarvis
Amy  Jenkerson
Luke Haydn Jenkins
Joseph  Johnson
Sophie  Johnson
Rachel  Johnston
Megan  Jolleys
Peter William Jones
Amy  Jones
Connah  Jones
Kit Jones
Amy Rebecca Anne Jones
Hannah  Jones
Sarah-Kate  Kelly
Hannah  Kempson
Alanah  Kendall
Edward Andrew Kerr
Gabriel  Ketzer
James  Kingshott
Victoria  Kinkaid
Charlotte  Kitchen
Jemima Rose Klesel
Beth  Knight
Matthew  Knight
Jessica Krüger
Hester Elizabeth  Lacey
Claire Abigail Laming
Matthew Christopher Lawes
James  Lawton
Amy  Layton
George Ananda Lee
Becky  Lester
Poppy Mary Ann Lewis
Carys  Ley
Elena  Leyshon
Jan  Lilley
Jem  Lilley
Alex  Lim
Kathy Kaixi Lin
Elizabeth  Linfield
Felicity Victoria Liu
Robyn Emily Livingstone
Kerry Jane Long
Aimee  Longbottom
Sophie Eleanor Jane Longshaw
Kathryn  Lorimer
Richard  Luckett
Franz Ferdinand M.  Lutz
Thomas  Lynch
Robyn  MacDonald
Harriet  Mace
Edward James Mace
Shannon  Magee
Ashok Narayan Manandhar
Suzanne  Marshall
Staci Joanne Marshall
James  Martin
Rosalind  Martin
Daniel  Massey
Sarah  Matthews
Laura-May  Matthews
George David Mayhew
Luke  McAnespie
Kurtis  McBride
Lyndsey  McCay
Anna  McClatchey
Megan  McClintock
Conor  McCloy
Joanna Ruth McCombe
Gail  McCullough
Amie  McCullough
Sarah  McCullough
John McDowell
Laura  McKendry
Tara McKenna
Lee  McKenna
Miles  McKeown
Molly  McMaster
Cherie  McMillan
James Thomas McMullan
James Robert John McNeill
Gopika  Menon
Evie  Metcalf
Stephanie  Meyer
Olivia Grace Michel
Hannah Agnes Millar
Catherine  Mills
Laura  Mitchell
Annie  Moffatt
Claire  Moger
Andrew  Montgomery
Jake  Moores
Tom Harley Moran
James  Morley
Judith  Morrow
Laura  Morrow
Jack Buchanan Morton
Oliver  Mosley
Catherine  Murdock
Amita  Muthalagu
Olivia Rose  Myttion
Adnan Ramsey Nasser
Sandisiwe  Ncube
Laura-Beth  Newey
William Edward Newton
Robert Edward Nicholas
Heather  Nicholls
George  Nicholson
Ben  Nicholson
Ellie  Nickson
Bianca  Nilssen
Christopher  North
Elizabeth  O’Brien
Adele  O’Callaghan
Daniel James O’Mahony
Claudia  Ovens
Sam Pakenham-Walsh
Neha Aparajita Panda
Jessica  Parker
Elizabeth  Parsons
Leah  Patterson
Zoe  Paysden
Ruby  Peel
Max  Peel
Valery Anne Pegg
Susannah  Peppiatt
William  Perkins
Morgan  Peterson
Alexander  Phillips
James  Philpott
Emma  Pick
Catherine  Pietroni
Oliver  Plevey
Rebecca  Pooley
Charlotte  Potter
Rachel Grace Potter
Emma  Prentice
Joshua  Prest
Tom  Preston
Alexandra Jane Carver  Price
Zoe  Printer
Jack  Pritchard
Henry  Pritchard
Jonathan  Pritchett
Anna Louise Pullinger
George  Ramsey
Tobias  Rankin
Grace  Ranola
William  Ranson
Nina  Rasuli
William  Rayner
Sam Chelsea Reddick
Philippa  Rees
Sam  Reis
Eleanor  Revill
Catherine  Richards
Emma Charlotte Richards
Joseph  Rickard
Holly  Rickard
Joseph  Ridge
James Dominic Roberts
Joshua  Robertshaw
James  Robertson
Carys  Robins
Eleanor  Robinson
Tanita  Robson
Simon  Robson
Daniel  Rodd
Hannah  Rodger
Harry  Rodney
Oliver  Rodney
Leanne  Rogan
Charlotte  Rogan
Elizabeth  Rose
Sophie  Ross
Benjamin  Russ
Tom  Sansome
Alexander  Sapstead
Matthew  Saunders
Krystyna  Sawicki
Mhairi  Scannell
Natasha  Schofield
Judith  Scott
Michael Charles Sessions
Tara  Shankla
Hannah  Shanks
Melissa  Shaw
Jou  Shiraishi
Emma  Shore
Dean  Sidlow
Jessica  Sill
Emma  Silvester
Holly  Simmons
Jack  Simpson
Samantha  Skelding
Katherine  Skelton
Eleanor  Smallwood
Jamie  Smart
Naomi Faith Smith
Rebecca  Smith
Brittany  Smith
Jessica  Smith
Emily  Smith
Matthew  Smith
Rebecca  Smith
Mark  Smout
James  Solly
Orlaith Mary Beth Sonner
Rebecca  Spargo
Emma  Speares
Corinne  Spiller
Hanna  Spilsbury
George  Stanhope
Jessica Caragh Starkey
Molly Rachel Start
Erin  Stevenson
Mark  Stewart
John William Grainger Stewart
Emma Rachel Stone
Harry  Storey
Owain Charles Robert Strassburg
Chloe  Stratton
Hope  Sturley
Erin  Sullivan
Isabelle  Sumner
Christopher  Tarling
Luke  Taylor
James  Taylor
Simon  Taylor
Victoria  Taylor
Tobias Heath Uppal Thomas
Rachel  Thompson
Catherine  Thompson
Rosie  Thompson
Katie  Thompson-Adams
Georgia  Tice
Hannah  Tice
Amelia  Titford
Jordan  Tompkins
Rupert  Toppin
Harriet  Tovey
Dominic  Trott
Thomas John Turley
Jeremy  Turner
Grace Elizabeth Vaughan Tarr
Hebe  Vosper-Brown
Alicia  Wainwright
Alexander James  Walker
Alexandra  Walker
Simon  Walker
Matthew  Wall
Jack  Walton
Sophie  Ward
Hannah  Ward-Glenton
Matthew  Warne
Georgia  Waterson
Michael  Watson
Joseph  Watson
James  Watson
James  Weatherly
Victoria  Weaver
Rebecca  Webley
Leah  Wells
Oliver  Wells
Gemma  West
Amy  West
Daniel  Westoby
Rebecca  Whaling
Emily  Whall
William  White
Hannah  Whittingham
Emily  Wild
Eve  Wilde
Olivia  Wiles
Micol  Williams
Olivia  Williams
Benjamin  Williams
James  Wilmot
Marion  Wilson
Andrew  Wilson
Rebecca Elizabeth  Woodford
Daniel  Woolfall
Lucy  Wren
Emily  Wright
Rebecca  Wright
Robert Wylie
Jessica  Wylie
Konrad  Wysocki
Ollie Yeats-Brown
Grace  Yeoman
Kangming Yi (Jacky)












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