What insurance does the DofE provide?
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award provides limited personal accident insurance cover – you can read the details here.

What Insurance do Licensed Organisations have in place?
As a condition of their Operating Licence, each Licensed Organisation must arrange Public Liability Insurance, which will provide an indemnity in respect of their legal liability (and that of participants and adult helpers) for bodily injury or damage to property arising in connection with a DofE activity.

Am I insured whilst doing Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Residential sections?
You will need to ask the deliverer/provider of each activity what insurance cover is in place or required to be taken out for each activity you do.

What insurance is in place whilst I am doing the Expedition section?
The provider (e.g. your school, Licensed Organisation, youth group etc) of the training, practices and qualifying expedition should have in place the insurance to deliver this section. Ask them if you have any questions.

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