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In this term’s update:

  • Awards Awaiting Verifier Approval
  • One section left to complete
  • Online assessor reports
  • Group expedition equipment purchases
  • SW Annual statistical review quotes
  • Expeditions in the New Forest

Awards Awaiting Verifier Approval 

Please remind your Award Verifier to log in and approve any Awards that are awaiting their approval.

Awards at Bronze and Silver level need to be approved by your Award Verifier on eDofE by 31st March 2019 to be counted in this year’s statistical report. The deadline for Gold Awards to be submitted to regional office for approval in this financial year is 28th March.

One section left to complete

We currently have around 3,400 participants with just one section left to complete in order to achieve their Awards in the South West Region. Take a look at the reporting suite to find out how many of these are in your Licensed Organisation.

Click below for a link to download the eDofE reporting suite user guide from the DofE Manager page which will help guide you through doing this (remember to remove archived and deleted participants from your list.)

eDofE Reporting Suite User Guide SW

Online Assessor’s Reports

Please keep a look out for online Assessor’s Reports which have been submitted through the online portal.

If an Assessor’s Report has been submitted through the online portal (edofe.org/Assessor), then it will show within your ‘Communications’ box on your home page.  Click on ‘Assessor’s Reports’.  You can check the content is appropriate, tick the box on the right and click ‘Send to participant’.

Click on the link below to download the eDofE Toolkit from the DofE Manager page (the relevant information is on page 29).

eDofE Management User Guide (DLC)

Group expedition equipment purchases

The Commercial team has a group sales template which is available to download from the DofE Shopping page for bulk orders of expedition kit (link below).

Please use this if ordering expedition kit in bulk as it will ensure you get the best possible deal from our Commercial partners; Go Outdoors, Tiso, Blacks, Millets & Ultimate Outdoors. Make sure you sent it to all the companies as they will compete to give you the best price.

DofE Group Sales Template

SW Annual statistical review – request for quotes

As mentioned at the DofE Manager meetings in November, we are looking for quotes from Licence signatories, governors, parents, participants or Award Verifiers to go in our Annual SW Statistical Review.

It is a great chance for you to celebrate your success and we would love some more of these, especially from your participants. Please send them in to your Operations Officer along with a high resolution logo from your Licensed Organisation. The deadline for submissions is 22nd February 2019. Click on the link below for last year’s review.

South West Statistical Review 2017-18

Duke of Edinburgh expeditions in the New Forest

The Forestry Commission now request that all group organisers contact them to keep them informed of their planned visit to the New Forest.  Please check the guidance on the website for more information and guidance as to the level of communication required.


Manager Meeting Resources 2018

Powerpoint presentations: 

National Update

Regional Update

Volunteers & Funding Workshop

eDofE Workshop

eDofE workshop resources:

eDofE Management User Guide (DLC)

eDofE Reporting Suite User Guide SW

10 Step eDofE User Guide for Participants

eDofE Leader Recorded User Guide

To fund or not to fund? workshop resources: 

Andy Fanshawe Memorial Trust application – Good Example

Waitrose book club application

PTA application – Good Example

Potential Funding Opportunities

Barnwood Trust application

Types of funding answers

Making people feel valued activity cards

Volunteer Toolkit


DofE Group Sales Template

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