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DofE Red Form

It is strongly advised that all expeditions in normal country in the Peak District National Park are notified to the Central Expeditions Assessor Network. Your co-operation will help us to maintain the good relationship that exists between the DofE and the people that live and work in the Park.


When should I complete and submit this form?

At least four weeks before the start of the expedition


Why do we have to do this?

Due to the very large numbers of DofE teams coming into the Peak District National Park (over 2,000 each year), we need to be able to monitor activity more closely. In addition, it will enable us to target local information to DofE teams more effectively. For example, if we know of an issue at a campsite you are planning to use, we will let you know. It also enables the Peak District National Park Authority to gather statistics on the number of young people visiting the Park.


What if I want to request a Network Assessor?

Use the Green wild country notification form because it provides more detailed information for the DofE Expedition Assessor than does this Red Form. Notify us at least six weeks in advance of the start of the expedition, as per instructions on that form. This applies even if you are in normal country.


Where is the Peak District Normal Country?

Most of the terrain under 400 metres in altitude on the Explorer OL 24 White Peak map is in DofE-designated ‘normal country’ and it is usual for Bronze and Silver teams to use this part of the Peak District for expeditions. In addition to this area on the OL 24 map, all the area up to northing 85 on the Explorer OL1 Dark Peak map is normal country, including the Mam Tor ridge. If you are coming to normal country and not requesting a Central Expeditions Network Assessor, please use this Red Form.

If you are coming to any of our Gold wild country areas (even if only part of the expedition is there) or if you have any doubts, always use the Green wild country notification form.


Further information regarding Wild Country

Please note a full map of the Peak District Wild Country boundary is available on our Expedition Area web page in the form of a GPX file which can be opened using eDofE Mapping. You can find this and other Peak District information at:

Please remember all Gold expeditions must be in wild country in order to meet condition 17 of the 20 conditions so please ensure you check this carefully.

Contact [email protected] if you need any further information.


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