Assessors & Supervisors

You need to enlist the help of an Assessor for every activity for each section. This role is to train, check and assess what you are doing for an activity. They are normally skilled, qualified or experienced people for a specific activity. You may possibly need a Supervisor as well. Click here for more information on each of these roles.

  • How do I check that they are safe to work with? You must ensure that the nominated person with the role of Assessor/Supervisor is safe to work with. DofE Leaders/Co-ordinators and Licensed Organisations are responsible for checking adult volunteers if it is for an activity directly managed by your group, centre or LO. If you’re organising the activity yourself and you’re under 18, then it is the responsibility for any safeguarding checks lies with your parent/carer/guardian – they must ensure the activity is appropriately managed and insured.
  • What do they do? They ensure you have been properly taught supervised and agree that you’ve met the DofE’s requirements for each section.
  • How do I decide on my aims and goals? Your Leader, Supervisor and Assessor will help you ensure you’ve set yourself enough of a challenge for each of your activities. If you are looking to earn a qualification in an activity as your aim/goal, then this would then be agreed and confirmed with your DofE Leader.
  • Who finds them? Normally it’s up to you or your parent/carer/guardian. Sometimes your DofE Leader can be involved in this search.

How do I choose Supervisors and Assessors for the Volunteering, Physical, Skills, and Residential sections?
For these sections you’ll choose your Assessors and Supervisors, for example, asking your art teacher at school to be your Assessor so you can do art and design for your Skills section.
The DofE Charity does not manage or have responsibility for these people. They are not accredited or nationally recognised by the DofE Charity. The only exception is the Expedition section (see below).

How do I choose Supervisors and Assessors for the Expedition section?
Expedition Assessors and Supervisors are normally selected by your DofE Leader/Co-ordinator at your centre or sometimes by your LO. There is formal training and accreditation for the Assessors and Supervisors through the DofE’s Modular Training Framework. The DofE and Licensed Organisations also provide training for Expedition Supervisors.

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