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Azarias Outdoor – Online Wildlife Course

Complete your DofE Skills section by completing one or more of our online skills courses.

1. Minibeasts
2. Mammals
3. Birds

Each course is 12 weeks and is based online. The e-learning course with provide basic knowledge with opportunities for participants to complete observational and conservation tasks on targeted species of wildlife.

Each course can be tailored to the participant requiring them to complete creative, research-based or practical tasks.

At the end of the course, participants can apply to receive the John Muir Environmental Award as an additional part of the online programme to reward their work during the course.

Need a 6 month course for Silver? Sign up to complete 2 of our courses and receive a 10% discount on the overall cost.

Course date:
Course location:
Online Course
Course fee:
£45 per course (10% discount for booking two or more)