An adult who checks on a young person’s progress and agrees the completion of a section of their programme. They will provide an Assessor’s report to confirm this (see below).

In the Expedition section, qualifying expeditions must be assessed by a competent adult who is approved by the Licensed Organisation and accredited by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Charity. Some Assessors are members of volunteer networks which are managed directly by the DofE. Each network is based in a wild country area and members provide a service for Licensed Organisations, assessing expedition teams. For more details see

Assessor’s report
An Assessor’s report is completed by the Assessor for a particular section
of a participant’s programme. It constitutes a review of the activities
that the young person has been carrying out and documents their progress towards their goals. The report can be recorded online via the DofE website (, a voice recording, or using the Keeping
Track booklet.

Award holder
A young person who has achieved a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award by completing their DofE programme.

Directly Licensed Centre (DLC)
A Directly Licensed Centre is a type of Licensed Organisation which holds a licence to deliver DofE programmes to young people on its own premises. Directly Licensed Centres can include schools, youth clubs and young offender institutions, which do not run their DofE provision under a licence provided by an Operating Authority.

DofE Business
A DofE Business is a type of Licensed Organisation which offers a DofE programme to a number of its employees.

DofE Award Verifier
In Licensed Organisations, a DofE Award Verifier is appointed to grant final approval to Awards. They are completely independent from the delivery of the DofE programme to the young people.

DofE centre
A location where the DofE is run, for example, a school, youth centre or young offender institution. There may be one or more groups at a centre.

DofE Co-ordinator
The person who sets up and manages the DofE in a centre. They support the Leaders and oversee the groups.

DofE group
A group of young people who are working together on their DofE programmes, with one or more DofE Leaders.

DofE Leader
The adult responsible for a DofE group. They lead, guide and encourage young people, agree their programme choices and sign off Keeping Track booklets and their eDofE evidence.

DofE Manager
The named person in a Licensed Organisation who is responsible for the
day-to-day delivery of the DofE. There will often be other assistants, administrators and staff involved.

DofE team
This is to describe participants who are working on a specific sectional activity. For example: a Silver expedition team will have four to seven participants or a Bronze volunteering team may have three working on a recycling project.

The online system for managing young people’s progress through their DofE programmes.

Expedition Supervisor
A Supervisor is essential for the Expedition section as they are responsible for supervising and supporting a team of participants to ensure their safety and well-being whilst they are doing their expedition.

Expedition Training Framework
The Expedition Training Framework consists of a number of areas in which young people must prove their competency before they can undertake their DofE expedition. This skills training helps to ensure their safety.

Any adult who volunteers to help a DofE Leader run a group. They may give general support, i.e. administration, help run one section or give specific training.

Licensed Organisation (LO)
Licensed Organisation is the umbrella term used for the four different types of organisation that can hold licences to deliver DofE programmes. The four different types of organisation are:
– Directly Licensed Centre (DLC)
– National Operating Authority (NOA)
– Operating Authority (OA)
– DofE Business Partner

Modular Training Framework
The DofE maintains a number of training modules to help all adults involved in the DofE to develop the skills that they need to carry out their role effectively. Collectively, these modules are referred to as the Modular Training Framework.

National Operating Authority (NOA)
A National Operating Authority is a type of Licensed Organisation which holds a licence to deliver DofE programmes to the young people with whom they work in one or more of the UK nations.

Operating Authority (OA)
An Operating Authority is a type of Licensed Organisation which holds
the licence to deliver DofE programmes in a specified geographic area. Operating Authority licences are often held by local authorities.

Any young person doing a DofE programme.

Participation Place
To take part in the DofE, participants pay a nominal participation fee for
which they are allocated a Participation Place within eDofE. The current
charge for participation can be found at

Welcome Pack
Once a participant has paid their participation fee, they will receive a DofE Welcome Pack which contains information and advice on the DofE, their programmes and eDofE.

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