FAQs for Expedition AAPs
What’s happening?

From January 2020, the process for accrediting expedition Assessors will be moving completely online to eDofE.

This will eventually replace the previous paper-based process – but the two will run in parallel to begin with.

We’re introducing these changes to make the accreditation process paper-free, simpler, quicker and more user-friendly, and to reduce the administrative burden on all those involved.

What is eDofE?

To make sure AAPs can also benefit from the new online Assessor accreditation process, we’ll be providing you with eDofE accounts for the first time.

eDofE is our digital system where participants record their DofE activity choices and progress online and get each section approved by their DofE Leader.

All DofE participants and adult volunteers have an eDofE account, with access to different features, depending on their role.

Do these changes only apply to Expedition AAPs?

The changes to Assessor affiliation and management will only apply to Expedition AAPs.

However, all AAPs will be given eDofE accounts. This will allow you to review the details that will be used to create your AAP licence, streamlining the process for renewals.

All AAPs will also be able to access eDofE Mapping, the DofE’s online mapping tool, and the DofE Training Centre.

How do I get an account?

You will receive an email from eDofE with information about how to log into your eDofE account.

What will I be able to do on eDofE?

We’ll be creating two new eDofE roles, AAP Manager and AAP Administrator. Each AAP will need to have one Manager, but can have multiple or no Administrators.

Through your eDofE account, you will be able to:
– affiliate Assessors with your organisation using easy, paperless registration on eDofE
– end affiliations with Assessors
– see all the Assessors affiliated with your organisation on one screen
– easily access Assessors’ contact details
– create reports on Assessors who are due to be reaccredited
– request that suitably trained Bronze and Silver level Assessors become Gold Assessors
– access eDofE Mapping and the DofE Training Zone.

These accounts will only allow you to manage Assessor affiliations and view training and resources – they will not give access to participant or centre profiles.

From January, you’ll be able to read practical, how-to guides in the eDofE Help Centre.

How can I create and assign roles for my AAP?

After they log into eDofE, AAP Managers can navigate to the ‘AAP’ section’, then select the ‘Staff’ tab. Here you can create new roles as required.

If supplied, eDofE will send staff members’ login details to their email address once their role has been created.

How can I affiliate Assessors with my organisation?

You’ll be able to search for Assessors on eDofE and ‘Register’ them to your organisation. When doing this, you’ll be required to confirm that you have carried out safeguarding, legal and competency checks.

If the Assessor has never been accredited, you and the Assessor will be told what steps are needed to complete their accreditation.

You will also be able to end affiliations with Assessors, manage all your affiliated Assessors on one eDofE page and easily find their contact details.

From January, there will be in-depth, step-by-step guidance on this on the eDofE Help Centre.

How can Assessors become reaccredited?

Six months before an Assessor’s accreditation is due to expire, AAPs who have registered an affiliation with that Assessor will receive an email flagging up the approaching expiration date. However, you won’t need to take any action.

Instead, Assessors will be prompted to request reaccreditation on eDofE. The relevant DofE Regional or Country office will review and approve this, based on information provided by Assessors themselves.

Your organisation can then choose to re-register the Assessor, subject to carrying out your own due diligence and taking legal responsibility.

How can I request Gold level approval for an Assessor?

You’ll have the option through eDofE to request that Assessors who have completed the EAAS Gold e-Learning be approved to assess at Gold level. Doing so will trigger an alert at the relevant DofE Regional or Country Office, where staff will review and approve the request.

If an Assessor is approved to assess at Gold level, that accreditation will be available to all LOs and AAPs with which they’re affiliated — regardless of which organisation made the request.

What is eDofE Mapping and the DofE Training Zone?

eDofE Mapping is the DofE’s online mapping tool, developed with Ordnance Survey and accessed through eDofE. It allows users to plot, print and export expedition routes. You can find out more in the eDofE Mapping user guide.

The DofE Training Zone brings together all the DofE’s online courses, along with training resources and useful links.

Where can I find more information?

From January, you’ll be able to  step-by-step guidance on the new process on the eDofE Help Centre.

You can also click the purple ‘Support’ bubble in eDofE to send a query or email [email protected].

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