Completing your programme on eDofE

When you have decided on an activity, decided how long you want to do it for, identified your DofE Assessor/Supervisor for each activity and planned your expedition:

  • Fill in the sections – the activity title, start date of the activity and objectives.
  • Collect photos etc – On every session for that activity, you may like to collect photographs, scans of certificates, letters etc. You can also upload documents or just type a report into eDofE.
  • Completing the Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Residential (Gold) sections – when you have done your chosen activity for the required timescale and met your agreed aims with your Assessor then they should get the activity and evidence approved by your DofE Leader on eDofE.
  • Completing the Expedition section – After completing your training, practice(s) and qualifying expeditions, your DofE Assessor will approve this and your Leader will confirm it on eDofE.

What if I only have access to the Welcome Pack?
If you do not have access to eDofE (example: no access to the internet) then you can still complete your programme by using the Welcome Pack:

  • Discuss and agree this with your DofE Leader
  • Get your Assessor’s comments in the Assessor’s Report cards
  • Get your Leader to approve your sections by signing and dating it.

How do I get the sections signed off?
Once you have done the work for the required months for each section, you must inform your Leader that you have finished all the sections. Your Leader will go into their own eDofE account and check and approve your sections’ evidence.

Who approves my Award?
Your DofE Leader will approve your DofE work or if you do not have access to eDofE they can check your Welcome Pack. Then your Licensed Organisation will check it:

  • If it is approved – a DofE Badge and Certificate will be produced by your OA and given to you (see item 7).
  • If it is not approved – your DofE Leader/Licensed Organisation will contact you if there is a problem with a section(s). You will be asked to explain or correct a problem.

Useful Note: There are many reasons for why your Award may not be approved, for example: if you’ve done the wrong activity for a section (e.g. trying to use football as a skill, it comes under physical), if you did not spend enough time on a section, if you haven’t got a enough evidence, if the wrong dates are entered, if the expedition details are incorrect etc. Make sure your DofE Leader approves your choices before you start!

What can I do if I cannot finish all the sections to achieve a full Award?
If for whatever reason you cannot complete all the sections of your DofE programme you can still be recognised for the section(s) you have completed. Your DofE Leader may arrange to use sectional certificates. Remember, you can still finish your whole programme if you complete all your activities in each section before your 25th birthday (even if you started them when you were 14!)

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