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Coram Beanstalk Volunteering Opportunity – Reading Leaders

Volunteering with Beanstalk through our Reading Leaders scheme is the perfect opportunity for any Duke of Edinburgh participant to develop their skills, build experience and undertake volunteering in their local community. Beanstalk has over 45 years of delivering successful reading interventions to children across the country.

How does it work?
Reading Leaders is rewarding, fun and fits in easily around the busy schedule of any student:
• The volunteering takes place in your own school and you will work with younger students (Reading Partners) who need some help with improving their reading skills and enjoyment of reading. Each volunteer works with one or two students who are in Years 7 or 8, once or twice a week (depending on the needs of your school). Volunteering is for a total of one hour per week.
• Each volunteer provides 30 minutes of one-to-one support to each child, together they will read, talk and play games.
• You will receive exceptional training, delivered by professional Beanstalk trainers over a school day at your own school
• The Reading Leaders scheme has been shown to benefit the whole school and the Reading Leaders as well as the Reading Partners they support
• You can be proud of playing a role in helping to transform your Reading Partner’s education
• Reading Leaders volunteers will be able to demonstrate their personal skills, ability to help others and enthusiasm for volunteering – all great when applying for university or a job.

“One of our supported pupils has made 36 months progress over the four months of the Reading Leaders programme. This is in large part due to how hard the Reading Leader worked with him.”
Longsands Academy, Cambridgeshire

How do I get involved?
Reading Leaders is a programme that schools need to sign up to. Students cannot take part in this volunteering if the school is not signed up. If you are a student or parent, please ask your school to consider Reading Leaders. If you are a teacher,  head on over to www.beanstalkcharity.org.uk and fill in our short enquiry form, or call 020 7749 7965

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