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Applied Arts Residential Tuscany Easter 2020 Hasbury Expeditions Tuscany

4th-9th and 11th-16th April 2020

Whatever your media, however experienced or inexperienced, the relaxed environment at the Molino di Sotto brings out your creativity. The end product from this week may be site specific collaboration piece; individual painting or sketch; photograph or a piece created from the environment-all aimed to inspire future work.

The visual environment local to the mill(Molino) includes: stone built rustic buildings; vineyards; olive groves; woodland; river; buffalo; goats; hens; surrounding hills and mountains.

You will be part of a group of creatives who have come to the mill for inspiration, guided by our tutors.

The package cost per candidate will be £198, including all accommodation and food.

Go to Hasburyholidays.com website to download application and for more information.

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Southern Tuscany Italy
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