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Thought about driving for your skill? You can learn to drive before you’re 17 with Young Driver and save 10% on lessons.
Always show your DofE Card or Voucher. You’ll get the best savings and your purchases will generate a donation to the DofE charity. Save at least 10% on expedition kit this season.
Bronze expedition changes – find out what changes we’ve introduced to Bronze-level programmes.
Our latest posters give advice to pack your rucksack and how to look after feet before, during, and after an expedition.
DofE Skills for Work – read what leading businesses have to say about the DofE
DofE Lifezone – To help Award holders & participants describe skills developed through their DofE.
Local DofE information
Take on a challenge
Use the DofE Expedition Kit List as a checklist for what kit you need to buy, borrow and pack.
The Official DofE Clothing ranges feature new products in more colours at great prices. From only £8.99.
Enter our FREE prize draws for your chance to win vouchers, days out, expedition kit and more.
The DofE discounts have increased in Blacks, Millets and Ultimate Outdoors, giving you more chances for even better savings

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