Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, along with an answer & who is best to contact for more assistance.



  • I have forgotten my eDofE login – Your Leader should be able to confirm your username & then you can click on the “forgotten password” link and follow the reset instructions.
  • My eDofE account is showing as inactive – Simply login to activate your account.
  • My account has been archived – Your Leader will be able to un-archive your account.
  • My Award has been approved but I have not received my badge or certificate – Speak to your Leader, or DofE Manager.
  • I have lost my certificate/badge – For Bronze/Silver speak to your Leader about a replacement.  At Gold level email [email protected] (please note we will need to see proof of completion before issuing a replacement).
  • How long can I expect to wait to attend a Gold Award Presentation? – The waiting time is around 9 months depending on the number of Presentation dates we receive.  For more information email [email protected]



  • How do I use single sign on? – To link your accounts in eDofE click on My Settings (left hand menu) and scroll down to link accounts.
  • How do I transfer participants? – Go to Manage Participants, move participants, enter the eDofE ID number & fill out the box with the details of which centre/group to move them to.
  • My account has been archived – Speak to your DofE Administrator/Co-ordinator.
  • Why can’t I do certain actions in eDofE? – This will be due to which permissions you have been given, so speak to your DofE Manager first.


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