How DofE programmes work

“The DofE appealed to me because I was eager to develop additional skills through independent learning. Taking part in my Bronze Award, I have grown in confidence and learnt to work as part of a team. While it has been tough at times, it has been a fantastic experience that has allowed me to take part in new activities that I may not have had the chance to do otherwise.”
Anupreet Singh, Bronze Award holder

It’s really easy to get started creating a DofE programme that is personal to you. There are three Award levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold  – and the main difference is the length of time they take to complete, how challenging they are and the minimum age for each one. At each level, you’ll take part in a Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition section. At Gold level, you’ll also do a Residential activity.

Your DofE Leader will be there to guide and support you and you’ll be able to keep a record of everything you do through our online system, eDofE. Once you’ve completed your activities and been assessed, you’ll receive your DofE badge and certificate. If you’ve achieved a Gold Award, you’ll receive this at a ceremony at a Royal Palace attended by a member of the Royal Family.

Learn more about DofE Awards

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