Wednesday 15 May 2013

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award would like to congratulate all the young people that have achieved their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

737 young people collected their certificates on the 15th May at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.


Throne Room- The Scout Association
Presenter- Bryony Balen, Explorer, Scouting Ambassador and Gold Award Holder

“Three years ago I was two rooms down getting my Gold DofE Award, now I have come back here via the South Pole as a presenter, What are you going to have achieved in three years’ time?”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Entrée Room- London and South East
Alastair Stewart – Journalist and TV Presenter

“We are incredibly proud of what you (Gold Award holders) have achieved. You are the elite, not because of your background but because of what you have chosen to become through your DofE programme. Bank it all and apply it to your everyday lives, because through it you can help to make society a better place. Never forget what you have done, what you have become and what you can do with it.”

See Alastair talk about the DofE here…

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Queen Anne Room
Presenter – Felicity Aston, Polar Explorer and Gold Award Holder

“There will be lots of people who will tell you you’re not going to succeed. Don’t listen to them, because you can do it.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter- Carol Kirkwood, Weather Presenter for BBC Breakfast

“The beauty of the DofE is it recognises achievement that is so much more than an exam pass. It recognises the sort of achievement that actually changes things and people for life. A Gold DofE Award is a huge accomplishment and I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be able to help you recognise your success today.”

See Carol talk about the DofE here…

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Banquet Room – DofE Business- British Gas
Presenter – Theo Paphitis, Chairman of Ryman Limited

“When I get a CV through, to see the DofE is a big tick in the box, because you chose to do something torturous and hard. You took on a challenge and got to the end of it!” 

See Theo talk about his experience here…

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- North East
Presenter – Brian Douds, Explorer and Gold Award Holder

“Take what you have learnt from the DofE, challenge yourself further and aspire to achieve your own ambitions!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Entrée Room – Yorkshire and Humberside
Presenter- Hannah Cockroft, Paralympian Wheelchair racer and Bronze Award holder

“’Without pain you will know no glory’ is a quote that I live my life by and one which you all now know the true meaning of. Congratulations to all the achievers here today, you have now spurred me on to complete my Gold! Always remember if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”

See Hannah talk about the DofE here…

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Queen Anne Room- South West
Presenter- Ade Adepitan, Wheelchair basketball player and TV presenter

“It’s not just about receiving the award and the presentation,, it’s also about the journey, what you had to do, what you have done. Use today to inspire you for the future. Go for your dreams, don’t let anything hold you back or put a ceiling on your ambition. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it’s our mistakes that make us.”

See Ade talk about the DofE here…

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Picture Gallery- National room, including DofE Business
Presenter- Michael Palin, Actor, Writer and TV Presenter

“I’m delighted to be part of today’s Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award Presentations. The DofE is rightly prestigious and the help and support it gives, and the initiative and sense of achievement it encourages, is enormously valuable to young people today.”

See Michael talk about the DofE here…

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Banquet Room – DofE Business- British Gas
Presenter- Joanna Lumley, Actress

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a way of recognising the extraordinary achievement of these young people aged 14-25, which is just the age when I was being useless, they are doing something fantastic and challenging themselves in every possible way”

See Joanna talk about the DofE here…

Download the list of Gold Award Holders at this presentation here.

Gold Award holders on camera

See what some of the Gold Award holders who attended the presentation think of the DofE…

Roll of Honour: 15 May 2013

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 15th May at St. James’s Palace:



