South East - DofE Ambassadors’ Training

This course will help develop participants communication skills and give them all the ideas, tasks and information to enable them to become a productive and proactive Ambassadors in their school/centre.

They will need to be registered to do DofE in a South East Region school or centre and have completed at least one DofE Award level and have been nominated by their DofE Leader in order to attend these courses. We cannot accept delegates who have not been officially nominated.

How to nominate

You can nominate up to two participants to be your DofE Ambassadors. They will be active Silver or Gold participants who have already completed a level of DofE (max two per centre/school). We will provide an online training session for your selected Ambassador(s). This will give them the knowledge and ideas to be able to assist and support you and your DofE participants in your Licensed Organisation.

At present there are no courses but should you wish to nominate an Ambassador please email us their name, their email address and the name of the school or centre they are registered with, to [email protected] so that they can be added to a waiting list.