Life after your DofE Award

So you’ve had an amazing time achieving your Gold Award and now you’re sad it’s all over? Wondering what to do with all the spare time on your hands? You know the adventure doesn’t have to stop here!

DofE programmes are run by Leaders, many of whom are volunteers. People who get a buzz from helping people achieve. Individuals who, in many cases, achieved Awards themselves – people like you! You may have even experienced this through doing DofE leadership for your Gold volunteering activity.

So why not share your experience and enthusiasm with others? That’s what Louise, a Gold Award holder from Northamptonshire has done:

“The most important attribute I got from doing my DofE was gaining confidence and learning about my strengths. I have been a volunteer Leader for about five years, which has really developed my confidence and I will continue to develop the DofE wherever I am. I feel the DofE has given me so much and I would like to give something back!”

You could make all the difference to someone’s life, gain new skills like planning and leadership and of course have a lot of fun along the way!

Most DofE centres need help with groups at all levels, with specific sections or just general support and admin. So you could find yourself running a Bronze group, organising team volunteering activities or co-ordinating enrolment forms and setting up eDofE accounts – whatever you’re good at or want to learn, there’ll be a role for you.

Interested?   You can:


The DofE Alumni

Over five million young people have done their DofE since HRH The Duke of Edinburgh first set it up in 1956. Are you one of them?

There are lots of reasons to get in touch with us, including:

Share your success story. Here’s your chance to inspire other young people. Tell us what your’e doing now and how the DofE helped you get there. Here you can give us your contact details so that we can let you know when the alumni is set up.

Volunteering. Would you like to use all that knowledge you gained to help other young people on their programme. We are in particular looking for new group leaders!

Access the LifeZone. Exclusively for our participants, it supports support them considering important employment, education and life decisions including advice from CEOs, job opportunities, inspiring success stories and support on volunteering and apprenticeships. Access it through eDofE.

Get exclusive access to discounts and special offers. As a DofE alumni you can still access the amazing offers in our shop.

Donate. Every £1 helps another young person to start their DofE. Those young people who are especially disadvantaged get the most out of their programme!

You will also hear more about some of the famous people who did their DofE: HRH Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex; HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Katherine Jenkins; Josh Widdicombe; Katherine Kelly; Ben Fogle; Zoe Ball; Harry Judd; Hannah Cockcroft; Dame Kelly Holmes; Kevin Keegan

Email us at [email protected] if you are a DofE alumni celebrity and would like to help.

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