Daniel Adeline

Adeel Ahmad

Yasar Ahmed

Sara Ahmed

Rhiannon G Allen

Grace Amelia Allen

Lily Alsop

Amelia Rose Anderson

Sarah Archer

Nilam Ark

Janany Arunachalam

Peter Astbury

Scott Grant Bagwell

Claire Baker

James Baker

Melissa Nicole Roseanne Barber

Poppy Baron

Michael Edward Barrett

Matthew Barton-Eckett

Robert Battrum

Aaron Bell

Jack Bell

Nicholas Bennett

Rebecca Bentley

Jess Berry

Kabir Singh Bhogal

David Bigglestone

Joe Bird

Ian Bishop

Rebecca Blakeway

Faye Blazey

Mitchell Booth

Rhiannon Eva May Bowkett

Jasmine Boyle

Alexandra Bradie

Lauren Brady

Jordan James Breakspear

Thomas Bridgland

Adrian St. John Brittlebank

Emma Brook

Mark Brookes

Joel Brown

Simon Brown

Ella Brown

Francis James Cafearo

Ash Cain

Francesca Calnan

Anne Carr

Rory Alexander Chambers

Zoe Chartres

Anthony Chen

James Chitty

Sophie Christmas

John Church

Katie Churchill

Thomas Clark

Adam James Clark

Billy John Clarke

Ellis Clarke

Luke Clements

Anthony Cleminson

Lily Cockburn

James George Coey

Sarah Connell

Joe Cook

Emily Cook

Thomas Coombes

Stephen John Cox

Thomas James Cox

Annabel Cox

Alastair Cox

James Alexander Coxell

Thomas Craven

Bethany Crocker

Scott Croxall

Joshua Cummings

Simon Cunningham

Alice Cunnington

William Cusack

Matthew Dartnell

Haydn Davies

Rhiannon Davies

Joe Davis

James Dawe-Boulton

Laura Deeks

Rohan Desai

Christopher Dixon

Kevin Dobson

William Dodkin

Alexander Doey

Vidit Doshi

Sakina Dossaji

Matthew Douch

James Doughty

Jasmin Dowdall

Sam Doyle

Matthew Dunstan

Kirsty Durose

Zara Dyar

Matthew Edmond

Orlanda Edmonds

Ashley Elder

Martin Elsby

Danielle Enwright

Tom Evans

Juliet Evans

Katharine Ann Eyre

Max Fancourt

Hannah Farley

Abbie Firmin

Claire Firth

Joe Gordon Firth

Kathryn Firth

Kiera Fisken

James Forbes

Cameron Ford

Adam Foster

Timothy Foster

Wahid Fozdar

Helena French

Lewis Froggatt

Nathan Jon Gallo

Daniel Raymond Gamlin

Thomas Garvey

Charles Frederick Gaylard

Alice George

Katie George

Alexander David Gerrett

Andrew Gilbert

Robert Gilbert

Jonathan Gilbert

Adam Goodwell

Rebecca Grattage

Catherine Gray

Lucy Carol Gray

Rebecca Greenaway

Adam Gristock

Natalie Grover

Megan Hales

Mark Philip Rex Hammond

Liam Hanley

Eleanor Harding

Sonya Hardy

Matthew Hardy

Sara Harman

Gregory Harris

Guy Hart

Fiona Lesley Hartley

Rebecca Hartshorn

Olivia Heading

Sarah Joy Heard

Jennifer Kate Hebden

Madeleine Heggett

Isabel Hessey

Danni Hewitt

Anthony Hewitt

Ben Hewlett

Elliot Hinton

Matthew Hitchens

Jack Hnatyszyn

Lawrence Ho

Ryan Hobbs

Joshua Hochman

Alexander Holloway

Adam Holmes

Andrew Hope

Alistair Horn

Samuel Horner

Samuel Horsley

Daniel Hosier

Charlotte Hoskin

Timothy Hou

Charlie Howard

Harry Hudson

Heather Hughes

Nathan Humphries

Christopher Hunter

Matthew Hutt

Nancy Ibrahim

Yuri Ichinose

Raja Yousef Iqbal

Eghoihunu Idobomema Ireo

Jamie Irving

Hayley Ann Jackson

