Fuelling growth

The DofE network continues to expand

The pace of growth in the number of Licensed Organisations that make up our network shows no sign of slowing, increasing this year to 2,601: an increase of 43% year on year, following an increase of 42% in the previous year and 41% in the year before that.

This is a key factor in our growth, as each Licensed Organisation demonstrates a commitment to ensuring their young people benefit from the DofE experience.

However, it also brings with it a growing demand for back-ups, requiring an increase in the number of employed professional staff we need to deliver it.

This in turn drives increased demand for income and donations to maintain our growing infrastructure.

So far we have proven more than capable of generating the necessary revenues and charitable donations to support this structure, but we are always well aware of the need to balance our investment in future growth with our ongoing requirements.

Business intelligence

We have continued to develop our business intelligence solution to give our staff and volunteers the best information to support and encourage young people doing their DofE programme.

In the last year we have started to bring in additional information sources which, when combined with our existing data, have given us a more detailed view of the areas and individuals we serve and the impact we could and do have.

Once again, our data has shown that the majority of the 271,439 young people who started their DofE programme in 2016/17 did so through a secondary or academy school.

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