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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do some maps open using the old system and others open in the new OS eDofE Mapping system?

On the 3rd March 2016, the DofE released a new eDofE Mapping tool developed by OS. From this date, users will be able only to create maps using this system. Any maps created before the 3rd March can be viewed and be edited until 15th April 2016 using the Satmap system. Please ensure that you save and export any routes that you would like to keep before the 15th April 2016.

Can I import my old routes into the new eDofE Mapping system?

Yes – you can import .gpx files into the OS eDofE Mapping system, including ones produced using the Satmap system. Please note however that you will only be able to import the route and not the information from the route card.

What will happen to my routes created using the old eDofE Mapping system after the 15th April 2016?

After the 15th April 2016, the maps created using the old eDofE Mapping system will be deleted. Please ensure that you export and save any maps that you would like to keep.

One of the checkpoints that I have created on my route isn’t shown on my route card – why is this?

It is important that you give your checkpoint both a title and also add in a leg description. If these fields aren’t populated the checkpoint will not be picked up by the route card.

I have clicked ‘Create new map’ on eDofE but nothing has happened – why is this?

It is likely that your pop –up blocker is stopping eDofE mapping from launching. Please check to see if this is turned on.

What maps are available? How do I view OS 1:25,000 scale and 1:50,000 scale maps?

You can view the following maps:

  •  Standard: a zoomable map that shows everything from country overview to detailed road maps
  • Standard + OS Leisure maps: Shows the standard map and automatically switches to more detailed 1: 50 000 scale (Landranger) or 1: 25 000 scale (Explorer) as you zoom in.
  • Aerial: Zoomable aerial photography

The maps cover Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) only. The Isle of Man is available in Standard and 1:50 000 scale only.

How do I find Grid Reference for a location?

On the toolbar, click the ‘Grid Ref’ button. The grid reference for the centre of the map will be shown in a pop-up box, and a small cross-hair will appear showing you exactly where this relates to.

Can I see the weather forecast for an area on my route?

Yes – if you right click the area that you would like to see the weather forecast for you will drop a pin. You can select ‘More info’ and you can select weather on the left hand side of the screen.

The weather forecast information comes from the Met Office. The data is gathered from around 5,000 of their forecast and observation sites, and shows current weather conditions at that point. Clicking on the weather icon shows a forecast for that location for the next five days.

How do I change the colour or transparency of my route on the map?

While creating a route click the ‘Style’ button on the toolbar to change the route colour, line thickness and transparency. Choose the settings suitable for your route and map layer type here before printing or saving.

Can I move or delete an individual waypoint?

Yes – during route creation or editing, move a waypoint by single clicking / touching and then dragging it to a new position. Let go to drop it in the new position. To remove a waypoint altogether, select the ‘Remove’ button from the toolbar and click the waypoint to delete. Remember to switch back to ‘Plot’ once you are done.

Why won’t my GPX file import, with an ‘import failed’ message?

GPX files come in a wide range of versions. We’ve added the ability to handle the most common types, but it may not be able to understand some formats.

At the moment, we have set a maximum size of 2MB or 3000 waypoints. If your GPX file is larger than this, reduce the size by splitting the route into two or more files, or by reducing the number of waypoints. Most GPS software packages have the ability to do this. Routes over 3000 waypoints make eDofE Mapping respond very slowly or crash altogether.

Why does printing in landscape mode come out wrong?

There are many variations in how printers work, and for some, after choosing to print in landscape in eDofE Mapping, your may have to leave the print settings in the print dialog in portrait mode, still selecting A4 or A3. Test your particular setup by using print preview or printing in black and white before printing in full colour. Most of the print problems are caused by the print driver settings not matching the options set in eDofE Mapping. Use the ‘Print using system dialog’ (or similar) option to access your printer settings to check and adjust them.

Why when I choose to print on A3 paper why do I only get an A4 size map?

Ensure that your local print options are set to A3, and then use your computers print driver settings to adjust the print options, including selecting the correct tray with the A3 paper loaded. Every printer works slightly differently, and you may have to experiment to find a setup that works for you. Depending on your computer and browser settings you may need to use the ‘Print using system dialog’ option to be able to adjust the print driver settings on each print.

