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Be in the Kitchen Cookery School – Spring Cookery Workshops in Surrey

We are delighted to now be offering 3 month workshops during the summer term.

Trialling dates on Thursdays at 6pm for the Starting Off group (start date 30th April) and Fridays 5.30pm for the new Plant Based Simple Suppers course.

If you can’t get to me for those time, consider the online option for its flexibility. Great results from the students on both workshops. If you can get to my kitchen, I can offer a more personalised boost to your cooking skills and lots of ‘add ins’ that I can’t do in your home!

Both courses can be doubled up to create a 6 month skill workshop too.

Course date:
Course location:
Effingham, near Leatherhead, Surrey - or at home
Course fee:
£215 in-house, £99 online