Funding opportunities

Funding may be available to support DofE participation in the South East Region thanks to generous donations from our supporters and donors. This funding means we can help make the DofE accessible and achievable by all in the South East.

We use our funding to support Centres to overcome challenges to their delivery and to support young people to overcome barriers such as financial marginalised, disabilities and additional needs. Some funding is restricted to specific geographical areas within the Region.

All funding applications need to be supported by, and submitted through, a Licensed Organisation or Centre. We cannot process applications from individual participants, volunteers or Leaders.

Overcoming challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

We know that young people facing marginalised need support more than ever during the pandemic. If you are a Leader in one of our LOs or Centres, and you would like to explore potential funding to help with your delivery, or to help some of your participants during this difficult time, please speak to your Operations Officer.

The DofE has launched the national DofE Resilience Fund to reduce barriers to DofE participation this financial year (until 31 March 2021) by funding the cost of Participation Places for disadvantaged young people. The fund is available to LOs and Centres that meet any of the following criteria:

– located in a IMD 1-3 post code.

– works with student populations with higher than average Pupil Premium or Free School Meals or are a SEND/ASN/ALN school or college.

– is classified as a Secure Estate Centre (Prison, Young Offenders Institute or Pupil Referral Unit).

Eligible LOs and centres should contact their Operations Officer in the first instance.

If your LO or centre is not eligible for the DofE Resilience Fund, and you have identified a need for financial support arising from the Coronavirus pandemic, please speak to your South East Operations Officer to discuss alternative funding opportunities.

Funding for our Licensed Organisations and Centres

If you are a DofE Manager or Coordinator and you would like to explore the funding that could be available for your LO or Centre to support your delivery or your participants, please speak to your Operations Officer in the first instance. If your Ops Officer identifies a suitable fund for your project, you will be asked to complete an application form to begin the funding process. If your application is successful, you will be required to provide periodic feedback about your funded project via reports and photographs to illustrate project progress and outcomes.

Funding for Individuals

If you are a young person (or parent/carer of a young person) who is facing a barrier to doing your DofE and you feel you need financial help, please speak to your DofE Leader at your school or Centre. They will be able to discuss your needs and then talk to the South East Region office about whether funding is available.

If you are a volunteer or Leader at a South East Licensed Organisation or Centre and you feel you need financial help to perform your role (e.g. for training), please speak to your DofE Manager about your funding needs. They will be able to talk to the South East Region office about funding that may be available.

Opportunity Finder

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