If you do not have a printer that takes A3 paper, you can manually move the area to be printed around to create multiple prints. The print area overview will help you create multiple prints that can be aligned and stuck together.

Why am I getting a blank page on print?

The most common reason is using the browsers print button instead of the eDofE Mapping print function. Only use the eDofE Mapping print button to start printing your map. For Mac users, using the ‘Preview’ button before printing often resolves this issue.

If you are still having printing issues please contact us.

Can I show multiple routes on the same map?

No – at this stage you can only view one route on the map at any given point.

Can I see the different wild country area boundaries?

No – it is not currently possible to see the DofE wild country areas on the maps. If you would like more information about the DofE’s expedition areas please visit the DofE’s website.

If I’m logged out of eDofE will changes to my map be saved?

Yes – your changes will be saved even if you are automatically logged out of eDofE.

How accurate is my ‘scale’ printed map from eDofE mapping?

This will be dependent on the printer and paper that you are using; it won’t however be able to match the accuracy of OS paper maps. You shouldn’t rely on a printed map and should always take an OS paper map with you.

How do I enable pop ups in Safari on a Mac?

  1. Open Safari browser.

  2. Click on Safari to open Menu

  3. Click on Preferences from the Menu

  4. Select Security tab in Preferences

  5. Uncheck Block pop-up windows

I have noticed that my printed map differs slightly to the maps shown on eDofE Mapping – which is most up to date?

OS update their 1:25,000 and 1:50:000 scale online maps on a quarterly basis however the paper maps are updated on a more ad-hoc basis. You can find out more about updates to paper maps here.

I have added two checkpoints to my route but when I select the ‘Route Card’ button I get the following message “You need to create at least two Checkpoints on your route in order to see the Route Card” – why is this?

In order for a point to become a Checkpoint both the ‘Title’ and ‘Leg description’ fields must be populated with text. This will allow the system to recognise the point as a Checkpoint.

Does the route card take height gain into account when calculating timings?

Yes – OS have released a fix (17th March 2016) which has fixed a bug which was effecting the height gain calculation. OS use Naismith’s rule to calculate the leg time taking height gain into consideration. You may need to clear your browsers cache in order for the fix to become effective.

How long can my map title be on the eDofE Mapping launch page on eDofE be?

At the moment there is a limit of 32 characters within the title field. Unfortunately if this is exceeded you will not be able to launch the eDofE Mapping application.

Can I save my map and/or route card as a .JPEG image?

No – unfortunately not. If you would like an electronic copy of the map and/or route card you can either save the route as a .GPX file or save it as a .PDF file. If you are using Google Chrome, when printing you have an option to create a PDF instead of sending the document to your printer. If you aren’t using Google Chrome however you will you will need to download a PDF writer (a quick online search should find one) and this will work like a normal printer would. When you print your map you will be able to select your PDF writer (instead of your normal printer) – this will save your map and/or route card as a PDF file rather than print it.

I’m looking to send a map and route card created using eDofE Mapping to a Network Coordinator with a Green form – how should I do this?

The best option would be to save the map and route card as a PDF and send this electronically. If you send route as a .GPX some of the manual entered information (for example activity time, escape routes & group information) will not be transferred across.

I’ve created a route in the Isle of Man and the height calculation isn’t working – why is this?

OS don’t have the jurisdiction and/or responsibility for mapping the Isle of Man. As a consequence of this OS don’t currently have access to any height data. Unfortunately this means that in the eyes of the OS database that the Isle of Man is completely flat!

I’ve imported a .GPX file in eDofE Mapping and I can’t see my escape routes – is this right?

Unfortunately, yes – .GPX files are only able to hold information that is attributed to checkpoints and waypoints on the map. This allows you to share your route and leg descriptions; however information that has been entered manually (for example activity time, escape routes & group information) will not be transferred across. If you would like to share your route card, the best option would be to use a .PDF writer to save and send your route card.

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