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Adventure Expeditions – Open Bronze Combine Practice and Qualifying Expedition – Peak District

we now offer a 4-day programme which allows you to complete your whole Bronze Expedition Section in one go.

Days 1 & 2: Pre-expedition training and navigation walk: We will cover all aspects of the Bronze pre-expedition training syllabus, including a navigation walk, campcraft, route planning and emergency procedures.

Days 3 & 4: You and your team will complete your 2 day qualifying expedition (assessed by a DofE Accredited Assessor). At the end of this you will give a presentation to your Assessor meaning all aspects of the Expedition Section are signed off.

For more information about Adventure Expeditions and full expedition details or book book your place visit: www.adventure-expeditions.net or contact the office on: [email protected] or 01433 652449

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Peak District
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