DofE Ambassadors at Loughborough High School

Marina’s story

When Marina isn’t on the netball court or playing piano, she can be found spending her time being a DofE Ambassador at Loughborough High School. She enjoys being an Ambassador and says her favourite thing about the role is “being able to help those just starting out so that their DofE experience is more enjoyable.”

As a DofE Ambassador, Marina is responsible for maintaining the expedition kit and sometimes delivering presentations.  However, the thing she enjoys the most is updating the school DofE notice board. She likes adding new photos and experiences from the different groups.  Marina fondly remembers her own expedition when she and her group were ‘ambushed’ by a flock of sheep whilst eating their lunch she says, “it was an experience, to say the least”.

Marina says being involved in the DofE Ambassador programme has been great for her confidence “sometimes I give presentations about what the DofE entails which has helped my presentation skills and I have become more confident in speaking to all calibre of people since I do this weekly helping other students.”


Becky’s story

Becky is currently in her third year as DofE Manager at Loughborough High School. She has two DofE Ambassadors at her centre, one of which is Marina, who help promote the DofE to a wider audience.

Having two Ambassadors has been a great help to Becky, they have assisted with display boards and promotion at the school’s open day. Becky says, “The Ambassadors have been helping me reach more students by spending break times talking to their peers and reminding them about deadlines, because of this we have had really high enrolments this year!”.

 As Becky works part-time at the school, she says it’s been fantastic to have two Ambassadors who she is confident can promote the DofE throughout the week and she can trust to complete tasks whilst she is away.  Becky comments “Having two Ambassadors has given me more time to focus on tasks that usually get put off and gives me fresh opinions and perspective on how to improve the DofE within the school.”

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