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Updated 20 Conditions

Following the Bronze-level expedition changes that were implemented in 2018, we’ve now updated the 20 Conditions of the Expedition section to reflect these changes.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to review the 20 Conditions more widely and, in response to feedback collated from DofE Leaders and Expedition Assessors, we’ve made several changes to address the most common quality issues that arise during expeditions at all levels.

These changes aim to ensure the 20 Conditions remain relevant and that all participants have a consistent, quality expedition experience and benefit from all the learning outcomes the Expedition section provides.

Countryside Code

With an ever-increasing number of young people choosing to do their DofE, we all have a responsibility to protect the countryside for other users and future generations. The Countryside Code is a standard set of guidelines for members of the public, to ensure respect and enjoyment in the countryside in the United Kingdom.

A farmer recently created this helpful video with tips to cross a field with livestock in – this could be useful when training groups in the Countryside Code.

How about setting a generic aim for your group’s expedition that is linked to respecting the Countryside Code? Here are some ideas:

  1. Investigate the accessibility of our route for members of the public with a disability.
  2. Monitor and collect litter along the route reviewing how much is found each day and what we could do to reduce this.
  3. To research how others use the countryside and think of potential problems that so many different land users may create.
  4. Create a video diary to educate others on the countryside code, what things are important? What do other DofE teams need to know?
  5. Photograph every gate the route takes us through and record whether it was open/closed when we arrived and whether there was a sign/notice on it asking for it to be left open/closed.

Expedition Assessor registration

As we are now in Expedition season, a reminder that any Expedition Assessors who assess your groups need to be registered with your LO.

You can now check which Assessors are registered to your LO on eDofE by heading to ‘training’ and searching using the toolbar.

Duke of Edinburgh expeditions in the New Forest

The Forestry Commission now request that all group organisers contact them to keep them informed of their planned visit to the New Forest. Please check the guidance on the website for more information and guidance as to the level of communication required.

DofE Expedition Skills Course – October 2019

The South West DofE team are running an DofE Expedition Skills course in the Mendip hills in October 2019. The course is a basic expedition skills course, which gives expedition support staff the theoretical and practical skills needed to support DofE expeditions. The course will be run over three days; one classroom theory based day and a two day practically based residential. To book a place head to the SW training page

Online Assessor’s Reports

Please keep a look out for online Assessor’s Reports which have been submitted through the online portal.

If an Assessor’s Report has been submitted through the online portal, then it will show within your ‘Communications’ box on your home page. Click on ‘Assessor’s Reports’. You can check the content is appropriate, tick the box on the right and click ‘Send to participant’.

Click here to download the eDofE Management User Guide (the relevant information is on page 29).

Group expedition equipment purchases

The Commercial team has a group sales template which is available to download from the DofE Shopping page for bulk orders of expedition kit.

Please use this if ordering expedition kit in bulk as it will ensure you get the best possible deal from our Commercial partners; Go Outdoors, Tiso, Blacks, Millets & Ultimate Outdoors. Make sure you send it to all the companies as they will compete to give you the best price.