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BioGrad Education – Emergency Medicine – Residential – July to October 2024

This Emergency Medicine programme is designed to provide you with real experience in a clinical environment, under the guidance of our team of expert doctors and nurses. You will gain valuable hands-on experience based around emergency scenarios, learning rare skills such as cannulation and suturing.

• Master venepuncture using phlebotomy training arms.
• Become an expert in suturing wounds of all sizes on synthetic & porcine skin.
• Grasp the basics of life support and CPR.
• Utilise the ABCDE patient assessment method.
• Practice cannulation and IV fluid administration.
• Learn to deal with abdominal emergencies using ultrasound.

This programme is taught with a very low student-to-tutor ratio, so you will likely meet several different doctors during your time with us. This also allows you to spend as much time as necessary to practice techniques until you are confident. The Emergency Medicine programme is designed for students aged 16-19 hoping to study healthcare related subjects such Medicine, Nursing and Biomedical Science at university. Your experience will act as a great point of reference during university application and interview processes.

Course date:
Multiple dates during school holidays, see website.
Course location:
Course fee:
£999 + Accommodation Fees (currently £90/night)

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