Making a Difference at Radnor House

We love to hear about the amazing activities young people do for their DofE, and James from Radnor House took the chance to learn a Skill from his grandfather as well as an incredible volunteering activity – raising money for the local hospital’s children’s wards!

James says, “I was lucky that my school introduced me to the DofE. I was keen to learn new things and challenge myself. The physical was an easy choice for me as I love playing all sports, especially football. For the volunteering I wanted to take part in something that would really have a positive impact on other people. My Grandad is a carpenter/joiner and growing up I have always been interested in the work that he does.

“I found the volunteering the most rewarding. I felt that my work had really had an impact and brought a little bit of happiness to the children whilst they were in hospital. The DofE volunteering section has really made me appreciate how lucky I am. Some of the children in hospital were really poorly and yet they were always positive.

“I feel that the DofE has made me more resilient and that I can do more than I thought I could. It has helped me to take on board other peoples views and opinions, especially during the expedition. I have learnt how to be kind and that I can make a difference to other peoples lives.”

Group of three young people walking with expedition gear

James persevered during the Covid period, which while challenging, taught him valuable lessons about keeping motivated. He explains, “With my physical I had to do some football training over zoom with my team. I had to be self-disciplined to keep up my fitness even though I was sometimes training on my own at home.”

Congratulations on your well-earned Award, James!

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