Hannah Jackson

Emma Katherine Jacobs

Zaahid Abbas Jaffer

Keith Jarrett

Harriet Jennings

Daniel Mark Jewell

Hannah Elizabeth Johnson

Catherine Ann Johnston

Daniel Jones

Owen Tomos Jones

Antony Kalindjian

James Kelleher

Lauren Kershaw

Andrijana Kevic

Dane Kyron King

Peter Ladd

Jessica Lafferty

Nicolas Lambert

George Lambros

Oliver Lane

Matthew Langridge

Benjamin Latchford

Jessica Lewis

Megan Loach

Alistair James Love

Gabrielle Lowe

Ryan Lowe

Katherine Lucas

Adam Lumer

Grace Lynch

Alex Maber

Marianna Macari-Ferris

Nicola Corinne Mackay

Corbin Mackin

Emily Mailes

Tanya Mann

James Manning

Aaron Marchant

Nick Marsh

Reece Martin

Edward Allen Martin

Edward Martin

Marlon Marton-Bell

David Mason

Hannah Matthews

Henry Mayne

Olivia McDonnell

Lucy McKay

Hamish McLaren

Charlie McPhee

Rebecca Mead

Rahul Mehta

Laura Meridew

Katharine Miles

Rishi Mirpuri

Shiv Mistry

Calvin Mitchell

Isobel Mogford

Michael Molozian

William Moon

Robert Moorcroft

Frank David Morsman

Alexandra Moss

Ryan Mountney

Bethany Murfin

William Newton

Wing Yan Ng

Cecily Nichols

Liam Norgate

William Harvey Ockendon

Beatrice Ormerod

Curtis Orrill

Robert Pagliuca

Alexander Pain

Cordelia Parker

Louise Victoria Parkin

Craig Partridge

Rushil Patel

Nikita Patel

Rahul Nalin Patel

Claire Helen Pearce

Michael Peck

Joseph David Perehiniak

Laura Pethers

Laura Pettigrew

Chloe Piercy

Emma Pingstone

Laura Pitkin

Rhys Plank

Joe Plummer

Ruth Pollard

Amber Povey

Joe Prosser

Jessica Prudence

Matthew Puddefoot

Thomas Punter

Alice Raban

James Raeburn

Matthew Ramsey

David Randall

Michael Greshan Rasiah

Jessica Anne Raysbrook

Adam Reading

Luke Rehbein

Kirsty Louise Reid

Beth Reilly

Daniella Reynolds

Amber Reynolds

Kristopher Reynolds

Elliot Lloyd Rides

Georgina Ridler

Marcus Riley

William Martin Roake

Jack Rogers

James Rogers

Ben Rose

Nicolle Rudd

Katie Rushton

Lidia Russo

Benjamin Saba Davies

Archie Sampson

Jordan Sandiford

Benjamin Francis Sandler

Ryan Scannell

Tilly Shackley

Kunal Shah

Priya Shah

Craig Sharples

Emily Sheard

Suzannah Louise Sherman

Jay Shinji

Kim Shippam

Anna Silverstein

Kieran Smith

Reece Smith

Chloe Smith

Christopher Smith

Freya Katherina Staley

William Mark Staples

Ashley Stark

Curtis Steadman

Daniel Steadman

Maria Stefil

Tristan Stindt

Adam Stockford

Victoria Stokes

Archie Sturt

Sean Teasdale

Kathryn Telford

Jonathan Tho

Harriet Thomlinson

Emma Leanne Thornton

Jessica Ann Thorpe

Mark Tickner

Tessa Titmuss

Jack Tokarski

Becky Tompkinson

Joe Vaughan

Sorcha Jacalyn Verey

Jay Vyas

Emma Walsh

Robert Ward

Holly Welford

Annabel Wellington

Adam Western

Georgina Weston

James Robert Wheeler

Eleanor Wheldon

Ellis Whitehouse

David Willer

Kirsty Williams

Suzanna Williams

Marcus Williamson

Adam Willis

Sadie Winterbottom

Emily Withers

Sarah Frances Worsley

Brett Wright

Serena Wright

Hannah Wynn

Yue (Samantha) Yang

