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Parent and carer information – New to DofE – drop in sessions

Our drop in sessions for parents of young people who are thinking of starting DofE or those who have just enrolled, have now begun! The resources are also available below.

Please download the flyer with further information and links to join the session via Microsoft Teams.

Download the links mentioned, here.

If you have questions regarding a young person enrolling onto a DofE Award please contact the DofE Manager at the school or centre with which they are registered. They will be able to help.

You can download the slides here.




Parent and carer support, progress and Q&A sessions – progressing and completing an Award

Virtual sessions designed to help parents and carers of DofE participants understand how to best support a young person to progress & complete their DofE Award. 

Please download the flyer with further information and links to join the session via Microsoft Teams.

No need to book! There are plenty of dates to choose from.

All sessions involve question and answer time so bring any questions you would like answered.

Attended a session? Download the useful links from the presentation here. Download the full presentation here.

Please email us with any other questions.





Download our full South East Regional resources guide here.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment template for schools – an example Risk Assessment for Expeditions from a South East Region school. If you use this template please ensure you check it meets your LO’s policy guidelines.

Email templates

Assessor request template email – an email for Participants to send to their sectional assessors.

eDofE account prompt template email – an email to send to Participants who have not yet logged into their eDofE accounts.

One section left email template – An email for to send to Participants who have only one section left to complete.

Completion email for parents – An email to send to parents to help them encourage their child to complete their DofE Award.

Expedition Resources

Camp site directory – an online mapped tool of camp sites in the UK that welcome DofE groups. If you would like to add a camp site or feed back on any of the listed sites, please contact us.

Protect the countryside posters – A series of three posters to display detailing protection of the countryside (themed on litter, wildlife and pathways).

Kent analysis of Gold direct entrant completions

In 2013 Norry Barber, DofE Manager at Kent County Council, conducted research into levels of completion with respect to Direct Entrants opposed to those who had progressed from another level. Read his findings here.

Opportunity Finder

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