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DofE camping exemption form 2019 – PDF

DofE camping exemption form 2019 – DOC

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Volunteer Fund

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Volunteer Fund offers a variable level of funding to individuals that require governing body qualifications in order to deliver courses and activities to participants of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Scotland.

The fund is aimed at volunteers and not staff who have The Duke of Edinburgh Award as part of their remit. Funding can be awarded for between 10% and 50% of the cost of the training or assessment course.

Please complete this application form.

Citizen Science in the Environment: Ideas for your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

This guide contains loads of great ideas for Citizen Science projects, ideas for how it can be integrated into expedition aims, volunteering and skills sections as well as a TCV case study of how Citizen Science has fitted into a past DoE project.

Young Reporters Scotland: Ideas for Expedition aims, volunteering and skills

Young Reporters Scotland can be used as a volunteering or skills activity, and as an expedition aim. Download our handy support booklet for some great ideas, information and advice on how to make the most of Young Reporters Scotland as part of a DofE Award.

Skills for Work: DofE and Employability in Scotland

DofE Award is recognised across the globe by employers and educators as a mark of quality. Find out more about employers in Scotland who endorse a DofE Award. Download Skills for Work in Scotland.

Bothy use

If your group will be using a bothy on expedition, then download the bothies session plan and bothies info sheet. They are a great way to introduce bothies to young people and we’d encourage you to make use of them. The Bothy Code is also an important resource.