Catherine Yenson

Nicholas Alexander Douglas Young

Zakir Zaib


Afternoon presentation

Roxanne Abdullah

Sophie Adams

Nicola Addy

Doyinsola Afolayan

Kate Eleanor Alderson

Charlotte Aldred

Kirsty Anderson

Keira Andrews

James Appleton

Sarah Bernice Ashman

Jamila Aubad

David James Ayre

Laura Bampton

Edward Barnicoat

Christopher Beckett

Helen Bedigan

Hannah Charlotte Bellamy

Brigid Beney

James Betteridge

Emily Jane Billington

Elizabeth Grace Bishop

Katherine Blevins

Alexander Blyth

Martin Robert Boaler

Amy Bonavia

Jack Bond

Nicola Bourne

Laura Bowker

William Bradshaw

Douglas Breen

Marni Brennan

Thomas Brind

Jacob Broad

Leigh Brown

Daniel Brown

Andrew Brown

Michael James Bruce

Andrew Bruce

Ian Richard William Burton

Ruth Bustard

Matthew Butcher

Harris Cameron

Alyssa Elen Campion

Christopher Carr

Rachel Carroll

Michael Carter

Michael Chakraverty

Gareth Chalker

Eleanor Chapman

Anelise Charlton

Matthew Clarke

Richard Edward Clarke

Alexander Clayton

Graeme Clelland

Graeme Clement

Rob Coakley

Matthew Collett

Joshua Collier

Sarah Collin

Lewis Conlon

Paul Connolly

Laura Bryony Cook

Annie Jane Cook

Hannah Cooper

Charles Edward William Cooper

Adam Cope

George Cope

Alexander Copestake

Joseph Copestake

Jonathon Costello

Katherine Mairi Costello

Ross Matthew Couper

Arabella Covell

Helen Joan Cox

Bethany Crabtree

James Cracknell

Patrick Cremona

Elizabeth Crowley

Jason Cumberton

Adam Currie

Elizabeth Louise Daglish

Matthew Davies

Thomas Peter Davis

Samuel George Davis

Penelope Alice Day

Leo Richard Henry De Watts

Sinead Deckker

Anthony John Dempsey

Ryan Denny

Georgina Denton

Pascale Devlin

Charlotte Dobson

Joshua Dodd

Alexander Dodd

Craig Lee Donegan

Joshua Donnelly

Ryan Doris

Isabella Drummond

Matthew Drury

Toby Dunn

Fraser Dunnett

Alex John Dunn-Sale

Rebecca Eddington

Nicholas Edmonds

Alex James English

Mungo Evans

Matt Fairbrother

John Farley

Samuel Finch

Emma Fletcher

Amy Fligg

Thomas Robert Flight

James Flynn

Yu Man Mandy Fong

Sophie Foot

Sophia Forrest

Edward Foster

Thomas James Fraser

Anna Freeman

Megan Fry

Thomas Fryer

Robert Fullerty

Tyrone Funnell

Nicole Lauren Gibson

Christopher Gillam

Jazmin Elizabeth Glen

Steven Glentworth

Richard Glover

Lewis Glynn

Thomas Goddard

Holly Goldsmith

Alexandra G Gorbutt

Tim David Ellis Grainger

Elizabeth Gray

Katherine Greenough

Marcus Greenwood

Adam Grimes

Charlotte Grogan

Eleanor Grugeon

Liam Scott Guest

Abby Gunn

Matthew Hadden

James Haghighat

Ryan James Harbottle

Imogen Hare

Elisa Hargreaves

Kate Elizabeth Harris

Holly Jayne Harris

Catherine Harrison

James Hartley

Stacey Hartwell

Jack Harty

Katie Harvey

Rowan James Haughey

Abigail Louise Hay

Rosie Hayes

Jack Hayter

Lily Hayward

Alanna Headley-Hall

Ailsa Hearne

Toni Hemmings

Mark James Henry

Poppy Henson

Daniel Hern

Daniel Andrew Hill

Adele Claire Hinde

Fg Off D Holden RAFVR(T)

