FAQs for Expedition Assessors
What’s changing?

We’re bringing the process for Assessor accreditation, affiliation and management completely online to eDofE from January 2020.

This will eventually replace the previous paper-based process – but the two will run in parallel to begin with.

We’re introducing these changes to make the process paper-free, simpler, quicker and more user-friendly, and to reduce the administrative burden on everyone involved, including Assessors themselves.

What will I be able to do on eDofE?

From January, you will be able to use eDofE to:

– become accredited and reaccredited more quickly and simply, subject to completing the DofE’s Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (EAAS)
– update your own contact details
– see which Licensed Organisations (LOs) or Approved Activity Providers (AAPs) you are affiliated with
– choose to end your affiliation with an organisation
– receive an automatic reminder six months before your accreditation is due to expire
– request accreditation as a Gold Assessor, after completing the appropriate training
– access eDofE Mapping, the DofE’s online mapping tool.

From January, you’ll find step-by-step guides to these tasks in the eDofE Help Centre.

How is accreditation changing?

Approval of Assessor accreditation and reaccreditation will now happen online.

From January, all adult eDofE users will have a ‘My Expedition Assessor accreditation’ section on their profile. On this page, trainee Assessors will be able to see the steps they need to work through to complete their accreditation.

Once they have completed these steps, their accreditation will be submitted to DofE staff for approval, with no need for paper forms.

How do I become reaccredited?

The reaccreditation process will also happen through eDofE, making it quicker and simpler.

Six months before their accreditation is due to expire, Assessors will receive a message telling them that the expiration date is approaching and explaining how they can become reaccredited.

The DofE would normally expect an Assessor to have completed two or more assessments in each of the preceding five years and should have assessed at least once during the previous 12 months unless there are mitigating circumstances for them being unable to do so. e.g. pregnancy, short term ill health or injury, or the LO they assess for didn’t have an expedition the previous season.

Assessors will be required to provide details of how many assessments they have carried out in each of the previous five years.

The reaccreditation request will then be submitted to DofE staff for approval.

How can I become affiliated with an LO or AAP?

LOs and AAPs will be able to create affiliations with individual Assessors by using eDofE to ‘register’ them to their organisation.

Assessors will have the option to end an affiliation with an LO or AAP by selecting ‘End registration’ on eDofE.

What is eDofE Mapping?

eDofE Mapping is the DofE’s online mapping tool, developed with Ordnance Survey and accessed through eDofE. It allows users to plot, print and export expedition routes.

You can find out more by reading the eDofE Mapping user guide.

I can’t see all the training I’ve completed on my Assessor Accreditation page. Why not?

If you find you can’t see all the training courses you’ve completed on your eDofE profile, please call your Regional or Country Office for support.

Where can I find more information?

From January, you’ll be able to find step-by-step guidance on the new process on the eDofE Help Centre.

You can also click the purple ‘Support’ bubble in eDofE to send a query or email [email protected].

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