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Having trouble with your billing or delivery address?

When you set up your profile initially it’s best to do it within eDofE as your Licensed Organisation’s address, as when you sign in to the shop this is the address that will automatically show up on the payments page.

If you do have to make changes on the payments page (for example making the delivery address different to the billing address)…
You will need to accept all the details that are there already, then go back and click on ‘new’ next to the address you wish to change. A box will then appear further down the screen, which you can then fill in the alternative address. The page will not refresh, but it will accept the changes.

Having problems logging in?
To log in to the shop, you need to sign in to eDofE, using your normal log in details and then click on the ‘shop’ button at the top of the page. You will then be asked to sign in again using the username and password. If you are signed in correctly, it will tell you this at the top of the page. Then click onto the ‘products’ box at the top left-hand side and you should then be able to view all items that we sell.

Please note the log in page is very sensitive and you must have the exact username and password details to sign in to the shop for it to recognise who you are. If you are having problems logging in and your password on eDofE has been saved, it is recommend that you change your password, and then try logging in again with your new password.

Credit accounts

If you have a credit account with ASL, when you reach the payment page, you will have the option to click on the ‘ASL credit account’ or the ‘credit card’ button. If you select the ‘ASL credit account’ button and no account number shows up, don’t try to add one, as long as you select this button, your order will come through on your credit account.

To be able to use your credit account on the shop, you must have returned your credit account application form to ASL and notified us of your eDofE ID number. If at any point your eDofE account changes and you get a new ID number, you must advise us of this.

Where do I get DofE materials and merchandise from?
You can order the materials and merchandise from our trading arm ASL. This is accessed via the link in eDofE.

Many OAs also keep a small stock. You can contact ASL on Tel: 0131 553 5280 or email: [email protected]

Note: Welcome Packs with participation places can only be ordered from within eDofE by users with prior authorisation.

Pages 28 and 29 of The Handbook for DofE Leaders refer to direct entrants as ‘those without a previous level’ – shouldn’t that be ‘the’ previous level?
Yes, this is a mistake which sneaked past us and will be corrected on the next print run.

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