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Approved Activity Providers (AAPs)

AAPs are organisations, both commercial and charitable whose Expedition, Residential or Volunteering section opportunities have been approved by the DofE as meeting our sectional conditions and can count towards the achievement of a DofE Award. AAPs are able to provide Assessors and sign off the section.

You can confidently use these organisations but please remember that it is your Licensed Organisation (LO) which has the final say on the suitability of a programme in terms of health and safety requirements and the DofE can give no assurances as to the financial stability of an AAP. When booking on to an open expedition the participant/parent/guardian may be responsible for evaluating the health and safety of the expedition as it is a private contract with the AAP. Talk to your LO for advice.

Always remember to let your LO know you are using an AAP and ensure that notification / health and safety approval paperwork is submitted where appropriate. This may not be the case for privately booked open expeditions, check with your LO in advance to see if they require notification paperwork.

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