South East England DofE Ambassadors

Are you looking for more DofE support? School prefects, head boy or girl – why not add a DofE Ambassador into the mix?

How can they help your Centre?

– eDofE sessions made easy with more help.

– Running social media, website and newsletter.

– “I will sort that kit store one day…” – now is your chance!

– Need a Bronze Leader? Help chasing Assessor Reports is always needed.

– Promotional events organised and run by the face of DofE.

What’s in it for them?

– Do an hour per week – volunteering activity sorted.

– Tailor the role to their interests – event planning, content creation or leadership?

– Take their CV or personal statement to the next level.

– Develop leadership, mentoring and management skills.

– Be the student voice for DofE.

Does it work?

Don’t just take our word for it; the DofE Manager of John Mason School says:
“Our Ambassadors have been great in promoting DofE. They help run the training events for Bronze participants and spoke at a John Mason Association Meeting which resulted in a cheque for £1000.00 to purchase new tents. The Ambassadors help me with registering participants and checking in evidence – they have become a valuable part of the DofE team.”

Next steps

Please take a look at this brief introductory video.

This is designed to give our participants more information about becoming a DofE Ambassador. Please share this link with any participants who would like to know more!

After they have watched this, they can then decide if they would like to become a DofE Ambassador for your centre.

You will then need to officially nominate them using the online form below.

How to nominate

You can nominate up to two participants to be your DofE Ambassadors. They will be active Silver or Gold participants who have already completed a level of DofE (max two per centre/school). We will provide an online training session for your selected Ambassador(s). This will give them the knowledge and ideas to be able to assist and support you and your DofE participants in your Licensed Organisation.

At present there are no courses but should you wish to nominate an Ambassador please email us their name, their email address and the name of the school or centre they are registered with, to [email protected] so that they can be added to a waiting list.

Opportunity Finder

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