Daniel Holliday

Thomas Hook

Joel Hoyle

Matthew Hudson

Samuel Hughes

Matthew Hughes

Philip Hughes

Alasdair Glyndŵr Hughs

Andrew Hunter

Maria Louise Hurson

Bethany Ingram

James Innes

Emma Jackson

Christopher James

Liam Johnson

Lewis Jones

Ilya Karichev

Toby Kenchington

Lottie Kent

Jordan Lee Kerr

Fergus Kidd

George Kimm

James Frank Knutton

Naomi Kochhar

Thomas Laarberg

Lai Sheung Chun Jonathan

Sophie Lane

Astrella Lawless

Rebecca Lever

Harry Longhurst

Owen Lourie

Glenn MacDonald

Fiona Jessie MacDonald

Matthew Machin

Tariro Madzima

Jason Ch’iang Yung Magnus

Faye Maher

Alexander Mann

Johannes Marais

Sally Elizabeth Marsden

Matthew Martin

Ashley Mathieson

Gavin Alexander Matthews

Ashley Mawer

Anna Ruth Maycock

Martin McCafferty

Craig McClintock

Katie McCluskey

Cameron McCormack

Billy McCready

Lee McGuigan

James McGurk

Karen McKay

John Alexander McLaughlan

Siobhan McLaughlin

James McLuskey

Rebecca Louise Meegan

Kieran Meehan

Rory Megginson

Sergio Mendes

Annabel Mensah-Brown

Gerard Mitchell

Thomas Molyneux

Clara Montgomery

Iona Moodie

Gabrielle Hannah Eyre Moorat

Rebecca Moore

Antonia Mary Morbey

Charlotte Louise Morgan

Jack Morley

Hugh Christopher Barton Morrison

Paul Moscrop

Michael Murray

Jordan Muscroft

Daryl Nagle

Sarah Elizabeth Napier

William Neale

Adam Newton

Joshua Nugent

Luke Nutton

Rebecca O’Hanlon

Benjamin Jacob Alan O’Leary

Alexander Stuart Andrew Oliver

David Ormesher

Richard Overment

Matthew Owen-Smith

Abigail Parker

Jenifer Rose Penn

Josh Phillips

Harry Pilling

Alexandra Preston

Benjamin Priestley

Lewis Proud

Charlotte Emily Puryer

George Reeves

Crayston Renner

Jack Richards

Laura Richards

Holly Richardson

Sophie Rickelton

Nathan Riggey

Emily Grace Robb

Daniel Roberts

William Robins

Grace Joanna Robinson

Rachel Elizabeth Robinson

Jocelyn Alexandra Robinson

Charlotte Robson

Rikita Rotkirch

Marina Ryan

Ross Salmon

Michael Salthouse

Aidan Scannell

Craig Leonard Scriven

Bethany Seare

Charlotte Seare

Rachael Meredith Shannon

Andrew Shaw

Lucy Shearing

Megan Shore

Diana Silby Sebastian

Sam Skillcorn

William J N Slinger

Leanne Smale

Emily Smart

Lauren Smith

Naomi Jo Stageman

Andrew Stakounis

Nadine Standish

Adam State

Angharad Steed

Craig James Stenhouse

Fay Stephenson

Harry Stirling

Scott Stirling

Daniel Stokes

Dale Stones

Thomas Strachan

Rachel Stratford

Jack Sullivan

Miranda Sunnucks

Laura Sutherland

Liam Swords

Daniel Taylor

Alexander Taylor

Katie Louise Taylor

Megan Taylor

Laura Terry

Daphne Tertrais

William Thomas

Kieran David Thompson

Abigail Thornhill

Graham Thornton

Jack Thurlbeck

Cameron Tisshaw

Hannah Tompkins

Karen Treleaven

Margaret Ann Trevaskis

Rory Tuffin

Matt Turnbull

Jamie Owen Turner

Gemma-Jayne Turner

Mary Tyrrell

Thomas Vacher

Rafael Van den Bossche

John Vieira

Joseph Vinson

Katie Wadsworth

Katherine Wadsworth

Fung Wai Yin Chesna

Mitchell Walker

Tom Walker

James Walsh

Dane Wardle

Alexander Watkinson

Ben Watson

Duncan Peter Weaving

Andrew Ian Webster

Luke Anthony Welsby

Stephanie Wetton

John Whalley

Diana Helen Whiteside

Matthew Whittle

Sasha Wierzbicki

Craig Williams

Jonathan Williams

Kate Louise Williams

Elizabeth Williams

Keiron Williams

Charlie Williams

Phillipa Williams

Thomas Willoughby

Jack Austin Thomas Wilson

Jake Wilson

Victoria Winterbottom

Joseph Wolfe

Lucy Woodbridge

Oliver Woodward

Fiona Wright

Gemma Wyllie

Cheuk Ting Yiu


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