Central England Staff

Jackie Bull – Regional Director – [email protected]
Jackie is responsible for matters of national DofE strategy, Licence holders considering changing their licence delivery, business or national fundraising, strategic development of the DofE at a high level within a local authority, developing strategic partnerships, liaison with Lord Lieutenants re. Royal engagements, working with Fundraising re. donors.

Dawn Scott – Leadership and Expedition Development Manager[email protected]
Dawn is responsible for the development of leadership and expedition training for adults across the Region, ensuring outdoor training courses are available, liaison with Head Office regarding training and expedition development matters and training quality assurance.

Operations Managers

Operations Managers are responsible for Operational Strategic policy within LOs, issues escalated from the Operations Team, queries regarding the deployment of the Operations Officers, new partnerships and relationships, fundraising liaison for funded projects.

James Bajcer – [email protected]
James is the Operations Manager responsible for Victoria Hickin, Jo Huck, Wyndham James and Ashley Williams.

Belinda Dickinson – [email protected]
Belinda is the Operations Manager responsible for Emily Cooke, Vicky Ellaway-Barnard, Jack Harris, Georgie Sheward, Russell Smith and Caroline Thomas.

Debbie Felstead – [email protected]
Debbie is the Operations Manager responsible for Lisa Atkinson, Rob Foster, Toby Hanna, Chris Harding, Suzanne Hudson and Brett Waring.

David Sharpe – [email protected]
David is the Operations Manager responsible for David Ashurst, Mick Hoare, Kellie Ross, Sam Rouse,  Claire Shea-Simonds and Tina Hobday.


Operations Officers

Operations Officers are responsible for development issues, support with growth and completions, starting new centres, new DLC licensing, Licence reviews and development plans, delivery of training courses.

David Ashurst – [email protected]
David is the Operations Officer for North Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City and North East Derbyshire.

Lisa Atkinson – [email protected]
Lisa is the Operations Officer for Dudley, Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire.

Emily Cooke – [email protected]
Emily is the Operations Officer for Luton, Milton Keynes and Central Bedfordshire.

Vicky Ellaway-Barnard  – [email protected]
Vicky is the Operations Officer for Cambridgeshire.

Rob Foster  – [email protected]
Rob is the Operations Officer for Staffordshire.

Toby Hanna  – [email protected]
Toby is the Operations Officer for Birmingham.

Chris Harding – [email protected]
Chris is the Operations Officer for Central Birmingham and Sandwell.

Jack Harris – [email protected]
Jack is the Operations Officer for Peterborough.

Victoria Hickin – [email protected]
Victoria is the Operations Officer for Coventry and Warwickshire.

Mick Hoare – [email protected]
Mick is the Operations Officer for Lincolnshire.

Tina Hobday – [email protected]
Tina is the Operations Officer for Nottingham City, South Nottinghamshire and North Leicestershire.

Jo Huck – [email protected]
Jo is the Operations Officer for South Birmingham and Solihull.

Suzanne Hudson – [email protected]
Suzanne is the Operations Officer for North Birmingham and Walsall.

Wyndham James – [email protected]
Wyndham is the Operations Officer for Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

Kellie Ross – [email protected]
Kellie is the Operations Officer for Derby City and Derbyshire.

Sam Rouse – [email protected]
Sam is the Operations Officer for West Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire.

Claire Shea-Simonds – [email protected]
Claire is the Operations Officer for Leicester City, South Leicestershire, Rutland and Stamford.

Russell Smith  – [email protected]
Russell is the Operations Officer for Suffolk.

Georgina Sheward – [email protected]
Georgina is the Operations Officer for Norfolk.

Caroline Thomas – [email protected]
Caroline is the Operations Officer for  South Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

Brett Waring – [email protected]
Brett is the Operations Officer for Derbyshire (Dales and High Peak) Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire (not South Staffordshire).

Ashley Williams – [email protected]
Ashley is the Operations Officer for Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.


Andrea Lynch – Office Manager [email protected]
Andrea is responsible for quality assurance, Regional budget, Regional finance issues, issues escalated from the Administration Team, statistical forecasting.

Lisa Harrison – [email protected]
Lisa is responsible for purchase orders and invoices, application to host MTF training courses, MTF training enquiries.

Jennifer Meehan – [email protected]
Jennifer is responsible for the Central Expeditions Assessor Network. This includes processing green forms for the Network, allocating Network Assessors and the administration of outdoor courses

Wendy Price – [email protected]
Wendy is responsible for responding to initial enquiries, updating regional website pages, social media, newsletters, Central England mail-outs, case studies, success stories, EAAS queries and Assessor ID cards.

Pamela Vincent – [email protected]
Pamela is responsible for licensing paperwork and providing initial support for new DLCs in ensuring they are set up correctly on eDofE.

To be appointed  
This person will be responsible for the approval of Gold Awards, Palace presentations, verification of Bronze and Silver Awards for new DLCs where no Verifier is in place and Long Service Awards.

To be appointed 
This person will  responsible for licensing communications and event administration.

If you are not sure who you need to contact please email [email protected]

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