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We hope that you find useful information and resources here but, as always, if you have any further queries please do get in touch with us at [email protected].

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In this term’s update:

  • Award Achievements
  • Licence Fee Cost
  • Participation Places Cost
  • eDofE updates
  • Resources
  • DofE Adventure 2018

Award Achievements

With the statistical year coming to an end on 31st March 2018, this term is key in chasing up any Awards that can be completed. These will be included within our Annual Statistics report which is sent to all DofE Managers, Award Verifiers and Licence Signatories in the summer term.

As highlighted in the November managers meetings, an easy way to identify any Awards that only have one section left to complete is to download a report from the Reporting Suite on eDofE. Simply click on Reporting Suite within Reports on your eDofE account and click Excel-Friendly Reports.

Do also make sure online Assessor Reports are promptly sent on to participants accounts (seen in your Communications box in eDofE) so that Awards can be approved and verified.

If you’d like help with an eDofE ‘mop up’ session, just let me know!

Please continue to liaise with your Award Verifier to ensure Awards are being approved before the end of term and that there are no Awards awaiting verification by 31st March 2018.

License Fee Cost 2018/2019

We have written to all Licence signatories to confirm licence fee costs will remain the same for the next financial year. If you require a purchase order number reference for the invoice, please contact the office.

Participation Place Cost Rise

Whilst we have been able to freeze Licence Fee costs, unfortunately we are having to increase the cost of participation places. From 1st April 2018, the cost of participation places will rise by £1 to £21 for Bronze & Silver & £28 for Gold.

eDofE Updates

The following smaller changes have been made to eDofE:

  • Participant Gender options – when creating a participant the default choice to male has now been removed. Further changes will be made to this field in due course.
  • Assessor report flag – it is now possible to unmark a piece of evidence as the assessor report if it has been incorrectly marked.  This should make it easier to manage participant progress on the directly approve screen.
  • Assessor report portal – the captcha code box has been restricted to one character to stop people trying to enter their report in here.
  • Assessor report portal – we have added a new field for expedition assessors to add their expedition assessor accreditation number to expedition reports.


  • At the Manager’s Meetings we looked at extra-curricular programmes and which DofE sections they could count towards, we now have sectional logo’s available for you to use alongside the relevant activities, which can be found on this webpage: https://www.dofe.org/leaders/resources-and-downloads/logo/ under ‘coloured DofE logos’
  • The programme ideas list has been updated and can be downloaded from the DofE website: https://www.dofe.org/doing-your-dofe/activities-sections/ please note there are now two versions; a brief 2 sided document and a more detailed 5 page document.


DofE Adventure 2018

Following the success of last year’s first DofE Adventure, a second fundraising event will be taking place. This year it is in the South West region – in the Cotswolds –  on the 15 – 16 September 2018. For more information about the plans for the event and information on how to register go to https://dofechallenge.org/adventure/


DLC Managers Meetings – 2017

We hope you enjoyed your day at the Manager Meeting. Here is a list of resources used or discussed in the meeting, available for you to download.


Workshop Resources


Please note that if you are having problems accessing eDofE it is worth checking the status page accessed here

DofE Manager Meeting Powerpoint 2017 

Here are the slides from the morning Regional Update: DofE Manager Powerpoint 2017

SW DofE Manager Facebook Page

The South West facebook page can be found by searching @DofESouthWest on Facebook, the closed DofE Managers page is accessed via that page. Click the ‘join’ button and you will be given access to the closed group. If you have any problems just get in touch with the regional office.

Programme Pandemonium Feedback

Click below for a list of the ideas compiled from the programme pandemonium workshop – worth looking over for some good ideas!

Programme pandemonium

OA Meeting Resources


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