Thank you to our Licensed Organisations

In 2017/18 more young people in the UK than ever improved their life and work prospects by achieving a DofE Award. Growing up in a highly sophisticated media and technological environment, Generation Z faces challenges never navigated before, including social media pressures and the rise of automation in the workplace demanding flexibility and new skills.The 142,705 young people who achieved an Award (up 7.2% from 2016/17) can use DofE outputs such as greater confidence, self-esteem, resilience and enterprise to face those challenges head on and get that job, build lasting friendships and make a success of their lives.

The 275,988 who started their DofE in 2017/18, up 1.7% from 2016/17, will reap the benefits in future years. The commitment of DofE centres across the UK has created these opportunities. Through a difficult period that has seen budgets cut, 10,014 centres, such as schools and youth clubs, invested in young people and offered the DofE.

We now have 3,019 Licensed Organisations, which range from a single school through to local authorities and national youth organisations such as the Scouts, Guides, ATC and many more.  See the breakdown of participation by centre type here. Within these LOs, there are 10,014 DofE centres and, within each of the centres, there will be several groups undertaking their DofE at different levels.  This requires support from around 40,000 volunteer and professional Leaders right across the UK.

“To the growing number of teachers and volunteers giving their time to lead DofE activity, I thank you. We hear of Leaders building new and effective working relationships with pupils through supporting their extra-curricular activity. Also of the positive impact DofE can have on a teacher’s CV as more headteachers look for that wider commitment from their staff and look to recruit staff with DofE experience. I want to thank everyone that works with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It’s an extraordinary thing that people across the UK give up their time, their energy and their expertise to help young people develop themselves through the Award.”

Peter Westgarth
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award