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Active Training and Education – Monitor Training Course

We run summer camps, called Superweeks, for children aged 8-16. Our camps are play-based and community-driven, with an emphasis on living and playing communally.

Every year we run a training course for new volunteers to train as Monitors. By attending the seven-day residential course, you will be provided with the resources and skills required to successfully lead a group of children on a Superweek.

The training includes practical sessions, lectures, interactive workshops and discussions. You will learn about ATE’s principles and aims, how we run activities, the ways we make sure our holidays are safe, and how we work with children.

The course is intensive and challenging, but also lots of fun; you’ll spend the week getting to know the other volunteers, playing new games, and laughing at least 14 times an hour.

The course will run near Ludlow, in Shropshire, but is available to participants from across the UK. We may be able to offer financial support in some cases, but please be aware the cost of the course is already heavily subsidised.

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