Amanda McEgan

Both my daughter's did their bronze, silver and gold awards through girl guiding. I am grateful for the values, skills, opportunities and experiences it gave them to become the generous, motivated, kind and giving women they became. My youngest daughter Isabel, was awarded her Gold award on her 18th birthday, 17th May 2018, at Buckingham Palace and became involved in running D of E groups for future participants as part of her guide leader role. The following summer, the director of Camp Small Valley in Pennsylvania, invited her to become a camp counsellor for Camp America, based solely on her D of E award and the skills and experience it had given her - it was a highlight of her life. Sadly, while there, Izzy was diagnosed with aggressive, advanced renal cancer and flew home for treatment. The experience at camp allowed her to complete her Queen's award, which she received shortly before she passed away, just a week before her 20th birthday in May 2020. I will be forever grateful for the positive impact DofE had on both Eleanor and Isabel, and the wonderful friends, memories and photographs I have to treasure.