Running DofE programmes

DofE programmes are delivered under licence by over 400 Licensed Organisations throughout the UK (e.g. local authorities, uniformed organisations, charities, YOIs, businesses). They are responsible for the administration of the DofE in their area and for authorisation of Awards. Each Licensed Organisation has a number of DofE centres, managed by a Centre Co-ordinator. In each DofE centre there can be one or more DofE groups, each run by a DofE Leader.

All DofE centres have to be authorised by a licensed Licensed Organisation to ensure they meet specific standards of safety, child protection, training etc. If you want to set up a centre or run a group, please contact your local Licensed Organisation

What kind of qualifications/training is needed?
Your Licensed Organisation will state what qualifications and training are required to run a DofE centre/group as they differ. However, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’ve done our induction course.

As a DofE Leader – how do I order Welcome Packs and eDofE accounts?
You can only order Welcome Packs and eDofE accounts (these are called ‘participation places’) from your Licensed Organisation. The Licensed Organisation will send you your Welcome Packs and either allocate ‘places’ to you for you to create new eDofE participant accounts or they will create them for you.

How can I become a volunteer/helper?
You can read about various roles that our volunteers have here.
To get involved please contact your local Licensed Organisation.

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