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Guidance on assessing multiple expedition groups

DofE guidelines on the number of expedition teams that an Accredited Assessor should assess at any one time.

Template to design your DofE delivery

Use this template to plan your DofE delivery over the forthcoming year, broken down into the following categories: promotion/celebration, eDofE, expeditions, other.

eDofE Reporting Suite user guide

A how-to guide for the reporting suite on eDofE.

eDofE Leader Recorded user guide

A how-to guide for the leader recorded function on eDofE.

eDofE Management user guide (DLC)

A how-to guide for eDofE specifically for directly licensed centres (DLCs).

Programme planners for use in an eDofE session

Templates for programme planners to use in eDofE sessions for participants to complete.

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Research and reports

– 2020-2021 annual statistics for DofE London