Welcome Pack and eDofE account

When you start doing your DofE, you pay a small fee for your Welcome Pack, which includes your eDofE account (or ‘participation place’) and the certificate and badge when you achieve your Award.

What is eDofE?

eDofE is an interactive online system that helps young people manage their DofE programme and Leaders monitor their progress. Accompanying the system is a Welcome Pack for participants, which contains an Assessor Card pack. Find out more about eDofE and download a range of resources.

What is an eDofE account?

An online record where you set up your DofE programme and record evidence. You must receive your eDofE account to do your DofE programme, unless your Licensed Organisation advises you otherwise.

What is a Welcome Pack and what’s in it?

The Welcome Pack is what you receive when you start your DofE programme. There are different packs for each level (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Each pack contains a wallet at the back of the Handbook to store the elements of the pack. You can also add your own notes into it. It also contains:

  • Participant’s Handbook
  • Assessor Guidance booklet
  • Merchandise leaflet
  • Welcome letter

The Assessor Guidance booklet, with perforated cards to allow easy removal is stored in the flap in the Participants’ Handbook until they need them, detatch and hand guidance cards to their sectional Assessors at the start of their activity.

They can keep completed Assessor’s Report cards in there once they have scanned and uploaded them into eDofE as before.

SPARE PAGES ETC: Please note that copies of the Welcome Pack and its contents are not available to download from the website or eDofE.

Where do I get my Welcome Pack and eDofE account?
When you ask your DofE Leader how to do your DofE programme you will normally be handed an application form and asked to pay the requested fee. You will send the details and payment to the stated address on the form OR hand it back to your DofE Leader. Once they have processed your application form, you will be either be handed or posted the appropriate Welcome Pack and handed/posted/emailed your username and password to access your eDofE account.

How much does it cost to take part?
To do a DofE programme, you will pay a nominal fee to the DofE Charity. This cost includes your Welcome Pack and eDofE account.

See current fees here.Please note that many LOs and centres add on administration costs to this basic fee (to cover postage, organising expeditions, admin etc) which should be made clear at the enrolment stage. If you have a query about any additional costs then ask them directly what the stated fee covers.

What should I do if I have paid but I have not received my Welcome Pack or eDofE account?

If you have paid and not yet received your Welcome Pack and eDofE account then ask whoever you gave the money to about what has happened to your order. You should be given the details to access your eDofE account before you begin your DofE programme.

What if I want to start my DofE programme but I have not got a Welcome Pack yet and have no access to eDofE?
If you’ve paid and have to wait for a Welcome Pack to arrive and your eDofE account to be created, then you can still begin – follow these pointers:

  • Ensure you understand the rules before starting! Ask your DofE Leader, or have a look around this website.
  • Keep a personal diary on what you have done so you can transfer the details when you are handed the Welcome Pack and access to your eDofE account. You can use our Activity Logs, downloadable from this page, if you wish.
    If you have no DofE Leader or are no longer in contact with them, please contact your Licensed Organisation.

DofE Regional/Country Offices cannot issue Welcome Packs or eDofE accounts.

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