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Aspen Outdoors Ltd Isle of Arran Open Gold Qualifying Expedition 2021

We will be running two types of expeditions concurrently on Arran: a Trekking Expedition and an Exploration of the Island.

Trekking Expedition – The route starts in Thunderguy in northwest Arran and ends in Brodick. The route goes over mountainous terrain and along coastlines. The terrain is rough in places and involves over 400m height gain on two days. The route is adventurous and exciting and offers amazing views. The amount of distance walked each day ranges from 14 to 17km. Footpaths can be muddy and rocky so participants must come prepared with good walking boots. Camps will be at Lochranza, Sannox and Glen Rosa. With support from us, you will be expected to plan a detailed route with your team.

Exploration Expedition – The walking each day will be between 10-12km on paths and tracks with about 250m or less height gain each day. There shall be a greater emphasis on exploring and your expedition project activity. Your exploration activity could include visits to Brodick Castle, Holy Isle, the Standing Stones of Machrie Moor, King’s Cave, Lochranza, and Glen Rosa. Your expedition could involve different themes, like archaeology and history, geology, conservation, land-use and tourism. With support from us and your own research, you’ll be expected to plan your exploration of Arran.

Note that the 11th is a travel day. Participants will be expected to be travel to Arran in the afternoon. The expeditions will start on the 12th.

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Isel of Arran, Scotland
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